Saturday, July 7, 2012

More Catholic School Teachers to the ADL Guilt Chambers

U.S. Catholic School Educators Will Visit Holy Land on ADL Mission to Israel

New York, NY, July 6, 2012 … A group of Catholic school educators from 10 states across the country will be traveling to the Holy Land on an Anti-Defamation League (ADL) mission that aims to provide an advance course of study on anti-Semitism, the Holocaust and Catholic-Jewish relations.

The 19 participants in the nationally acclaimed ADL Bearing Witness Advanced™ program will be traveling in Israel July 11-18, where they will visit Christian and Jewish holy sites and meet with Holocaust survivors, members of the Israeli government, Arab Israelis, Israeli journalists, Catholic dignitaries, Jewish community leaders, interfaith experts and scholars [but no Palestinian Christians].

The educators represent middle and high schools in Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Illinois and California.

“This mission is essential to helping Catholic educators gain a deeper understanding of the historic relationship between the Catholic and Jewish communities and develop the tools needed to teach about the Holocaust, anti-Semitism and modern-day Israel,” said David Waren, ADL Director of Education. “Now in its 8th year, the ADL Bearing Witness Advanced program continues to give Catholic educators the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge of the Jewish state and enhance their appreciation of the country and its history. The educators are then able to bring these experiences and lessons home to their students, fellow educators and communities” ...

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Anonymous said...

I would love to see a son or a daughter of a Palestinian catholic/christian orthodox refugee among those students!!! Lol

Anonymous said...

It is heresy.

Ask sarah silverman what she thinks of Christ? She said that she would crucify him again if she could. And this was part of her comedy show "Jesus is magic"

NO wonder so many novus ordo catholics don't know their faith