Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pope's Grand Inquisitor: "Cold-Hearted" "Denial" of 'Holocaust' "Absolutely Unacceptable"

"It is simply unacceptable that a Christian or even more a bishop ... denies all that the Nazis had done against the Jewish people, their exterminations. How is it possible to be so cold-hearted about this? It is absolutely unacceptable ..." (Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller, National Catholic Register, October 4, 2012)
Archbishop Gerhard Müller is the Pope's new appointee to head the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the office formerly known as the Congregation of the Universal Inquisition. As the heir to past Grand Inquisitors Archbishop Gerhard Müller asserts his authority for the suppression of heresy. Unlike past Inquisitors, Archbishop Gerhard Müller suppresses heresies against the doctrines of an alien creed heralded by Pope John Paul II in 1979 with the proclamation that Auschwitz is "the Golgotha of the modern world."

A supposed intellectual, Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller appeals to emotion wondering aloud how it's possible that one could be so "cold-hearted" as to "deny" Holocaust Midrash. This is a reference to Bp. Williamson's statement that the evidence is against claims that millions of 'Jews' were executed in gas chambers, a very reasonable observation given the absence of any substantive evidence supporting such a claim. Neither is there any evidence that such belief lowers heart temperature, but since Archbishop Müller raised the topic, I'd like to follow that thread.

Only 6 months before Bp. Williamson's 'Holocaust' interview was aired, Bishop Fisher of Australia dismissed questions about his diocese's mishandling of a priest who, much more recently than WWII, repeatedly raped two grade school girls (one of whom later committed suicide) saying those concerned were "dwelling crankily on old wounds."

If Archbishop Müller criticized Bishop Fisher's stone-cold-heartedness towards these priest-raped children, then or now, perhaps someone could direct me to the evidence of it. I'm not aware of any. This matter would concern Archbishop Müller because the CDF, which he heads, is the office which (mis)handles clergy sex abuse cases.

Who in their wildest imagination could picture a Novus Ordo bishop identifying 'Holocaust' obsession as "dwelling crankily on old wounds"? 

This turns out to be another jarring study in contrast similar to our recent study of the Judeomaniac Cardinal Dolan.

The Church's Grand Inquisitor today is not a figure who protects souls and perennial Catholic doctrine, rather, he suppresses 'denial' of Judaic 'Holocaust' Midrash and tears his garments in outrage at offenses against tender Judaic feelings. Such are the fruits of dialogue with the Pope's fathers in the faith.


Anonymous said...

As someone who lost 80% of my family in Auschwitz, I wonder where they hid and why the survivors lied to me?

Maurice Pinay said...

Wonder why human beings who reasonably doubt questionable stories are being ostracized, beaten and imprisoned.

It's to shield your tender feelings, and to prevent the fine hair from which your mountainous racket is suspended from being snipped.

When 'The Holocaust' is removed from it's mile-high pedestal and it is investigated, acknowledged or disregarded on the same plane with the countless atrocities committed against 'others,' as it rightly should be, your 'winning' will come to an abrupt end.

By the grace of God, we are survivors of the 'Holocaust' guilt chambers.

Never again!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

As someone who lost 80% of my family in Auschwitz, I wonder where they hid and why the survivors lied to me?

October 7, 2012 8:58 AM
We must sympathize with all those who lost near and dear ones during that War and all other wars. Not only one community was privy to the tragedy, so in the interest of a just and lasting global peace, please do not insist that only one community be singled out for preferential and sympathetic treatment.

BG Matt said...

We must sympathize with all those ... singled out for preferential and sympathetic treatment.

It won't do any good to dialogue with them: that is their goal: to wear you down by degrees, because your Christian charity is your weakness: to them it makes you a fool: and they are first in line to take you for all you're worth because of the contempt they have for you and everything you believe.

Bishop Fellay has chosen sides with Mueller and against his brother bishop, in order to make so-called peace with the enemy. He is thereby a traitor, and the next few months will reveal what the course of events will be. Our schools and media are full of willing accomplices to the Shoah Theology scam, and there are all too many trad Catholics who are taken in by the accusation that +W should have been 'obedient' to the Shoah Theology scam directive from Menzingen.

There is a certain letter from one Jewish convert -- a REAL Jewish convert, that touches directly on this phenomenon of the Last Days: For there shall be a time when they shall not endure sound doctrine; but according to their own desires, they shall heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears: And will indeed turn away their hearing from the truth, but will be turned unto fables (II Tim iv. 3-4).

Anonymous said...

They attacked Bishop Williamson as a smokescreen a diversion to the real problems of sexual abuse, rapes, child molestations. Think about it, the attack and court dates coincided with everything going on in Ireland involving sexual abuse..

Like the trevon martin case in america was to divert attention from anti-obmacare rallies in DC.

Anonymous said...

Elsewhere, I think I've seen this new religion called "holocaustianity". The name seems to fit.