Thursday, January 10, 2013

Malachi Martin: "God Could Have Incarnated as a Cow;" "Priests Should Have Been Female"

"One of the big deficiencies in Christianity is there is no theology of women at all. Although the one thing Jesus needed, the one thing he needed, having decided to become human, the only thing he needed was a woman, and logically all priests should have been female, you know. But male chauvinists got in the way. And as some theologian said, you know --and this is a sideline but let me finish it. As you know it's theologically possible for God to have become a cow if he decided. He could be incarnated as a cow. But even if he had been incarnated in a cow, we men would have taken over, that's the extent. But we've no theology of woman and no theology of love, really human love, because it involves the essence of woman and I don't think we know that theologically." (Malachi Martin, December 7, 1973, Firing Line, interviewed by Skull and Bones Bill Buckley)


Anonymous said...

The enraged cuckolds speak clearly towards Martin's "theology" of women.

Nostra aetate speaks clearly to his role in breaching the Church's Magisterium of the synagogue of Satan.

That this forked tongue deceiver has obtained a cult following among practicing Catholics is a scandal.

Geremia said...

He needs to read St. Thomas Aquinas's Summa Theologica, e.g., III q. 3 a. 7, "Whether one Divine Person can assume two human natures?", which addresses, among other things, whether the Second Person of the Holy Trinity could have assumed another type of body. (The body would have to be that of an intelligent being, not a brute animal.)

Anonymous said...

I missed that one. Did Ole Skull and Bones say "Forgive me Fr.,but I think you're out of your skull."..?

Anonymous said...

No Theology of Love? Didn't JPII come out with a Theology of the Body ( which incorporated Martin's "Theology of Love"? ).

I always thought that the Beatitudes were a Theology of Love.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

God Could Have Incarnated as a Cow;

And men would then worship Rosie O'Donnell

kev said...

Jewish & Protestant church's of Ireland support legislation to kill the unborn in the womb.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said,"I always thought the Beatitudes a theology of love." To that I say Amen+++.

Anonymous said...

Here's some of the latest swill from

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Anonymous said...

The Dialogue is Over by Malachi Martin

Anonymous said...

Find it strange Mrs. Livanos was married to a George Livanos but she shares a tombstone with Malachi Martin?

Paid Notice: Deaths LIVANOS, KAKIA

the Malachi Martin - Kakia Livanos gravestone

Henry Allen Moe Papers (Guggenheim connection)

search for Martin, Malachi & Fitzmaurice-Martin, Malachi

Anonymous said...

3 reviews of Malachi Martin's book, Jesus Now

'Jesus Now:' Reader Works Io Understand,3487501

Humanity's Lost Self,4893207

Jesus Now

Anonymous said...

another review of Jesus Now

Jesus in cameo.,5989090

Unknown said...

When I listened to MM for the first time I thought he was making it up. I've never really taken his viewpoint in. I recently deleted the few items I had forgotten about on my laptop. Bye Bye Malachi!!
I found it strange he wanted to leave the priesthood (like the 32000 after the vat councils)
Thanks maurice Pinay

Anonymous said...

Martin was quite the connoisseur of this sort of feminist yammering so I gather, probably because it was endlessly useful for manipulating women—another of his favorite hobbies. I understand he lured Robert Kaiser's wife into adultery by crooning such rot into her ear. This guy was total bottom-feeding scum. He should be dug up and thrown into a sewer.