Friday, January 25, 2013

The Most Famous 'Holocaust' Photo a Fraud


Anonymous said...

couldn't figure out how to post this to the blog chabad came to newtown

talmudic morals on show for america to see

“I want them to call me “Grampy”, or “Uncle Gene”, or “That Guy”, or “Hey You”. I want to hold them, I want to be with them. I want to tell them that there is light after the darkness. I want to read to them, I want to read a book to them. I want to be with them, I want to give them a special gift for Christmas. I want to tell them that I will love them forever and ever, that they will be in my heart forever and ever.” - Gene Rosen interviewed by Megyn Kelly on Fox News

starts @ 1:07

Maurice Pinay said...

I confess, I spent some downtime looking into Eugene Rosen's many performances. Perhaps it's appropriate to paraphrase the adage inspired by Chuck Shumer: The second most dangerous place in Newtown is between Gene Rosen and the television cameras.

And for the people who may not have understood Mr. Rosen's many testimonies as to how big hearted he is, a couple of Broadway songwriters wrote a song about it, "Gene Rosen, a mansion with a million floors could not contain a heart like yours" etc., etc.

But another side of the "big hearted Jew" showed itself when people began to doubt the official story. Of a doubter, big-hearted Gene said, "I am rageful about it ... I wanted to look at this guy and I wanted to just f*cking decimate him. That’s my rage.”

To investigators of the official 'Holocaust' narrative, this is all very familiar.

Anonymous said...

Talmudic wisdom from John Paul II's 'elder brothers in faith'

"...Measures such as background checks for all gun sales, banning large clips that allow a shooter to fire dozens of rounds in a few seconds, and banning military-style assault weapons are reasonable. None of these restrictions is a complete solution in itself, but each could, perhaps, save hundreds of lives by keeping the most dangerous weapons out of the most dangerous hands. We are obliged to act to save lives.

Such restrictions in our times very much resemble the kinds of restrictions that the rabbinic authorities of the Talmud mandated for their times.

...The Talmud teaches that weapons are, at best, a necessary evil. All things considered equal, Jewish tradition would prefer a world in which there were fewer weapons, not more.

...We should aspire to a world without guns. A gun may stop a gun, but, by that logic, we will live in a society in which the threat of violence surrounds us everywhere. That is not what Jewish values suggest as an ideal society.

...Judaism suggests that we place restrictions on the most dangerous weapons and keep all weapons away from those most likely to use them violently. It is a position that is consistent with the framework of the Second Amendment and with the values of our tradition. "

Anonymous said...

Watch a magician, Rebbe Praver, at work spinning lies into his version of the truth...for the benefit of whom?

Anyone find his 'Sacred Testimony'?

Last week he and other local clergy drafted a document called "The Sacred Testimony." It contains "spiritual truths that we learned from this experience and common sense solutions so this will never happen again," he said. "We want to see it ratified by our governor and put on President Obama's desk and put into law."

The Torah says that when we humiliate a person, it is like killing them. I believe this to be the underlying cause behind mass
shootings. Humiliation is a very powerful destructive force. Please take notice that we and the Allied Powers utterly humiliated Germany after World War 1. Historians agree that this act of humiliation set up the necessary conditions for the rise of
Adolf Hitler!
I know that many states have anti-bullying laws, and we should make sure we can sanction schools when they refuse to intervene in a case of children tormenting their classmates.
In conclusion, I call upon Newtowners to write a Sacred Testimony concerning the spiritual lessons we learned as well as our
specific advocacy as it pertains to all of the following categories: Gun control, bullying in schools, our culture of violence and
silence, mental health interventions and the advancement of a better quality of life in America. God bless us all.

Rabbi Shaul Praver sings Hebrew prayer at Newtown vigil

Christus Rex said...

Dear Brother in Christ,

This is an oasis for the weary soul. I leave fortified, each and every time I come here.

The enemies of humanity are nearly at the peak of their power. The Church is now apostate and following the agenda of its Masters.

Vatican Welcomes Obama Gun Control Proposal
Jan. 19, 2013

(VATICAN CITY) — The Vatican praised President Barack Obama’s proposals for curbing gun violence, saying they are a “step in a right direction.”

The Vatican’s chief spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said Saturday that 47 religious leaders have appealed to members of the U.S. Congress “to limit firearms that are making society pay an unacceptable price in terms of massacres and senseless deaths.”

“I am with them,” Lombardi said, in an editorial carried on Vatican Radio, lining up the Vatican’s moral support in favor of firearm limits.

“The initiatives announced by the American administration for limiting and controlling the spread and use of weapons are certainly a step in the right direction,” Lombardi said...Lombardi renewed Vatican appeals for disarmament and encouragement for measures to fight “the production, commerce and contraband of all types of arms,” an industry fueled by “enormous economic and power interests.”

As a Christian as a REAL Catholic I stand by the TRUTH. And the Holohoax is a BIG LIE.

Maurice Pinay may Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Most Holy Mother, the Ever Virgin Mary, bless and protect you and yours.


Anonymous said...

The Pope releases doves to mark Holocaust Day

Pope's dove of peace almost ends in pieces: Seagull attacks bird seconds after Pontiff releases it from Vatican balcony

“Before we can speak of God and with God, we need to listen, and the liturgy of the Church is the 'school' of this listening to the Lord who speaks to us” ***
“In our scattered and distracted era, this Gospel invites us to ask ourselves about our ability to listen, ”
Liturgy teaches us to hear God's voice, Pope reflects

*** the Novus Ordo Missae was written by Annibale Bugnini who based it off of the eucharistic theology of Lutheran Yngve Brilioth

"It is certain," he said. "At least, as certain as anything can be in this world. He went to a meeting in the Secretariat of State, with his briefcase. It was in 1975. Later that evening, when everyone had gone home, a monsignor found the briefcase Bugnini had left behind. The monsignor decided to open it to see who the owner was. And when he opened it, he found letters inside addressed to Bugnini, as to a brother, from the Grand Master of Italian Freemasonry..."

Listening to what is being said it seems a common thread connects freemasonry, the Novus Ordo, the holocaust, and the Vatican.
Coincidence or not?

Anonymous said...

Pope's dove attacked when released for Holocaust Remembrance Day...too funny!

Anonymous said...

As Mel Gisbon's Father (Hutton) asserts...

'Did 6 Million people Really die in a 2.5 Car, Garage Sized Vented Room By Use of Bug Spray, in 18 months?'

Anyone with a high 2 digit, or 3 digit IQ, should be insulted that their intellect is questioned in this narrative aka The Holocaust.

I have detailed, exposed and critiqued this in a Catholic Forum. Readers are welcome-pictures are included.

Anonymous said...

Kabbalistic-Rosary ????

Anonymous said...

Newtown Children Sing "America the Beautiful"

"I am humbled by this memorial," said Rabbi Shaul Praver of Adath Israel, who added that our country was "mangled and assaulted but not defeated" by the terrorist attacks. "May this event transform us," said Rabbi Praver, "those that can wrestle and overcome."

Public Memorial Service Commemorates A Private Grief By Nancy K. Crevier

In addition to the choir, a quartet performed "In This Room," a quiet piece that built to a moving crescendo leading to a slow, haunting part of the song featuring a yearning violin part played by Rabbi Shaul Praver.

Service Offers Remembrance, Celebration

Maurice Pinay said...

Thank you anonymous February 4, 2013 at 4:11 AM.

It seems Rabbi Praver has carved a niche in post-terror ecumenism.

Interesting that Lasher set up his 9-11 memorial to fellow usurers as a 'grove' in 'Bethel' CT and that there was parallel ecumenical vigil at a Temple Beth El in Stamford.

If there was no golden calf physically present, it was certainly there in spirit.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maurice,

You are welcome for the Rabbi Praver post of February 4, 2013 at 4:11 AM.
Since you found some of interest in it, some more is below.
This Rabbi Praver is quite the Renaissance Reb.
If I recall correctly isn't Praver the same Rabbi who endorsed Michael Hoffman as a scholar of judaism only to later complain to amazon and try to get Hoffman's book Judaism Discovered banned?
The cryptocracy must have in mind some very important roles for him.

“Rabbi Rock is gonna rock your town too!”

Notes by Our Rabbi (*** goldmine of information ***)

An Open Letter to President Barack Obama

Beth Praver bio, the wife of the Rebbe Praver (have to highlight page in order to read)

Beth Praver, same as above see page 8 in pdf

A Gathering Of The Faithful: Interfaith Service Opened Thanksgiving Week

the rebbe likes his music!i=1121619926&k=3znNBQm

Congregation Adath Israel Moves Into Its New Home

Rabbi Rock Universal Media (writes about Ahmadinejad & Sharon)

older blog

Coming together: Passover seder becomes an interfaith celebration

Little House: The Concert That Roared

Tom Chapin in Concert with Young Rising Stars

on the board of child's choir

letter to editor supporting Islam


NPR's Scott Simon on twitter about Praver's comment on Newton

Rabbi Shaul Praver on Shabbat

Difficult Days Ahead For For Town In Wake Of Shooting (NPR interview, 16 Dec 2012 ***IMPORTANT***)

Clergy Called On To Help With Healing In Newtown (NPR interview, 18 Dec 2012)

First Of Shooting Victims Buried In Newtown, Conn. (NPR interview, 17 Dec 2012, ***IMPORTANT*** chabad mentioned)

Rabbi Shaul Praver of Congregation Adath Isreal gives the benediction at Danbury's 9/11 observance

Children and Parents Discuss 9/11

Town 'will never be the same again'

Newtown synagogue to host interfaith Seder on Sunday

At Funeral Services For Newtown Victims, Sharing Memories And Grief

Maurice Pinay said...

Notes by Our Rabbi (*** goldmine of information ***)


Thank you anonymous. Very interesting. Rabbi Praver also has a son named Noah and has been harping on the Wizard of Oz and rainbow for some time.

I'll definitely take the time to sort through the rest. God bless you.

Anonymous said...


You have probably seen this blog already but if not...

He is trying to blend the Catholic Faith into Talmudic Judaism and portrays it as coming from it.

Very concerned with anti-semitism, Jewish bloodlines, Israel, strange prophecies, and the Pope.

Some of the pictures he has recently posted:

Typical entries:

Hebrew Catholic Priest in Marseille: Father Michel Marie

Pope Benedict XVI's Jewish Ancestry

Anonymous said...

chabad website with a wealth of information

some highlights...

Cardinals Visit Crown Heights ( *** IMPORTANT *** )

This Catholic Knows Chassidus

Recovery Rabbi's Unlikely Audience

Priest Inspires Shoah Exhibition

Rabbi, Catholic Team Up (to errect a monstrosity)

Yale's Secret Jewish Society

Shliach Teaches Catholic Pupils

$5 Million Chabad Opens in Ohio

12 Priests Support Shliach

Kotel Rabbi to Restrict Pope ( *** IMPORTANT *** )

Catholic Hospital's Jewish Suite

Cardinal Invites Rabbi Lazar

Papal Visit Restrains Parade

Chabad Donor Avoided Pope

Fateful Setbacks

(BONUS) Muslims worshiping the Holohoax

Anonymous said...

Bishop Williamson has announced that he will appeal against the latest German court verdict against him.

Anonymous said...

Michael Matt over @ The Remnant has been smoking hopium again. Didn't he sell people the same story back with John Paul II? The Pope is good, he is just surrounded by those bad, bad men, the cardinals. Denial isn't a river but a state of mind. Wasn't that Benedict worship at the altar of the Holohoax?


"Did the Wolves Win? Or Has the Holy Father Discovered a Way to Outsmart the Wolf Pack?

...the wolves inside the Vatican and out have been circling our ageing pontiff ever since he was elected to Peter's chair. At the very beginning of his reign Benedict asked us to pray for him that he would not flee for fear of the wolves.

And now the whole world is confronted with a question that may never be answered, even by history itself: Is Pope Benedict resigning because the wolves all around him have achieved their diabolical objective, or has he found a way of circumventing their evil designs by removing himself from their gullets? We believe it to be the latter. Pope Benedict XVI will not allow the wolves to act in his name to the detriment of the Church any longer. Vatileaks alone has shown this to be more than a mere wild conspiracy theory."

annely said...

Am I being dull? Why is this comment page not devoted to the fraudulent photo?