Thursday, January 24, 2013

The SSPX Money Manager and "The Power of 72"

For background on this please first see:

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Maximilian Krah recently graduated from an international usurers program run jointly by the Columbia Business School and London School of Business. A video of the graduation ceremony was posted on youtube. It shows the Mossad-connected Oren Heiman speaking before the graduating class. Maximilian Krah is shown sitting in the first row, third from the right on the screen as the camera pans the audience.

As the speech reaches its peak (@7:28), Mr. Heiman implores his classmates never to forget "the power of 72:"

"Before I step down from this glorious podium I ask you--scratch that--I implore you not to forget the one tool we have been instilled with, the mother of all tools, the power grip of global business, of influence, and of the ability to do good[sic] in the world. We have constantly referred to this tool as the power of 72."

What is the point that Mr. Heiman wishes to emphasize so strongly to his fellow 'future world leaders.' When we cut through the sanctimony and mysticism we see quite simply he's talking about the power of compound interest. The power, law, or rule of 72 as it is alternately called is a formula for calculating the time it takes to double money at a given rate of interest.

But perhaps we shouldn't dismiss the mysticism entirely because it's evident that this is more than a mere mathematical equation to these people. The class is composed of a symbolic 72 persons, the ceremony is held in a chapel and Mr. Heiman refers to the 'power of 72' as "the mother of all tools." This is worth a closer look.

Infiltrator of Merchant of Venice philosophy into Christendom, Franciscan Friar, Luca Pacioli

One of the earliest written records of 'the power of 72' is found in the Summa de Arithmetica of the Renaissance Franciscan Friar, occultist, and mathematician, Luca Pacioli whose writings on double-entry bookkeeping remain influential today and, for good reason, are viewed by many as the genesis of modern capitalism. Fellow friars protested against Luca Pacioli "according to what we understand and see daily as a man who ought to be corrected." In response to the friars' concerns regarding this pioneer of our present death culture, he was appointed as head of his monastery by the Franciscan Superior General.

Luca Pacioli is yet another of many Renassaince figures in which avarice, mathematics and occultism, intersect in an ideology which is the progenitor of our rotten age.

Luca Pacioli believed, "all that is manifest throughout the inferior and superior universe, all of it must be by necessity subject to number, weight and measure," which is barely distinguishable from Queen Elizabeth's court occultist John Dee's belief that, "by numbers, a way is had, to the searching out, and understanding of every thing, able to be known. But the Catholic occultist, Luca Pacioli infiltrated this autistic principle into Christendom 60 years before John Dee.

Dear reader, underneath lavish usury-funded Renaissance edifices and artwork is veiled the coldest, inhuman, ungodly, materialist philosophy imaginable which cannot but yeild the most rotten of fruits.

This conceit that God and His creation can be entirely understood and replicated by mathematics is leading us towards destruction and usurious wealth 'creation' is at the root of this evil.

There is a certain contingent of traditionalists attempting to resurrect the most rotten aspects of occult, usurious renaissance Catholicism. Beware.


Geremia said...

Re: "all that is manifest throughout the inferior and superior universe, all of it must be by necessity subject to number, weight and measure"

This comes from Wisdom of Solomon 11:21: "omnia in mensura, et numero, et pondere disposuisti."

(But that certainly is not to say that measures, numbers, and weights are all there is.)

Maurice Pinay said...

One can be assured that Renaissance neoplatonic philosophers were not merely saying that we should weigh and measure things.

annely said...

to Maurice pinay, I always visit this site eagerly. This question has never occurred to me till reading this post. this is an honest question. Are you a friend or foe of the Church. This post has somehow made me feel hopeless. THE church in absolute ruins.Will you please let we followers {your} know your mission? Thanks.

Maurice Pinay said...

Dear annely, I don't get the question. Have I spoken falsely? If you believe so, then say how you believe I've erred. If not, "Am I then become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"

The Church is not in absolute ruins. It's by shining light on the corruption within the Church that ruin is averted. Silence and denial assure continued corruption.

My mission is not to flatter or enable corruption by silence or complacency.

Maurice Pinay said...

Early in his learning Luca Pacioli was under the patronage of the Court of Urbino which was rife with neoplatonism, Kabbalah and paganism. The Judaic 'convert' Flavius Mithridates (who translated Kabbalistic works into Latin so that they could easier infiltrate Christendom) and his student Macilio Ficino among others held court there.

Pacioli later came under the patronage of the court of Sfvorza which is famous for having commissioned one of the earliest Tarot decks (Visconti-Sfvorza tarot). This deck is on display at the JP Morgan library in NY.

Anonymous said...

Maurice Pinay you say:

There is a certain contingent of traditionalists attempting to resurrect the most rotten aspects of occult, usurious renaissance Catholicism. Beware.....

I'm a Traditionalist but I cannot make out who you are trying to warn us about. Who are these people?

annely said...

to Mauricepinay, Soon after I asked what is your mission, I indeed said to self, you state your mission in your by-line "in the spirit of..." I do not believe at all that you tell untruths nor err. Reading this post somehow I found myself especially distressed. Sometimes the truth stings sometimes it hurts. Sometimes does it kill? But I am a dedicated follower;willcertainly continue to be because.."you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."

Anonymous said...

has several pages photographed of
Luca Paccioli - Summa de Arithmetica, Geometrica, Proportioni et Proportionalita printed in Latin in 1494

Anonymous said...

A little info on Oren Heiman and Shiboleth LLP:

Shiboleth LLP is a boutique law firm based in midtown Manhattan, in New York City, with an active international practice. The firm has been recognized as having top-ranked practices in corporate, litigation, real estate and high-tech/IP. The firm has been active in New York since 1976, and merged with the Heiman Law Group in 2006, creating the largest Israeli-based law firm in North America. The firm maintains two affiliate offices, Shibolet Tel Aviv, which is a top-tier law firm in Israel, and a representative office in Shanghai, China which was the first Israeli law firm in China.

For the company's Israel affiliate, see Shiboleth, Yisraeli, Roberts, Zisman & Moshe H. Ne'eman, Ben-Artzi & Co.

Oren Heiman

Oren Heiman became the Managing Partner of Shiboleth when his law firm, Heiman Law Group, merged with Shiboleth in 2006. His practice focuses on commercial law, including corporate, mergers & acquisitions, corporate financing, contracts, intellectual property; litigation and commercial real estate. He is also an active mediator and established the only mediation center for Israelis in New York called Shollem.

Heiman is a co-founder and co-chair of Tevel, the first Israeli Angel Club in the U.S. The club holds meetings to support the efforts of Israeli start-up companies raising money outside of Israel. Tevel is recognized both in Israel and New York as a contributor to the success of Israeli start-up companies.

Beside his role as partner at Shiboleth, Heiman is actively involved in the Israeli business community in New York and is a founder, supporting member, executive or board member in over a dozen organizations including Elem, American Friends of Rabin Medical Center, Israeli Business Circles, Dor Chadash, New Israel Fund, Israeli Venture Network, American-Israeli Chamber of Commerce, Larger than Life (the Israeli 'Make a Wish' foundation), Tel Aviv Alumni and the American Friends of the Israeli Opera. Heiman is regularly invited to lecture at conventions, gives interviews about his practice as an attorney in New York and writes about legal matters and how to combine business and philanthropy.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maurice,

what do you want to tell us when you talk about the "traditionalists" resurrecting occult aspects?

Please, explain you.

God bless you.

Michael Hoffman said...

A truthful and well-researched spotlight on the hidden history of how we arrived at where we are today in terms of revolution and decomposition.

Too many Christians imagine that the subversion of the Church only became seriously pernicious from the Enlightenment and French Revolution onward.

Here is more evidence that it gained much of its power during the Renaissance.

It frightens some people to encounter this truth about Renaissance Catholicism, in part because their (conservative/traditionalist) leaders never revealed it to them.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maurice,

You go to great lengths to expose corruption in the Catholic Church and to expose corrupt individuals associated with that church yet at the same time you choose to remain anonymous. Can you give us any specifics as to why exactly you deem it necessary or at least prudent to stay in the shadows?

I note that those who run also have a policy of remaining anonymous while at the same time going to great lengths in exposing the sins of others.

It is certainly difficult, if not impossible, to hold one accountable when he remains anonymous.

James Phillips

Maurice Pinay said...

Mr. Philips.

I don't focus on exposing personal sins, in fact I don't care to do that at all. I expose corruption of the Church. There's a universe of distinction between the two. I have no association whatever with Traditio. You should contact Traditio about your Traditio-related concerns.

Anonymity here is for the purpose of keeping the focus on the information. I provide information which can be independently verified. I expect to be held accountable by people verifying the information themselves. I don't deal in 'insider information' that must be taken at my word. I don't seek to be a guru. There's far too much of that going on in the world of 'truth seekers.'

If anonymity is still a problem for you despite this, you're free to look elsewhere. I've received a grand total of $25 for what I've done here. I don't owe anyone anything here except the truth.

Geremia said...

We're called to "have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove (ἐλέγχετε) them" (Eph. 5:11); that's what Maurice Pinay is doing here.

(ἐλέγχω means "to disgrace, put to shame, refute, correct, expose.")