Monday, February 11, 2013

The Pontificate of Benedict XVI began and ended with the 'You are Nazis' Meme

Pope Benedict XVI with members of Chief Rabbinate of Counterfeit Israel at whose request he, inter alia, mauled one of the most ancient prayers of the Catholic liturgy

On the day of the announcement of a papal resignation, everywhere one looks--from the establishment press to 'underground' diviners of the entrails of cryptocracy-controlled pop culture--we are reminded that Pope Benedict XVI, arguably the most disastrously philojudaic pope in history, "was a member of the Hitler Youth," just as the establishment heralded his pontificate in 2005 and the Vatican itself conspicuously reminded us in 2009.

We have often pointed out this baseless, guilt-inducing 'you are Nazis in need of unending, radical reform' message of the establishment and its purpose to no discernible effect. It's unlikely to be any different in this case.

Making predictions is not the business of this writer, but based upon the past one imagines that there will be much debilitating speculation about and anticipation of the next of so many impending apocalypses and endings of the Church which has in reality been in process since the first of so many Judases betrayed Christ for Pharisaic silver 2000 years ago.