Monday, February 18, 2013

Newtown: Demystifying the Rainbow and More


annely said...

As some famous Jewish musician said,"my mind is seriously blown." His father sold washing machines.Come to think of it that was probably a cover for brain-washing machines. Sorry Maurice Pinay for being unserious about something very serious.Sometimes it's just maddening to know things,realize more things that are overwhelmingly sickening. EVIL.

annely said...

MauricePinay,I am astounded(shouldn't be) at sites that I'd not thought would not post quite cautiously polite comments. The'don't cross line' is closer than I knew.

Anonymous said...

Excellent update Maurice!

Links following include include a Lanza working for the Office of Naval Intelligence, Rabbi Praver, rainbows, CIA at the firehouse, the noahide laws, tefflin, Hannakuh, the number 7, groves in Israel, 26 stars, and Gene Rosen.


"December 14, 2012: This date will forever be etched into the minds of the American people. It will join the ranks of others such as 9/11 and Columbine: days flooded with tears and sorrow as loved ones and neighbors were killed; days which we pray will remain nothing more than memories."

"The highlight of the evening was a speech given by the Newtown, Connecticut Rabbi Shaul Praver. As one of many among a community of closely-knit religious leaders, Rabbi Praver was at the aftermath of the tragedy early on to provide emotional support. The Rabbi stoically revived painful memories of arriving at the fire station. The station was surrounded by news teams, and within its walls were the CIA, police forces, and despairing parents. "
Newtown Visits for Project 20/20 Siyum

"March for Change," a grassroots advocacy group led by Fairfield residents Nancy Lefkowitz and Meg Staunton, organized the rally in partnership with Connecticut Against Gun Violence."

"The Greenwich call for action mirrored the regulatory measures called for by the thousands of other participants:

- Ban high-capacity ammunition magazines (many specified banning clips with more than 10 bullets).

- Institute a more comprehensive ban on military-style assault weapons than already exists in Connecticut.

- Mandate registration for all guns.

- Require universal background checks for gun purchases.

- Limit the frequency of handgun purchases."

"Do you think Newtown wants to be remembered for a massacre?" asked Rabbi Shaul Praver of Newtown's Congregation Adath Israel. Consistent with the rally theme of turning tragedy into triumph, Praver proposed that Newtown be remembered instead as "a bridge to a kinder, new world."
This time, outrage won't fade

"Lenny’s friend is not Jewish, but he is passionately committed to the Noahide Code, the covenant that the Torah teaches was entered into by G‑d and Noah after the Flood, a covenant that binds G‑d and Noah’s descendants for all time. These universal commandments are the antecedent of any formal religion. The Noahide code is based not on clergy or houses of worship, but on the covenant between the Creator and humanity, the foundation for all human endeavor. Seven principles, seven commandments, that if they were implemented would bring about a virtual utopia of human existence."

“Noah loved rainbows,” his mother is telling someone. Rainbows! The sign of G‑d’s promise never, ever to bring a flood on the whole world again. A symbol of healing, promise, and optimism."
Driving Home from Newtown: A call to action from Sandy Hook

Anonymous said...

"Spirited" is how Rabbi Shaul Praver of the Adath Israel congregation in Newtown put it. Though Ben and his family were members of Trinity Episcopal Church, they once attended a Hanukkah celebration at the synagogue.

"There's always some brave individual who goes up to the dance floor to get everybody involved," Praver said. "That was Ben Wheeler."
Who Are They? Stories About The Victims Of Friday's Shootings

"Gene Rosen, a resident of Sandy Hook, CT for the past twenty years, is a retired psychologist who worked for several years in Newtown at Fairfield Hills State Hospital.

He, and his wife, Marilyn, are the happy owners of four stray cats, Leah, Max, Cleo and Wolfee. Leah was found over 10 years ago wandering the grounds of the Garner Correctional Facility in Newtown"
Gene's Trusty Pet Service: About Gene

"Although convicted of labor racketeering in 1938, Lanza became an important figure in safeguarding New York's waterfront during the early 1940s. Lanza personally advised the Office of Naval Intelligence working with local stevedores and fisherman in tracking submarines, resulting in obtaining key strategic positions in waterfront installations and effectively conduct counter-espionage activities for the Third Naval District."
Joseph A. "Socks" Lanza, wikipedia

"A man with a gun who was spotted in the woods near the school on the day of the incident was an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town, according to the source."
As Shooting Probe Progresses Police Union Seeks Funding For Trauma Treatment

Israeli Grove To Be Planted To Memorialize Newtown Victims

Noah’s Father Puts On Tefillin, Begins Painful Shiva

Lenny Poszner, Noah’s Father Lays Tefillin


Noah Pozner's Emmett Till Moment

26 Stars on the roof of the Sandy Hook Firehouse. Never Forget

Anonymous said...

The United Way put up a Newton charity fund-raiser web page 2 days before the actual shooting.

There's a video about this at:

There're 2 videos at this link. The 1st one is about the "crisis actors", and the 2nd video is about United Way. Joe

annely said...

I meant,Sites I thought would not NOT post true comment even though stated politely. In other words I find out more and more that any criticism of jews is uunbelieably taboo. In places you might not expect this degree of censor.="To know who rules over you,know who cannot be criticized." Voltaire