Monday, February 11, 2013

The Pontificate of Benedict XVI began and ended with the 'You are Nazis' Meme

Pope Benedict XVI with members of Chief Rabbinate of Counterfeit Israel at whose request he, inter alia, mauled one of the most ancient prayers of the Catholic liturgy

On the day of the announcement of a papal resignation, everywhere one looks--from the establishment press to 'underground' diviners of the entrails of cryptocracy-controlled pop culture--we are reminded that Pope Benedict XVI, arguably the most disastrously philojudaic pope in history, "was a member of the Hitler Youth," just as the establishment heralded his pontificate in 2005 and the Vatican itself conspicuously reminded us in 2009.

We have often pointed out this baseless, guilt-inducing 'you are Nazis in need of unending, radical reform' message of the establishment and its purpose to no discernible effect. It's unlikely to be any different in this case.

Making predictions is not the business of this writer, but based upon the past one imagines that there will be much debilitating speculation about and anticipation of the next of so many impending apocalypses and endings of the Church which has in reality been in process since the first of so many Judases betrayed Christ for Pharisaic silver 2000 years ago.


Anonymous said...

Following the announcement of Pope Benedict's resignation on Monday, Israeli chief rabbi Yona Metzger praised his inter-religious outreach and said relations between Israel and the Vatican had never been better.

"During his period (as pope) there were the best relations ever between the church and the chief rabbinate and we hope that this trend will continue," a spokesman quoted Metzger as saying after the pope announced he would resign. "I think he deserves a lot of credit for advancing inter-religious links the world over between Judaism, Christianity and Islam."

"The papacy of Benedict XVI elevated Catholic-Jewish relations onto an unprecedented level. Not only did he maintain the achievements of his predecessor, Pope John Paul II, and give the relationship solid theological underpinning but, more importantly, he filled it with meaning and with life," the statement read.

"From beginning to end, Pope Benedict XVI has shown skillful leadership. He realized that the public Holocaust denial by church leaders must not go unanswered, and he spoke out against it," Lauder continued. "He always had an outstretched hand and an open ear for Jewish leaders."

2 rabbis & a ger toshav!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/rabbi12n-2-web.jpg

annely said...

I'm just waiting for Jesus.

Christus Rex said...

He was once viewed as a progressive within the Catholic Church and played a key role in the reforming Vatican II, the meeting between 1963 and 1965 that introduced sweeping reforms to the church.
Lightning hits St Peter's hours after Pope resignation

Looking back half a century, to that October day in 1962 when Pope John XXIII declared the opening of Vatican II, the Church appears to have been in a decline that, in parts of the world, seems to be leading to near extinction.

At Vatican II, the Rev. Joseph Ratzinger, the future Benedict XVI, was among the reformers who were going to bring the church into the modern world. The encounter did not turn out well.

Patrick J. Buchanan

That is all one needs to know about him.

God bless you MP, you stand for the historic RC Church, and that is what matters in this life.

Unknown said...

The essential problem for the liberal modernists is that The Church of Our Blessed Lord did not need to be brought into the modern world - what conceit. God is always ancient and modern and He does not require modernisation. neither did the church in the 1960s
In fact, by validating the obsolete Old Covenant the liberal modernist church has actually made itself redundant since this contradicts the New Covenant Almighty God has made with us through The Church at baptism. This is such an act of unspeakable foolishness that the lib-mods no longer have any credibilty remaining.

annely said...

Leon G. is right. Someone @ rorate caeli in comments in a {yesterday I think) post, Last chance for SSPX ? said For VII so many blew into Rome thinking themselves the smartest, intellectuals you know. All pretty hippy dippy wasn't it ? As Leon G. says What Conceit ?

Anonymous said...

And Bishop Fellay seems desperate to put in Benedict's retiring mouth, a unilateral "reconciliation edict"; as it's SSPX-US asks on its website, ...Will the Pope's last major act be for SSPX?

Anonymous said...


For your Newtown files.


Sandy Hook paint scheme for No. 26

Anonymous said...

Vaterans Todays claims Its Very Plausible that 'Holocaust/hoax' records were to be released (And Would hav Destroy the Myth of the so called 6 million among others and crimes against humanity committed on Germany) and this coincided with the resignation of this Pope/ Anti pope.

Maurice Pinay said...

February 18, 2013 at 10:23 AM, at the link you provide it is actually claimed that the pope was going to release such documentation. No evidence or source is cited for this theory.

I would need to see evidence for this claim which runs contrary to all evidence that actually does exist.

Unknown said...

Anonymous said..

The most scandalising fact about Pope Benedict XVI is that he is a bona fide supreme pontiff but he is impotent since he helped the liberals at the Councils to reduce the papal monarchy to a republican-style primus inter pares which suits liberal modernists more ideally then they are no longer accountable for their actions.

Also, they can hide themselves behind the horizontalised collective responsibility mechanism represented in collegiality. In this manner they can be beatified since their papacies can be totally ignored as an eventual prerrequisite for canonisation. This process has been sacrificed to the anthropological phenomenology of JP II. Indeed, the pope who was obsessed with the notion the jews were saved by the old covenant and who propagated not only their invalidated religion but also the false religions worldwide.

Reluctant Pessimist said...

Mr. Pinay: The claim you refer to is of course daylight madness. Metus Judaeorum is practically the pope's middle name.

Note too that whenever the Judaeophilic honchos of the tame pseudo-traditionalist site Rorate Caeli get exasperated with Papa Ben, they always regain their sangfroid before the unpleasant truth has a chance to get aired. That is, their irritation at what they call Modernism hits a brick wall as soon as the truth of Jewish subversion appears on the horizon. Never a discouraging word is allowed about the Elder Brothers.

What a pack of frauds and cowards! Pseudo-trads waste their time speculating baselessly about what they'd like the new CEO-to-be. Yet the real question concerns less what a Trad who lives in Cluelessville would like to see in a new pope than what a Trad who knows the difference between hope and wishful thinking calculates we're likely to get.

Having awarded myself a seat in the latter camp, I'd consider, on the basis of the present crop of the papabile, that we ought to count ourselves lucky if the next occupant of the see of Rome isn't a homosexual or a Mason or a marrano subversive. If he believes anything the Church proclaimed prior to 1965, that would be nice—but it would also be expecting a lot in the present circumstances.

A man may be said to live in interesting times when no one on whom there is a favorable morning line looks half as appealing as a reincarnation of Alexander VI Borgia.

I'm praying for a Hildebrand, but my bookie says I'd be smart to put my money on a Hunthausen.

Unknown said...


I regularly put up posts on Rorate Caeli because most of the bloggers there are manily fired by hatred or total ignorance of The Society or they have read one or two reporst and feel compelled to throw in their two cents worth regardless of how stupid it sounds. They also know little about Archbishop Lefebvre's anti-Liberal modernist stance and his profound distrust of Cardinal Ratzinger. Bishop Fellay got plenty of egg on his face from his skirmishes with Ratzinger who made him look an absolute beginner. Of course he did because had forgotten or overlooked what happened when his wise predecessor distanced himself and The Society from him.

Essentially we have a failed pontificate which has produced little of value except it exposed the lie of abrogation for The latin Mass but the remainder of the SP is a poisoned chalice. even the reneging on the excommunications was invalid because they were canonically illegal in the first place.

annely said...

Oh Our Lord. Reluctant Pessimist you are indeed right. No criticism of the Elder Brothers will be spoken at Rorate Caeli. I only have ever gone there in a blue moon.I really don't think I'll ever again. I only sited one comment there and I think it was from Leon G. and he was there right.

annely said...

Leon G.,Right again and thank you. They have never published my comments though I've been subtle and polite. I don't not heed where I am. I think I won't comment again because I think some there are perhaps fragile and I don't want to wrongly upset their faith. I don't know if that's right or wrong. I hope they will come to realize what is error and who the enemies are.

Anonymous said...

And Now Cardinal Dolan is going to SHUL!!!

Photos and story here:

Perhaps you will want to run a story on this..