Monday, March 25, 2013

'Noahide Law' Proselytizing Chabad Rabbi Shlomo Riskin Congratulates Pope Francis

When Rabbi Angel Kreiman Argentine answered the phone last night at his apartment in Jerusalem, where he moved a year ago, he was excited. "My God, do you know what this means?" he said before being asked about the election of Jorge Bergoglio as the new pope.

“As the center of gravity of the Catholic Church shifts to South America and Africa, it is vitally important to create new friendships between the future leaders of the Catholic Church in Latin America and the Jewish people,’ said David Nekrutman, executive director of [Chabad Rabbi Riskin's] Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation in Israel.

Claudio Epelman, executive director of the Latin American Jewish Congress, said, “We seek to achieve increased cooperation between future Latin American Catholic and Jewish leaders in the teaching of common values, mutual respect and support for the Jewish state, which will add strength to our communities.”

CJCUC Congratulates Pope Francis on Assuming Leadership of Catholic Church

March 14, 2013

The Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation in Israel congratulates Pope Frances on assuming the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church. We wish him great success in guiding the Catholic faithful and continuing the great work of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI to strengthen the friendship between the Church and the Jewish People that began at the Second Vatican Council.

“At a time when the entire human family desperately needs to recommit itself to fundamental moral values for humanity to flourish, we pray that the Church and Pope Francis will be successful in teaching the world the truths of Judeo-Christian ethics [i.e. 'The Noahide Laws'] and the intrinsic value of the human person created in God’s Image,” said R. Shlomo Riskin, founder and Chancellor of CJCUC.

All of us at CJCUC look forward to continued cooperation with the Vatican and Catholics everywhere to teach mutual understanding between Catholics and Jews and to defend religious tolerance and freedom for all.

Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Riskin, Chancellor, CJCUC
Mr. David Nekrutman, Executive Director, CJCUC
Rabbi Dr. Eugene Korn, North American Director, CJCUC
Rabbi Dr. Angel Kreiman-Brill, Latin American Director, CJCUC
Since Bergoglio has sent priests to the CJCUC center in counterfeit Israel, I strongly suggest reading the following for context:

CJCUC’s Statement on a Jewish Understanding of ['Noahide'] Christians and Christianity

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Pope Francis Sent His Priests to Chabad Rabbi Riskin's 'Noahide' Center

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Rabbi Riskin: "The Lubavitcher Rebbe said to me ..."

Rabbi Riskin: "Without the 'Noahide Laws' humanity would dissolve in a blast of nuclear explosions"

On Rabbi Kreiman:

Judeo-Christian Dialogue Nearing "a Promised Land"

Opus 'Dei' Supported Rabbi Kreiman's Rabbinic Seminary Studies

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On Rabbi Eugene Korn:

Former ADL Director, Rabbi Eugene Korn's New Appointment at Sacred Heart University

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Also, the Marian angle:
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Bergoglio's Judiac Brothers Effort to Install 'Holocaust' Relics at Fatima Shrine HERE and HERE

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

The 'Holocaust' Relics in the Sanctuary of Bergoglio's Cathedral

Buenos Aires Cathedral's 'Holocaust' relics

With Cardinal Bergoglio’s active support, the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Chapel, the main Roman Catholic Church in Argentina’s capital, erected a memorial to [the AMIA] bombing and to the victims of the Holocaust. Towards the rear of the main sanctuary, a large glass-enclosed case in a silver-wrought frame houses several Jewish artifacts, including a menorah, a Star of David, and sheets of prayer books rescued from Treblinka, Auschwitz and the Warsaw Ghetto.

The Holocaust memorial, known as the Commemorative Mural, is the only-such tribute to Holocaust victims in a Christian church, according to the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation. ("As Jewish Leaders Meet With Pope, New Hopes On Pius XII Archives," Stewart Ain and Steve Lipman, Jewish Week, March 20, 2013)

“I am moved,” said Baruch Tenembaum, founder of the Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, an Argentine Jew and longtime personal friend of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Pope Francis I.

Temembaum, a pioneer of interreligious dialogue amongst Christians, Muslims and Jews since the 1960s, tells Aleteia, “I am very satisfied, because I believe that we will see, in terms of spirituality, a repetition of the what John XXIII did at the service of the Church and of the world.”

... “I have known him well since he was Auxiliary Bishop of Buenos Aires. He defended a memorial that was erected for the first time in a cathedral, dedicated to the victims of the Shoah by the Mutual Israli-Argentine Association” (“AMIA” in Spanish) ...

He participated like no other with everyone in interreligious encounters. He has many rabbi friends, and has published books together with rabbis. He went to many synagogues ... ("Jewish friend of Pope Francis: '[He] stood out for his closeness to minorities,” Aleteia, MArch 14, 2013)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pope Francis' Favorite Painting

I would like to add to a recent discussion in the comments section on Pope Francis' favorite painting, The White Crucifixion by 'Marc Chagall' (see the Bergoglio interview/biography: El Jesuita, by Sergio Rubin and Francesca Ambrogeti).

The White Crucifixion by Marc Chagall (click to enlarge)

Chagall was born Moyshe Shagal (officially, Movsha Shagalov) in the Russian city of Vitebsk (Vitsyebsk, now in Belarus) on 24 June 1887 (at the time, 6 July in the European calendar), or, in Chagall’s perception, on the lucky date of 7.7.87 [note the change of date to one more numerically significant] ... Both of his parents came from Liozno (Bel., Liozna), a small town (60 km east of Vitebsk) famous for being the birthplace of Shneur Zalman, the founder of Lubavitch Hasidism ... Chagall attended heder from the age of 4 to 13. His language both at home and in heder was Yiddish ...

After reaching the age of bar mitzvah, Chagall, for five years, attended a municipal high school. It was mostly closed to Jews, but his mother’s hefty bribe solved this problem ...

In June 1914, Chagall traveled to Russia. ... In 1915, he married Berta (Basha) Rosenfeld, the daughter of a well-to-do jeweler and Lubavitch Hasid ...

In 1918, Chagall was appointed by the new Bolshevik Commissar of Enlightenment Anatolii Lunacharsky as “Plenipotentiary on Matters of Art in Vitebsk Province” ...

In France he became famous and affluent, enjoyed close relations with French intellectuals, and finally became a French citizen in 1937 ... (Chagall, Marc, YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe)
'Chagall' was later brought to New York and patronized by Solomon Guggenheim and his wife Ilene Rothschild, a fact omitted from most bios.

What we're looking at above in The White Crucifixion is a work of alchemy, and anyone who knows anything about Hasidic Judaism will know where I'm coming from with that observation. Quite simply, 'Chagall' has transmuted the ideological descendants of the Pharisees who had Jesus Christ executed into Christlike victims, while transmuting Jesus into an East European Hasid (by the striped prayer shawl and surrounding context).

There are subtexts surrounding this central theme:

... a mother hugs her child to her chest as she flees the destruction. Above her is a Torah scroll with white light streaming from it and a figure stepping over the light. This refers to a famous Hasidic tale, when a bishop ordered the Torah to be burnt. Rabbi Israel prayed and his prayers pierced to the palace of the Messiah. As a result the bishop fell into a fit, which frightened those who intended to burn the scrolls ...

... a synagogue is being burnt by a Nazi brownshirt whilst behind Nazi flags can be seen ... (Richard Harries, The Passion in Art, pp. 109-110)

Now, at this point I would like to return to a theme that I have endeavored, quite alone, to bring to Christian conscience, that of Rabbi Abraham Heschel's admission in an Israeli interview that he intended to attack the souls of Christians by subtly comparing them to Nazis. 'Chagall' is clearly doing precisely the same thing in his painting above which Pope Francis identifies as his favorite work. Moreover, Pope Francis is directly under the influence of Rabbi Abraham Heschel's thinking, parroting Heschel's ideas from his lecture, "No Religion is an Island" in the interview/book he published with Rabbi Abraham Skorka, Sobre el Cielo y la Tierra. Pope Benedict XVI also parroted these ideas from Heschel in his speech at Auschwitz.

These evil men that the rabbis sponsor as our leadership are putting Heschel's alchemical plan into practice, transmuting Christianity into a 'Noahide' servant of Judaism in its perpetual Purim wars against Amalek, Haman, Nazis, Iraq, Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, antisemites, etc., etc., et al, ad nauseam, ad infinitum, and destroying Christendom in the process. This is not the destiny of the followers of Christ.

Monday, March 18, 2013

World 'Jewish' Congress President: Pope Francis No Stranger to Us

... The new pontiff “is no stranger to us,” World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder, who met with Bergoglio in Buenos Aires in 2008, said in a statement. “He always had an open ear for our concerns ...

“The Latin American Jewish Congress has had a close relationship with Monsignor Jorge Bergoglio for many years,” said Claudio Epelman, executive director of the congress ...

As archbishop of Buenos Aires, his relationship with Argentinian Jews was personal as well as institutional.

His only book, “Regarding Heaven and Earth,” is the transcript of wide-ranging conversations between himself and Rabbi Abraham Skorka, the rector of the Latin American Rabbinical Seminary. Francis and the rabbi also shared billing on an Argentinian TV talk show on religious issues.

Francis has referred to Skorka as his “brother and friend.” The then-cardinal attended services at Skorka’s synagogue and also arranged for Skorka to receive an honorary doctorate from the Catholic University of Argentina.

Francis also wrote the foreword to a book by another Buenos Aires rabbi and civic activist, Sergio Bergman.

“Bergoglio is a master,” Bergman wrote in the Argentinian media after Francis’ election. “True to my Jewish roots and rabbinical vocation, inside my home community and the entire Argentine society, I found in Francis a teacher who heard me, guided me and advised me on how to deploy my vocation to serve both the Creator and his creatures in defiance of common good.”

Last December, Bergoglio joined Bergman and other Jewish leaders and representatives of other faiths in lighting the Hanukkah candles ...

“The closeness between Francis and the Jewish community is special and precious,” Rabbi Gary Bretton-Granatoor, vice president of the World Union of Progressive Judaism, told JTA.

Bretton-Granatoor, who is based in New York but has met Francis a couple of times, called the new pope “a mensch” who “gets the importance of a relationship with the Jewish community, who understands the meaning of the Shoah and has a heart in the right place on a number of issues that concern us as well.” ("Pope Francis Makes Good First Impression on Jews," Forward, March 19, 2013)

Read more:

New York Rabbis Ecstatic Over Bergoglio’s Ascension to Pope

The selection of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the new leader of the Roman Catholic Church has been hailed by the influential New York Board of Rabbis.

Grand Lodge of Argentina welcomes the election of Pope Francis

Pope Francis and the "Chosen People's" Purimspiel

Have no doubt that the jackboot of "unique 'Jewish' suffering" will remain firmly applied to the Christian neck under the pontificate of Pope Francis.

Cardinal Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, venerates one of Argentina's monuments to Judaic suffering

Bergoglio visitó la AMIA

... La reunión protocolar entre ambos cultos fue precedida por un homenaje a las víctimas del atentado a la AMIA. Bergoglio oró en silencio frente al mural de las víctimas, entre quienes se cuenta el sacerdote Juan Carlos Burmana. Luego, Bergoglio junto con el presidente de la AMIA, Guillermo Borger, depositó una ofrenda floral.

"[La AMIA] es un ejemplo de lucha por el bien común. Es un lugar de sangre que nos evoca una historia de sangre. Es un eslabón más en la cadena de dolor y persecución que el pueblo elegido de Dios ha sufrido en la historia", dijo el arzobispo Bergoglio al reconocer que la entidad judía "es una casa de solidaridad".

En un breve diálogo con los periodistas, antes de la reunión protocolar dentro de la AMIA, Bergoglio fue enfático: "[la entidad judía] Es una reserva que tenemos como pueblo. No la perdamos" ...
Also see:

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Pope Francis Baptizes Bankers, Rabbis' 'Austerity Measures'


Pope Francis Wants "Poor Church And Church For The Poor"

Will Pope Francis preach austerity to his brothers in the synagogue with whom he tells us we share so much in common? Will they share in the austerity imperative?

Also see:

Pope Benedict's 'Noahide Law' Commission Mocks Victims of Talmudic Economics

Former Israeli Chief Rabbi: "Gentiles" Exist Only to Serve "Jews"

Pope Francis Sent His Priests to Chabad Rabbi Riskin's 'Noahide' Center

Last year we noted that, "priests were selected in cooperation with the Archbishops of São Paulo, Buenos Aires, and Bogota" to attend Chabad Rabbi Shlomo Riskin's 'Noahide' Center in counterfeit Israel. The Archbishop of Buenos Aires at that time is now Pope Francis.


'Noahide Law' Proselytizing Rabbi Riskin Trains South American Priests in Counterfeit Israel

Pope Francis of 'The Holocaust'

In 1997, a "Memorial Mural to the Victims of the Holocaust" was installed inside the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires. The mural "paid tribute to the millions of people murdered by the Nazis." The Mural was inaugurated by Cardinal Antonio Quarracino on 14 April 1997, at the suggestion of Baruch Tenembaum, founder of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation.

I would call this an abomination if it were not for the fact that the facade of the Cathedral of Buenos Aires is a copy of the Palais Bourbon designed by the masonic revolutionary, Bernard Poyet, who is known also for having designed some of the pyramids that appeared in Paris around the time of the 'French' Revolution, so the Cathedral of Buenos Aires is a fitting place for the Holocaustolatry monument which Pope Francis (then Cardinal Bergoglio) venerated in 1998.