Monday, March 18, 2013

Pope Francis Baptizes Bankers, Rabbis' 'Austerity Measures'


Pope Francis Wants "Poor Church And Church For The Poor"

Will Pope Francis preach austerity to his brothers in the synagogue with whom he tells us we share so much in common? Will they share in the austerity imperative?

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Anonymous said...

He is said to have used All instead of Many in the Wine Consecration of his Sistine Chapel Mass. All includes Bankers, Rabbis and Austerity Measures

JG said...

Bergoglio's favourite painting is The White Crucifixion, painted by Marc Chagall in 1938. The painting shows Jesus being crucified on the cross, wearing a prayer shawl as a symbol that he is Jewish. The painting originally showed a soldier with a swastika on his armband burning down a synagogue.

Innocent Smith said...

JG, do you have a source for The White Crucifixion being Francis' favorite painting? I do not doubt you, but I need some kind of proof before repeating to others.

This "Poor Church" idea is indeed frightening. And I had the same immediate reaction that Maurice Pinay seems to have had. That the idea is intended to accept being poor.

Why can't we have a pope or bishops who fight against jobs be exported, high taxation, who fight for legitimate unions for working men? That kind of Social Justice could actually lead to Catholics practicing the rules on contraception and having large families.

Then the priests and bishops wouldn't be "gun shy" about preaching against the evils of contraception. Because they are really "gun shy" about going against the commands of their masters who don't want the kind of economic order that would allow for large Catholic families where the mother nurtures the children at home and the father goes to work to provide for his family.

Maurice Pinay said...

Dear Innocet Smith, you may recall that the most prolific exponent of the poor Church idea was the AJC and Rabbi Heschel helper, Malachi Martin who was also a Jesuit.

Pope Francis reportedly also has an appreciation for Rabbi Heschel.

"The most intriguing aspect for Jews may be that the first words the world may read by the new leader of the 1.2-billion member church is a constructive conversation with a rabbi, in which both men encourages interfaith amity. The Pope also shows his familiarity with Judaism and Jewish authors, especially the works of Abraham Joshua Heschel.".

Read more:

These people don't preach austerity to bankers, rabbis or counterfeit Israel.

JG said...

Innocent Smith--my previous post comes from this 'Telegraph' article

Furthermore, New Advent lists it as a 'Fast Fact' on its homepage with a link to the painting.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a good sign that the Pope was seeming to place saving souls above wealth and wordliness, but perhaps I have it wrong.

The banksters are already well on their way to making more and more poor people, and killing more and more people.

I think "accepting" poverty could mean just have one's values straight. My comfort in this world is not as important as the salvation of my soul. I need to bear poverty for Christ's sake.

This pope may though be selling poverty to show how in he is with communism.

I personally wish this Pope would divorce the vatican and every aspect of the Church from all Rothschild banking interests. The second most important thing for the Church to do is to close down all homosexual infested seminaries. I understand there are only two seminaries in the US that are not so.

Those would be real and meaningful action, not just words and small symbolic shows of not being conformed to this world system.

Anonymous said...

This is for JG concerning Bergoglio's favorite painting, The White Crucifixion.

It is mentioned in the book, The Jesuit. Text search for Chagall and the painting is discussed in two places.