Monday, March 18, 2013

Pope Francis of 'The Holocaust'

In 1997, a "Memorial Mural to the Victims of the Holocaust" was installed inside the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires. The mural "paid tribute to the millions of people murdered by the Nazis." The Mural was inaugurated by Cardinal Antonio Quarracino on 14 April 1997, at the suggestion of Baruch Tenembaum, founder of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation.

I would call this an abomination if it were not for the fact that the facade of the Cathedral of Buenos Aires is a copy of the Palais Bourbon designed by the masonic revolutionary, Bernard Poyet, who is known also for having designed some of the pyramids that appeared in Paris around the time of the 'French' Revolution, so the Cathedral of Buenos Aires is a fitting place for the Holocaustolatry monument which Pope Francis (then Cardinal Bergoglio) venerated in 1998. 


Anonymous said...

'The cardinal [Bergoglio] takes pains to discuss the Holocaust and its impact on the Catholic church in great detail. Bergoglio says that the great question we must all ask about the Holocaust is not “Where was God? But where was man?”

'“The great powers just washed their hands — they knew much more than they said they did,” Francis says.

'Universalizing the tragic period, the Cardinal declares: “The shoah is a genocide like the other genocides of the 20th century.” But at the same time he acknowledges that “There is something special about an idolatrous construction against the Jewish people.”

'The cardinal says Nazism hold a special place in the annals of totalitarianism because of its emphasis on racial purity and its placement of race on a higher plane than the divinity.

'“The ideals of a pure race are the idols upon which the Nazis formed themselves … Every Jew that was killed is a strike against the living God in the name of the idols,” he says. “The devil was present in the idols which eased the human conscience.”

'When Skorka asks the cardinal about the church during the Holocaust years, the cardinal praises the activities of Pius XI who wrote an encyclical on the eve of the war against racism and anti-Semitism.'


Geremia said...

Bs As has Latin America's largest Jewish population… and thus probably also the largest Freemasonic population.