Monday, March 18, 2013

Pope Francis Sent His Priests to Chabad Rabbi Riskin's 'Noahide' Center

Last year we noted that, "priests were selected in cooperation with the Archbishops of São Paulo, Buenos Aires, and Bogota" to attend Chabad Rabbi Shlomo Riskin's 'Noahide' Center in counterfeit Israel. The Archbishop of Buenos Aires at that time is now Pope Francis.


'Noahide Law' Proselytizing Rabbi Riskin Trains South American Priests in Counterfeit Israel


Anonymous said...

Well he would, wouldn't he? There are a maximum of 250,000 Jews in Argentina's population of 41.5 million. Simple math means that they are the majority and everybody should kowtow to them.

Abe said...

Jovens junto ao Cardeal Bergoglio

Argentinos comemoram a escolha do novo papa

Sacerdotes Jovens em Israel

Una nueva era en las relaciones judeocatólicas

Priestly blessings


The issue I have is with no racial demographic, but with the Talmud, and what I see to be becoming if not always was the False Church. It says in the Bible "whore of Babylon..... And it is the traditions of the Babylonian Talmud that are so evil. Supremacist, murderous, and blasphemous to Jesus Christ. It is not the Christian world that holds to this murderous ideology. If one has not read the passages in the Babylonian Talmud, those which say Christ is in hell boiling in excrement and that all gentiles the beat of should be killed, then tou have either been witheld this knowledge, or it has been indoctrinated into you to embrace it in all its forms. The Cannon law is bery Talmudic in nature, so it bears to question, which came first, the chicken or the egg? The Roman Catholic Church or Rabbinical Talmudic Pharisees (Rabbis) or Sanhedrin? Once one delves into Kabbalah then one clearly sees the true god of these people is not the one they profess to the world. It is when Christian and non Christian scholars alike translated the Talmud that persecution would take place.... Because child sex and murder were openly sanctioned against gentiles. (ALL NON TALMUDIC PEOPLE) it does not make me happy. It does not make me happy to see any number of good people indoctrinated into racism and hate, and train layers of Zionists from politicslly liberal or Conservative to have a cohesive "all Israel - right or wrong - no immigration but lead the world into forced multiculturalism insanity! - destroy Christandom, utterly, totally and COMPLETELY is their end goal. Ignore my warnings if you choose. The choice is yours.