Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mgr. Oesterreicher on Malachi Martin and the Fraudulent "Prayer for 'The Jews"

Mgr. John Oesterreicher was one of the three Judaic fellows of evidently conflicted interests [also Gregory Baum and Bruno Hussar] who Cardinal Augustin Bea arranged to draft the Judaic portion of the Second Vatican Council document, Nostra Aetate joining with the input and cloak and dagger exploits of neo-bolshevik figures such as Rabbi Abraham Heschel and his helper Malachi Martin. In fact, Oesterreicher was involved in preliminary efforts to the actual drafting of Nostra Aetate.

As such, Mgr. Oesterreicher speaks with some authority on the characters and intrigue surrounding this document and what it stands for, as Cardinal Willebrands says in his foreword to Oesterreicher's book on the topic quoted below, "It is well known that [Mgr. Oesterreicher] had an important role to play in the drafting of Nostra Aetate, and I dare say he remains the foremost witness of this exciting episode of modern history."

One of the most remarkable events in this "exciting episode of modern history" is the outrageous "Prayer for 'The Jews" which appeared in the American Jewish Committee publication, Commentary, January 1965. Here is what one of the foremost witnesses on the matter, Mgr. John Oesterreicher testified under the heading, Fraud and Other Problems:

The most alarming examples of "disclosures" which, for want of better information, are accepted by many as authentic reports, are The Pilgrim by M. Serafian, and an article on the history of the Declaration on the Jews, entitled "Vatican II and the Jews" (Commentary, January 1965) by the same author. He is an ex-Jesuit, Malachi Martin, this time using another pseudonym, F.E. Cartus. The article contains a prayer ascribed to Pope John that has had wide currency, though everyone who knew the Pope's mind and style is convinced that it was fabricated. Moreover, Mr. Martin has in all these years refused to offer any proof of the prayers authenticity, a photocopy of the original, for instance. Nor did he reveal how he came into possession of the alleged prayer of Pope John.

This is the prayer that Mr. Martin maintains was found after the Pope's death, without telling us by whom:

We are conscious today that many, many centuries of blindness have cloaked our eyes so that we can no longer see the beauty of Your Chosen People nor recognize in their faces the features of our privileged brethren. 
We realize that the mark of Cain stands upon our foreheads. Across the centuries our brother Abel has lain in the blood we drew, or shed tears we caused by forgetting Your love. 
Forgive us the curse we falsely attached to their name as Jews. Forgive us for crucifying You a second time in the flesh. For we know not what we did. 
(John M. Oesterreicher, The New Encounter, p.155 Philosophical Library Inc. 1986)

I might add to Mgr. Oesterreicher's observation that this prayer does match the preposterous thinking and style of the author of The Pilgrim, Malachi Martin, in its fanatical zeal to heap a blood libel upon today's Christians and their predecessors of "many, many centuries" HERE.


Nynorsk Bokmal said...

Dear Mr. Pinay,

The evidence for thinking of Msgr. Oesterreicher as a lifelong subversive of the Faith seems quite strong to me. Assuming for the sake of argument that he was indeed a crypto-Jew and spent his post-"conversion" years in the service of the Enemy, why do you think he would launch this attack on Father Martin, who was clearly a brother in arms? Did Oesterreicher perhaps see Martin as overplaying the Judaic hand so badly that failing to call Martin out would cost the crypto side more ground in the medium and long term than a brief and uncharacteristic lurch in the direction of frankness would?

I'd welcome a comment from you, since the Judaic game plan in this instance is anything but plain to me.

Maurice Pinay said...

Oesterreicher was much more subtle than Martin and Heschel. He even postured as a defender of Pius XII against 'The Deputy' hit job, while simultaenously validating antisemitism inquistion

Anonymous said...

I'm Roman Catholic and would not defend Pius XII.
Pius XII was a destroyer from 1951-1958.