Thursday, September 19, 2013

The United States' 'out of control military rabbinate'

Philip Weiss has written a piece on the 'civil war' in Counterfeit Israel between its meshuggah and more meshuggah wings which mentions that Rabbi Colonel Eyal Qarim, a representative of the "out of control [Israeli] military rabbinate" "wrote a statement justifying rape."

 The U.S. has its own out-of-control military rabbinate, of which Rabbi Dov S. Zakheim is representative. And not coincidentally, the former Pentagon Comptroller (among a myriad of other military appointments and positions) Rabbi Dov Zakheim, has also written a statement on the 'ethics' of rape of non-Judaic women during wartime from which I highlight the following passage:

It is the consensus of many halakhic [rabbinic law] decisors that the yefat to’ar [non-Judaic female prisoners] can be subject to involuntary intercourse [rape], though only once, after which she must undergo a specific regimen prescribed in the Torah [i.e. Talmud], conversion and marriage, before her [Judaic] captor is permitted further sexual relations with her. (Dov S. Zakheim, "Confronting Evil: Terrorists, Torture, The Military and Halakhah," published by Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School),com_docman/task,doc_view/gid,304/

These rabbis are as out of control as the rabbinic Judaism which informs their disgusting 'ethics.' God save us from this Synagogue and State curse.

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