Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Latest Kosher Slaughter Attempt on the Gospel

This fellow Joseph Atwill would have you believe that Jesus Christ never existed, but that the Khazar woman interviewing him is a relative of Abraham ...

As the rabbis say:
"Yimach sh'mo v'zikhrono (May [Jesus'] name and memory be blotted out)”

On the contrary: "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my word shall not pass away."


Anonymous said...

Christians in India form about the same percentage (2%) of the population of that country as the percentage of Jews in the USA. Yet, their visibility in the public life and influence of that country more than reflects their numbers. Indeed much more. In the case of the US Jews the opposite is the case. With their visibility and influence in the public life of the USA, one would think they form 98%, rather than 2%, of the population!

Hans said...

Atwill wrote a book "Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus" but wait: the gospels confirm that Jews (not Christians) cried out "We have no King but Caesar"!

The rabbis fail for 2000 years and on they fail!

truthseeker said...

Mr. Atwill has confirmed the accuracy of the new testement! Can he dispell the myth of "Jewish People" or the myth of the "Holocaust" the "6 million" the "Wailing Wall" that is not a part of the Temple but rather the remains of the Roman fortress.
Atwill claims that Josephus was a "Jew" and that is a lie. Joesphus was a Judahite a descendent of the Isrealite tribe of Judah. Atwill should also learn of the sons of Judah... Pharez,Zara,Shelia and the lineage of the Messiah JESUS and should also read the voyage of Zara and discover the real Judahites. The Ashkenazi "Jews" Atwill speaks of are descendents of Gog & Magog and are the fulfillment of Bible prophesy regards the invasion of the Holy Land...Ezech 39/Apoc 20 V7,8,9. JESUS is not a "Jew" HE did not descend from the Pharisees nor was HE a member of the Serpent Cult called Judaism that derived from the Pharisees.
Mr. Atwill is self-described as being "Brilliant". Lucifer also was described thusly.