Thursday, December 19, 2013

Nitel Nacht Has a Theological Basis

5 years ago, the details of the hateful tradition of Hasidic Judaism observed on Christmas Eve called Nitel Nacht were revealed to a non-Judaic audience at this space. The writings on Nitel (or Nittel) Nacht have since, predictably, taken on a more apologetic nature. It is being argued that this tradition has no theological basis, is derived solely out of fear of Christian persecution, and is no longer observed. I can assure readers that all three of these assertions are false.

The theological basis for Nitel Nacht, which is a natural extension of rabbinic Judaism, was published for ghetto consumption in the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz in 2004:

On Christmas Eve, known in Jewish circles as Nitel Night, the klipot (shells) are in total control. The klipot are parasitical evil forces that attach themselves to the forces of good. According to kabbala (Jewish mysticism), on the night on which "that man" - a Jewish euphemism for Jesus - was born, not even a trace of holiness is present and the klipot exploit every act of holiness for their own purposes.("For them, it's wholly unholy," Shahar Ilan, Haaretz, December 24, 2004)

So, given that Nitel Nacht does in fact have a theological basis deeply rooted in the Kabbalistic tradition, we will dismiss the pious legends of drunk Christians hunting down and killing 'Jews' on Christmas Eve throughout Europe as the rabbinic protection racket propaganda blood libel that it is. And if some Christian peasants were drunk on Christmas Eve, perhaps Yiddish alcohol peddlers and their Catholic nobleman sponsors deserve some blame for selling them 'spirits' on credit.

And be very much assured that the Hasidism who still wave chickens over their heads and spill their blood in a deal with Satan, and still suck blood from infant boys' penises, do still observe Nitel Nacht.

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