Friday, December 20, 2013

Nitel Nacht, the desecration of the Nativity by privileged Hasidim sponsored by the Holy Roman Empire

Time and resources are short, but I do want to connect the dots for those who have not done so.

Inspired by B'nai B'rith's recent honoring of that enemy of Christ and heir of Holy Roman Empire nobility, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, we pointed to the Schönborn clan's descent from the very same locality that the 'royalty' of Khazar Judaism, Katzenelenbogen, originates from. We documented that the Schönborn bishops sponsored such 'Jews' as stewards of their Munkacs estate, even inviting them to live and build synagogues therein. We documented that a key revenue stream for the Schönborns was the sale of alcohol to the Munkacs Christian peasants via these 'Jews' and that a key revenue stream for these 'Jews' was moneylending at exorbitant interest rates. We documented the reactionary Hasidic desecration of Christmas called Nitel Nacht. We pointed out the rabbinic propaganda blood libel and cover story that this hateful tradition is inspired by "drunk Christians killing 'Jews' on Christmas Eve."

The Munkacs Hasidic Dynasty which served as stewards of the Schönborn Munkacs estate, whose holy books (Minchas Elazar of Munkacs, Sefer Divrei Torah, Sefer Darchei Chaim veShalom) teach that the 'evil' 'parasitic' 'kelipoth' are at their peak strength on 'Nitel Nacht' (Christmas Eve), and justify this hateful theology by claiming that drunk Christians hunt them down to kill them on Christmas Eve, are the same Hasidim who, under Schönborn patronage, sold these Christian peasants alcohol on credit and enslaved them with usury.

Est Coelum Nobilitorum. Paradisus Judeorum. Et Infernum Rusticorum. If you don't deeply contemplate the wisdom of this saying now, you'll be living what it warns of later.

P.S. The Munkacs are of that anti-zionist "Torah-true Jew" variety who are supposed by many gullible conservatives and 'truth seekers' to be allies.

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Therapsid said...

I suspect that many readers are as ignorant as I am and that they had never heard of such a diabolical celebration as Nitel Nacht.

But then, the gentiles are intentionally kept in the dark about Judaism. It hardly ever strikes Christians as strange that even as they tout a common Judeo-Christian culture they know more about Islam and the Quran than they do about Judaism and the Talmud.

If Christians are the inveterate anti-Semites as they've been made out to be, where are the time honored anti-Jewish holidays? Where is the analogue to Nitel Nacht? It has never existed in Christendom as far as I can tell.

truthseeker said...

Remember Saint Simon of Trent the little boy who was abducted from his home and ritually murdered by the Jews. Saint Simon has received dismissal by the Vatican 2 counter church for the sake of congeniality with the Jews! Little ST. Simon was an embarrassment to this counter church! ST. Simon's feast day is March 24. google in Saint of Trent for the full disclosure of events of his murder.

pjl_u2 said...

Golah - Gaulois Kings of France, Semitic, Davidic.
""The Arbins (bearers of R1b haplogroup) along their migration route to the Middle East and South Mesopotamia apparently have established the Sumer culture (and the state), moving westward to Europe (5000 - 4500 ybp) carrying mainly the R-M269 subclade and its downstream L23 subclade.""

Anonymous said...

pjl_u2 What are you on about? If it is something we should know the state so clearly. Why write in riddles?