Sunday, December 1, 2013

Rabbi Abraham Heschel's Paranoid Conspiracy Theory

… one of many.

An entry from Vatican II Council theological expert, Yves Congar's, My Journal of the Council, July 31, 1964. He is speaking of a meeting with Oscar Cullmann, a Lutheran 'observer' at the Second Vatican Council:

In fact, it was Rabbi Abraham Heschel who endeavored to attack Christian souls, HERE. 'Spiritual pogrom' indeed!

And, it was the philosemitic contingent at the Council which did in fact cut off the microphone as traditionalist Cardinal Ottaviani was speaking, HERE.

Apparently, the facts were jumbled up in Heschel's Judaism-addled mind.

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Maurice Pinay said...

I would not discount the possibility that Heschel knew that it was the traditionalist Ottaviani, not the Judeomaniac Bea, who was censored, but that he was running a smoke screen to maintain the illusion of persecuted status.

Hans said...

Apart from the subject being addressed here, i am alsways surprised how few replies and comments you receive, even though you are writing on important issues of our faith, and said in a language spoken in the "one nation under God" and "Gods own country" - a "great christian nation"! or is it?? Do all these "Christians" know already what you are writing, or are they just plainly ignorant?
That somehow reminds me on Matthew 7:21!!

annely said...

I suspect that many read but many times don't comment. I being one who reads every Maurice Post.
Like just now, I don't readily have anything to add but read and usually re-read and reflect. I am familiar with everyone referred to in this post except Yves Conger
and his Journal of the Council so I'll be looking for a copy. I check Maurice Pinay most regularly
and have and continue to learn much and reflect much and am most grateful to Maurice Pinay.

annely said...

Oh, and not being familiar or not familiar enough to readily recall
Yves Congar makes me feel quite ignorant. Maybe I am. That's why I read Maurice Pinay, to become less ignorant.

Maurice Pinay said...

Dear Annely, fluency in Yves Congar is no measure of intelligence! I would recommend Pascendi Dominici Gregis as an introduction to Yves Congar.

annely said...

Dear Maurice Pinay, Thank you for this. I will follow your recommendation and with much interest I'm sure. I appreciate all you do.
p.s. I have just found this recently released book, The Vatican Against Israel: Giulio Meotti. One review at Jewish Site, which ? headlined, The Pope doesn't really even think the State of Israel exists. The book
was released Oct. 2013 I think.
It seems a hyped headline but interesting.

Anonymous said...

To Annley, the Encyclical Pascendi is indeed a core piece of reading to understand the crisis in the Church. In addition, I recommend the book A Catechism of Modernism which is presented in the same format as the venerable old Baltimore Catechism. It's available for free at

And it can be found at online retailers for under $10. I got a new copy at Tan Books for $3 recently.
The book has helped me in explaining the heresy of modernism to others aa well as help me to get a better understanding of this diabolical problem afflicting the Church.
The book makes the material easier to understand and explain, at least for me.

I also recommend reading Lamentabili Sane

Anonymous said...

There is some interesting information about Yves Congar at this website.

annely said...

If any come upon this page again thanks to all for your kindness. I have to plead "I'm not as ignorant as I have surely seemed". I'm not unfamiliar with Pascendi which I too treasure but only indeed revisit from time to time prtaining in various context. I am familiar with Jean Madiran and too familiar with theeye-witness which I visit often. And to another Anonymous (Tan, Lamentabili Sane etc.) thank you. After my initial
Yves Congar? I realized who he is but it is true that I never familiarized myself with him. I wish
I'd revisited these comments sooner as I appreciate everyone's graciousness.