Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Dear Chabad

Dear Chabad,

You've spent the past week spreading your monstrous, ahistorical menorahs about our lands as a feel-good P.R. front for your genocidal, master-race, anti-Christ religion. We know that you're spending this  night, Christmas Eve, desecrating the Christian celebration of Christ's birth by observing the hateful, reactionary, rabbinic tradition of 'Nitel Nacht.' We know of your hopes to blot out the memory of Christ beneath a stark, 6-million-foot-tall menorah hastily built with materials from Home Depot. We know any overtures made by you to outsiders are in complete self-interest; that your most fundamental interest is to convert us to 'Noahide' subservience. No New York Times puff piece can beautiful your hate traditions. No 'secular' progressive front man can obfuscate enough to veil his service of your backwards agenda. In our time, your ghetto walls are as transparent as your ghetto tactics.

BBC attempts to legitimize the rabbis' mocking depiction of Virgin Mary for Christmas

A BBC documentary suggesting that the Virgin Mary was raped by a Roman soldier has provoked a deluge of complaints and been censured by the Vatican.

More than 500 viewers called to protest about the nature of the programme, making it the most complained-about documentary this year
Vatican spokesman Cardinal Martins Jose Saravia said: ' This was a programme that did not honour the BBC. It was silliness, old stories that every now and then resurface and that have never had any historical support. 'When space is given to these legends, the truth is twisted.' BBC faces fury for portraying Virgin Mary as rape victim

But Cardinal Martins Jose Saravia, these "old stories that every now and then resurface and that have never had any historical support" do have an indisputably documented historical source, the Talmud and Toledoth Yeshu of rabbinic Judaism; the tradition of the rabbis who you 'Noahide' Novus Ordo prelates keep telling us are our "brothers" and even "fathers in the faith."

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The Grouch who raped Christmas

Christmas 2014, a bolshevik psychologist demonstrates the Hasidic root of progressivism by mocking the Virgin Birth by way of Salon and AlterNet:

Why rape is so intrinsic to religion

She has an acute sensitivity to Judaic fables however, suggesting that modern Zionist terrorists should be given slack because 'they personally dragged bodies out of gas chambers and buried them in trenches' (evidence, dear religious cynic?). This act of faith in East European peasant gas chamber fairy tales comes from a woman whose life's ambition is to trash everyones faith; all faiths except the only remaining religion in the agnostic West, Holocaustianity.

Consistent with the genocidal, anti-goyite agenda of 'Frankfurt School' progressivism, she labors to makeover abortion as a "moral, spiritual imperative;" "a blessing, grace, a sacred gift."

So in summation, this atheist liberal progressive is on a crusade to conquer Christianity and prop up Holocautianity with its holy sacrament of abortion in its place. Truly, she has no god but the rabbis.

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

The SSPX Macher's hexed Christ

Updated below with clarification 12/21:

Found by at SSPX Bishop Fellay's business partner Maximilian Krah's Instagram account:


On the matter of the occult meaning of the hexagram (as above, so below) Rabbi Abraham Heschel, (the Kabbalist who was invited to collaborate on a Vatican II document even after stating that he intended to attack Christian souls with 'Holocaust' guilt) admitted that Counterfeit Israel adopted this foreign, occult doctrine:

"In many places in the Zohar you will find the statement that the Holy and Blessed one created this world on the model of the world above: 'Everything that exists above is replicated below' (Zohar Pekudei 221a). In the opinion of the sages, the people brought with them from Babylonia the names of the angels. But we have not yet been able to discover the source of the [non-biblical] concept of the parallelism of the world above and the world below." (Abraham Joshua Heschel, Gordon Tucker, Heavenly Torah: as refracted through the generations, p.266)

The hexagram has no historical significant meaning to Christianity but it has been proprietary to pagan, occult traditions for thousands of years. The hexagram (and its underlying occult doctrine, as above, so below) was adopted by Counterfeit Israel and is now proprietary to Judaism, Zionism and Holocaustianity.

Maximilian Krah has repeatedly, openly, brazenly displayed his solidarity with Zionism, Judaism and the Israeli military to a degree unsurpassed by the most craven, ingratiating, Judaic-boot-licking U.S. politicians and Novus Ordo clerics. This is indisputably documented here:

The file on Maximilian Krah

To deny this glaring context to Krah's use of a hexagram is uninformed ignorance or willful ignorance, God knows which.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pharisee Pope Francis teaches for doctrine the contrivances of the rabbis

From Benedict XVI's favorite rabbi, Jacob Neusner (Judaism in the Beginning of Christianity, p.45)

Francis has delivered another sermon in which he chastises the common Catholic who is dismayed by radical changes in religion as "rigid" "Pharisees" (Pope Francis: Rigidity is a sign of a weak heart). This is an inversion of the Gospel of the Jesus Christ who chastised the Pharisees for their changes to God-ordained teaching which they replaced with their own made-up traditions, laws and doctrines ("teaching for doctrine the commandments of men").

Never did Christ speak to the common people, the victims of the Pharisees, with anything approaching the harsh judgement as He spoke to the Pharisees. Francis satanically inverts the Gospel with the luv and hugs he has for the rabbis (the direct religious heirs of the Pharisees, who are so rigid in their hateful rejection of Christ that Francis covers up his pectoral cross in their presence) and the harshness and palpable contempt he has for the common traditional Christian crushed by the Pharisees' heavy burdens.

But Francis really tips his anti-Christ hand when he follows up this shaming with a notion utterly alien to Christianity but germane to the hasidic ghetto:

“Even our life can become like that [ie Pharisaic], even our life. And sometimes, I confess something to you, when I have seen a Christian, a Christian of that kind, with a weak heart, not firm, not fixed on the rock—Jesus – and with such rigidness on the outside, I ask the Lord: ‘But Lord, throw a banana peel in front of them, so that they will take a good fall, and feel shame that they are sinners, and so encounter You, [and realize] that You are the Saviour. Many times a sin will make us feel shame, and make us encounter the Lord, Who pardons us, as the sick who were there and went to the Lord for healing.”

Here is Francis essentially saying that he hopes that the people who don't like radical 'Noahide' Novus Ordo changes will fall into sin and thereby "encounter the Lord." This notion is entirely foreign to Christianity, but to Hasidic Judaism it is of the essence:

Francis is teaching the essence of Hasidic Judaism and one of the root causes for the extreme depravity witnessed in every Hasidic community: that one must sin in order 'to come closer to God.'

Now, what's interesting about Pope Francis raising the example of Pope Pius XII in this context is that much of the groundwork for the 'Noahide' Novus Ordo revolution was laid during his pontificate. It was at this time that changes to the liturgy began with the alteration with the much hated (by the rabbis) Holy Week liturgy. It must also be noted that Pope Pius XII's confessor was Augustine Bea, who we have noted made it a personal project to get the rabbinic midrash the Poem of the Man God into circulation. Throughout The Poem ( a work which outrageously depicts Jesus Christ venerating the Pharisee Hillel) is the notion that "we sinners are more yielding to good" and that one should be "a big sinner" in order to repent.

But most telling of all is Francis' pharisaic rigidity with which he proclaims that it is "incomprehensible" that anyone would question "The Holocaust" unless they were insane. Here is rigid pharisaism par excellence.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"Modernists" are really traditionalists, rabbinic traditionalists

"[Pope Francis] cares for me, and controls everything regarding my food to makes sure it is all kosher, and according to my religious tradition" (Rabbi Abraham Skorka)

Francis and fellow rabbis enjoy a traditional rabbinic kosher slaughtered meal at the Vatican Jan. 2014

Polish Jews will resume practicing shechita [rabbinic ritual animal slaughter] “immediately,” Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday, following a decision by that country’s Constitutional Court to overturn a ban on the [talmudic] practice …

[Rabbi Menachem] Margolin [head of both the European Jewish Association and the Rabbinical Conference of Europe] cited support by members of the Catholic clergy and the government ombudsman for legalization as the fruits of his organization’s lobbying... ("Jewish ritual slaughter to commence as Polish high court overturns ban," Sam Sokol, Jerusalem Post, Dec. 10, 2014)

Full Article:

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Monday, December 8, 2014

A study in Pope Francis' selective mysticism

Pope Francis and Israeli interviewer Henrique Cymerman

Below is an excerpt from an interview of Pope Francis by Henrique Cymerman. Cymerman sets Francis up with a softball to slam over the ghetto wall; who murdered Christ?

Christ's murderer?

"Christ's murderers – that's one of the most difficult things. The Second Vatican Council, which convened in the 1960s, unequivocally rejected the claim that the Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus. But anti-Semitism is a very complex problem, far beyond the religious dimension. It also has a political dimension. After all, anti-Semitism is more prevalent on the right than on the left. And it doesn't stop there. There are people who deny the Holocaust – still today. It's madness, but it happens. And it's incomprehensible."

See how Francis mystifies who murdered Christ ("that's one of the most difficult things" to answer), but states in absolute terms that it wasn't 'the Jews.'

Note how Francis mystifies the causes of 'anti-Semitism' ("a very complex problem;" in this case the Gospel truth that Jewish authorities and their followers pressed for Christ to be executed, which the Vatican II document Nostra Aetate, does, in fact, state, contrary to Francis' suggestion).

Note then how Francis states in absolute terms that "it's madness" to "deny the Holocaust" while mystifying the many justified causes anyone might have for questioning 'Holocaust' writ ("it's incomprehensible" that someone would "deny the Holocaust"). Note that in no case does Francis express such outrage that one would deny any Catholic truth.

And note how quickly Francis skips from his mystification of the murder of Christ to his absolutism on 'the Holocaust.'

What is the net effect of Francis' selective mysticism? It's hard to know who murdered Christ despite what the Gospel and 2000 years of Church teaching state absolutely on the matter, but it's insane to question what some imaginative East European peasant Yids claim happened during WWII.

'Modernism' is not arbitrary craziness as many traditionalist leaders mystifyingly suggest. It has a clearly discernible, absolute trajectory.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

'Expose' of Fatima Rabbi's hate cult

Fatima Rabbi, Mayer Schiller

From Failed Messiah:

A long exposé on the hasidic Village of New Square, New York shows that the Skvere Rebbe, Rabbi David Twersky, is running a cult [of which Fatima Rabbi Mayer Schiller is an emissary to 'the Goyim'] that uses draconian tactics – some clearly illegal – to control the lives of his largely brainwashed followers. Even so, haredi leaders outside Skvere do not condemn Twersky's tactics or Twersky himself, and most were silent when one of Twersky's close followers tried to kill a local dissident and his entire sleeping family.

[Bishop Williamson, then a priest, of the] SSPX seminary in Ridgefield, CT invited [Skvere hasidic sect] Rabbi Schiller to speak to [the] seminarians on numerous occasions. And every time, the Rabbi reports, he was received with the utmost courtesy and respect. Once, a seminarian even addressed Rabbi Schiller as "Father". The seminarians held the Rabbi in such high regard that, before Archbishop Lefebvre was to consecrate several SSPX priests as bishops in defiance of Rome, they sought out the Rabbi to ask his opinion on the matter.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Hasidic 'Colonialist Expansionist' takeover of Upstate New York

I would not hold my breath waiting for Mondoweiss types to acknowledge the Hasidic 'colonialist expansionist' project that is bringing occupied Palestine conditions to upstate New York. What is the common denominator? The anti-goyite religion of Judaism.


Anti-Zionist Satmar hasidim are trying to take over the tiny 420-person New York State Village of Bloomingburg which until a few months ago had no known hasidic residents at all.

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Counterfeit Israel, a Judaic ghetto

More background on the attack on the Jerusalem synagogue built on the ruins of the ethnically cleansed Palestinian village, Deir Yassin

From Noam Chomsky's The Fateful Triangle:

… "Perhaps the most remarkable illustration of the [Judaic] ability to efface atrocity concerns Deir Yassin, where 250 people were murdered by Begin’s Irgun and LEHI in April 1948. A year later, Ha’aretz reported the “settlement festival” for religious settlers who were founding Givat Shaul Beth (now part of Jerusalem) in “the former village of Deir Yassin.” Ha’aretz reports further: “President Chaim Weizmann sent his greetings in writing...the chief Rabbis and Minister Moshe Shapira took part in the ceremony...the orchestra of a school for the blind played...”212 In 1980, the remaining ruins were bulldozed to prepare the ground for a settlement for Orthodox Jews. Streets were named after units of the Irgun which perpetrated the massacre, and of Palmach, the kibbutz-based strike force of Haganah, which took part in the operation but not the massacre. These units were to be “immortalized on the site,” in the words of the Israeli press.213 More recently, most of the Deir Yassin cemetery was bulldozed to prepare the ground for a highway to a new Jewish settlement.214

Nahum Barnea writes that “at first Deir Yassin was forgotten. Now it is celebrated.” He describes a (to him, horrifying) tour to Deir Yassin organized by the Society for the Protection of Nature, perhaps, he suggests bitterly, because “nature was the only thing not destroyed there on April 9, 1948.” The tour (an annual event) was led by a former Irgunist, who whitewashed the operation before a largely passive audience.

212. Cited by Nahum Barnea, Davar, April 9, 1982.
213. See TNCW, p. 465, for references.
214. The Dawn (Al Fajr), Jerusalem, Sept. 24, Oct. 1, 1982.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Elder of Polygamy and Polyandry-founded Mormon religion to speak at Pope Francis' Conference on Marriage

Background: Mormon Founder Had Up to 40 Wives [some of them wives of other men]

Pope Francis greets Mormon President Henry B. Eyring in the Synod Hall at Vatican City as colloquium on marriage begins.
VATICAN CITY — [Today Pope Francis addressed] the opening session of an international conference on marriage convened at the Vatican, …

Seated on the front row of the hall was President Henry B. Eyring, First Counselor in the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints [otherwise known as Mormonism, founded by Freemason, con-man and serial polyandry and polygamy practitioner Joseph Smith], who will be presenting at the conference tomorrow.

As Francis moved deliberately from presenter to presenter, he warmly greeted Eyring, marking the first meeting between an LDS general authority and the Pope at the Vatican.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The price of Archbishop Cupich's success in the 'Noahide' Novus Ordo

"With the appointment of Blase Cupich [Sept. 20, 2014] as the new Archbishop of Chicago, one can say that the Francis revolution in Catholicism has finally arrived in the United States." (John L. Allen Jr., "The ‘Francis Era’ in America starts today in Chicago," Crux)

My response to Archbishop of 'Noahidism,' Blase J. Cupich, below his ingratiating "letter in support of the Jewish community."

Letter from Archbishop Cupich in support of the Jewish community

October 7, 2014

Dear Parishioners:

On the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, the sons and daughters of Abraham complete their high holy days, which began with Rosh Hashanah.

Tragically, as the Jewish people in Spokane gathered on Oct. 3 at Temple Beth Shalom to celebrate this holy day, their place of worship was defaced by the hateful image of a swastika.

I have expressed to Rabbi Tamar Malino, who just arrived this fall in Spokane, my heartfelt support and solidarity, but also my deep sadness. No child is born a bigot; they are taught to be so. That is why we Christians need to clearly denounce such hateful actions and sentiments and commit ourselves to educate our children to reject anti-Semitism. We also need to recognize the sad history in which Christians were responsible for so much suffering and persecution of Jews over the centuries. The great example of St. Pope John Paul II has much to teach us. After meditating at Jerusalem's Western Wall in 2000, he placed in the wall a written prayer to God expressing deep sadness for all wrongs done to Jews by Christians. It ended, "Asking your forgiveness, we wish to commit ourselves to genuine brotherhood with the people of the Covenant."

With similar sentiments I have assured Rabbi Malino that Catholics in Eastern Washington stand with her community and unhesitatingly and completely denounce in the strongest terms possible this deplorable action and the bigotry that it represents.

This weekend, the Prophet Isaiah will proclaim that the Lord “will destroy the veil that veils all peoples, the web that is woven over all nations.” I ask that the Jewish people be remembered in the General Intercessions, asking God to purify the hearts of those who harbor bigotry towards them, and to remove the veil of hatred and ignorance from the hearts of those who were responsible for this abhorrence.

In the Lord,

Most Rev. Blase J. Cupich
Bishop of Spokane

Dear Reader,

On the most popular day of the rabbinic calendar, Yom Kippur, the day of the nullification of all vows, the spiritual and ideological sons and daughters of the Pharisees complete a sequence of tribal hate traditions which begins with Rosh Hashanah (rabbinic New Year).

Tragically, this past summer, as the people of Gaza were attempting to eke out some kind of existence under the crushing, concentration camp conditions imposed on them by Counterfeit Israel, the same Counterfeit Israel began yet another vicious aerial bombing campaign on the entrapped population of Gaza and ground invasion with over 2100 killed, thousands of homes being converted to rubble, hospitals and schools being bombed while people were seeking safety and medical attention inside and children being shot in the head by Israeli snipers. Counterfeit Israel claims all of this, and much more, was done 'in self defense.' Counterfeit Israel is now blocking aid and rebuilding materials from reaching the hundreds of thousands of poor victims of its savagery.

Prior to this onslaught, many Catholic churches, monasteries, convents, graveyards and Christian neighborhoods were defaced and otherwise vandalized by the spiritual and ideological sons and daughters of the Pharisees who hate all outsiders with a hate unsurpassed by any other community. It is well known in counterfeit Israel that this savage hate is enflamed by the rabbis of Judaism, most notably of the Chabad Lubavitch sect which launched a convert-to-the-'Noahide'-Laws-or-die operation in Gaza before the smoke had even cleared.

I often express that no child is born a tribal savage; they are taught to be so. That is why the savage tribal religion of Orthodox Judaism and the rabbis who perpetuate it should be denounced at every opportunity, just as Christ denounced the rabbis' spiritual and ideological forebears, the Pharisees, and their tradition (which is the taproot of Orthodox Judaism), at every opportunity and was executed by them because of it. We also need to recognize the depths of deception and subversion that Judaism has plunged to throughout the centuries in attacking by stealth the Christians who hosted it.

The foul example of the Pope Saint of the 'Noahide' Novus Ordo Church, John Paul II, has much to teach us of the subversiveness of Judaism. As one of his very first papal acts he traveled to Auschwitz, got on his knees at the so-called 'Death Wall' and then at a Mass proclaimed Auschwitz to be "the Golgotha of the modern world" saying that Catholics should make 'pilgrimages' there. These disgraceful acts were performed by a man who feigned representation of the Jesus Christ, God incarnate, Who was crucified at Golgotha at the behest of the rabbis' spiritual and ideological pharisaic forefathers.

As the rabbis subvert Catholicism to erase the record of their forefathers' responsibility for the execution of Christ, they preserve their talmudic and kabbalistic texts which plainly state their forefathers' willful responsibility for that execution which they say Christ was deserving of. These rabbinic texts also record many hateful, puerile blasphemies against Christ and His Blessed Mother. The rabbis have never sought forgiveness or spoken of reforming these anti-Christ traditions even as they forcefully reform Christianity by every subversive means.

There are no grounds for Christian brotherhood with a people whose only covenant is with the Pharisees who executed Christ. There is no basis for brotherhood with people who can barely disguise their hatred for us, and in fact come to us under the ruse of 'brotherhood' so as to disarm us and soften us up for conquering and 'Noahide' enslavement.

The Prophet Isaiah said that Counterfeit Israel has unclean lips and the rabbis in their texts claim Isaiah deserved to be killed for speaking this truth. It remains as true today as ever that Counterfeit Israel and its 'Noahide' servants falsify scripture with their unclean lips. Isaiah's prophesy that the Lord “will destroy the veil that veils all peoples, the web that is woven over all nations" was fulfilled by Christ through His perfect sacrifice.

I ask that Counterfeit Israel and their 'Noahide' Novus Ordo servants be remembered in our daily prayers, asking God to purify their hearts of scripture falsification, bigotry, and to remove the veil of hatred and ignorance from their hearts and especially from the rabbis responsible for this abhorrence. Let us pray with St. Paul that they turn to the Lord and the veil be taken away (2 Corinthians 3:15).

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Why would we allow people who believe in principle that non-'Jews' are not human to own/operate nursing homes?

Another of too many examples of the loathsome Judaic religious/cultural tradition "tzedakah" (tribal 'charity'); enriching the ghetto via the proceeds of abuse and defrauding of outsiders.

From Failed Messiah:

Haredi Mega Donor Shlomo Rechnitz Hides Ownership Of [Abusive] Nursing Homes, Report Finds

Shlomo Rechnitz is the largest nursing-home owner in California with about 75 facilities. Rechnitz's homes have been the target of more complaints and federal deficiencies per bed than most other large chains in California, and Rechnitz sets up his corporate structure to hide who the homes' actual owner – Rechnitz – actually is.

Chabad thieves of Palestinian West Bank land to mass-print anti-goyite master-race Tanya

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Chabad Lubavitch Rabbi Jonathan Sacks to speak at Francis' Synod for the destruction of the Christian Family

[The Chabad Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Schneerson] told me exactly what he wanted me to do … he gave me a whole set of instructions which have directed my life from that day to this. Almost everything I've done, I've done because he asked me to." (Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks)

Look what a close relationship "humble, merciful, loving" Pope Francis has with the Pharisees of convert-to-the-'Noahide-Laws'-or-die Chabad Lubavitch Judaism.

Just one month after the closing of the Extraordinary Synod on the Family, Pope Francis is to open a major inter-religious conference in Rome dedicated to traditional marriage…

The 17-19 November gathering, entitled “The Complementarity of Man and Woman”, is officially sponsored by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), and co-sponsored by the Pontifical Councils for Promoting Christian Unity, for Inter-religious Dialogue, and for the Family ...

… notable speakers will include Lord (Jonathan) Sacks, former Chief Rabbi of Great Britain … ("CDF sets up conference this month on traditional marriage," Christa Pongratz-Lippitt, Sarah Mac Donald, 06 November 2014, The Tablet)

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Rabbi who taught on scriptural exegesis at synod is signatory of Vatican-Chief Rabbinate 'Noahide law' document

Chabad launches campaign to convert victims of Gaza massacre to 'Noahide Laws'

Chabad, London Judaic Bankers and Opium dealers, Freemasonry and Zionism

Counterfeit Israel's 'Islamic' terrorist beheadings, just what the rabbis ordered

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

French Catholic 'Noahide' Aimé Pallière's work with JNF, WJC in founding Counterfeit Israel

This is critical, yet completely covered up information. Aimé Pallière (1868-1949) was a French Catholic who abandoned a priestly vocation and after floundering on a 'spiritual journey' for some time wound up a disciple of Rabbi Elijah Benamozegh and convert to the rabbis' 'Noahidism' contrivance. He then became two-fold a child of hell as Rabbi Benamozegh and dedicated his life to propping up Counterfeit Israel. And dear reader, contemplate this deeply, after remaining steadfast in 'Noahidism' and Zionist fanaticism for the remainder of his life he was buried with traditional Catholic last rites, well before Vatican II; as the foreword to his The Unknown Sanctuary observes, "… he achieves the further miracle of being able to adopt a new religion without breaking with the old. Never was a heretic less banned."

If you can understand this, then you can truly understand the 'modernism' that has happened to the Church.


The Daily Life of a Propagandist at the Paris Bureau of the Jewish National Fund (K.K.L.)

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Another undercover Chabad agent, Rabbi Tsvi Blanchard

"Be modern on the outside but Chabad on the inside"

For those with more time to write than I, here are some leads:

Some of Rabbi Tsvi Blanchard's above ground credential's are here:

He's involved in the 'Focolare' 'Noahide' ghetto movement recently honored by Pope Francis:
"The Holy Father said this in a video message sent on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the foundation of Loppiano, a town located in north-central Italy, with some 2,600 residents from 70 nations.

The Focolare "little towns" were conceived by Chiara Lubich, the movement's founder, especially in a visit to a Swiss abbey in 1962 where she experienced the first intuitions of the idea of having "little towns" inhabited by the people of the Focolare Movement."

"…Loppiano… residents from 70 nations …" Rabbinic delusion has it that there are 70 'Goy' nations that must be converted to the 'Noahide Laws.'

'Noahide Law' subversive, Rabbi Tsvi Blanchard is involved in an 'Institute on Religion and Law' at nominally Catholic Fordham University. He was at Pope Francis' 4 day 'Catholic-Jewish encounter' at Castelgandolfo last year.

Blanchard runs a rabbinic outreach operation called 'CLAL' (probably symbolic of the yiddish "Klal Israel").

Below is video of 'New Age' Chabad trickster, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach speaking at one of countless eulogies for the dead Messiah of Chabad Lubavitch convert-to-the-'Noahide laws'-or-die-Judaism. Rabbi Tsvi Blanchard is shown seated behind him on the stage. Note that the peak of the eulogy is Carlebach's telling of the greatest works of the dead Messiah; how he saved some 'Jews' from marrying 'shiksas 'and converting to Christianity. The 'Messiah' of Chabad is on record as telling Judaic converts to Christianity that they're mentally ill. This is the real hate for Christ ["J.C."] and his followers veiled behind the 'dialogue' fraud. Orthodox Judaism is a religion of deception and hate.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Bill Clinton's "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" equivocation was Susannah Heschel's idea

Washington D.C. 'Judeo-Christian' morality. God save us from this Synagogue and State curse:

Email from Lewinsky scandal: Clinton didn’t commit adultery under Talmudic approach

October 12, 2014

(JTA) — President Bill Clinton was not guilty of adultery with White House intern Monica Lewinsky by using a Talmudic approach, according to an email released by the Clinton Presidential Library.

The email, proposing a potential defense to the White House, is one of about 10,000 previously unreleased records that went public on Friday.

“According to classical Jewish law, President Clinton did not commit adultery; adultery is defined as a married man having intercourse with a married woman, and Monica Lewinsky is single,” said the email from Jan. 27, 1999, the New York Post first reported.

The argument was made by Susannah Heschel, a professor of Jewish studies at Dartmouth and the daughter of [attacker of Christian souls] Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel. The email was sent to Hillary Clinton’s domestic policy adviser, Ruby Shamir, by Linda Commodore of Long Island.

The email ended up with White House adviser Sidney Blumenthal, according to the Post.

“From the perspective of Jewish history, we have to ask how Jews can condemn President Clinton’s behavior as immoral, when we exalt King David?” Susannah Heschel wrote. “King David had Batsheva’s husband, Uriah, murdered.

“While David was condemned and punished, he was never thrown off the throne of Israel. On the contrary, he is exalted in our Jewish memory as the unifier of Israel.”

NY Post - WASHINGTON — At the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, a senior aide to Hillary Rodham Clinton forwarded a far-fetched potential defense to the White House: a Talmudic interpretation that Bill Clinton wasn’t guilty of adultery [written by Susannah Heschel] ...

“At worst, President Clinton is guilty of the common sin of onanism [masturbation], a sin that probably afflicts the consciences of most Jewish men at one time or another” ...

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Meet 'Poor' 'Humble' Pope Francis' Chabad Oligarch Crony

Eduardo Elsztain [of Russian Judaic ancestry], "the richest 'Jew' in Argentina" is one of Chabad Lubavitch master-race Judaism's many billionaire oligarchs who made his initial killing in partnership with the hedge fund pirate and 'color revolution' fomenter George Soros [of Hungarian Judaic ancestry]. Among many other evil things [i.e. usury banker], Eduardo Elsztain is president of Chabad Argentina and a good friend of Pope Francis who participated in Francis' recent hasbara soccer game.

This writer has profiled Pope Francis as having East European yiddish tribal sentiments and behaviors, HERE, HERE and elsewhere.  This profile is only bolstered by new evidence almost daily.

The athletes and other participants in Monday's first Interreligious [soccer] Match for Peace say it was a "beautiful" experience that sent a message sorely needed in our times.

Pope Francis, who was the impetus behind the soccer game, met with those involved some hours before the match, in an audience at Paul VI on Monday.

ZENIT spoke with various of the participants following that event…

Eduardo Elsztain is [an oligarch] from Argentina, who [said] ... We support this initiative, and I think that coming here, making this trip, and having a personal interview with Pope Francis was very special."

He added that "we got to know [Pope Francis] from the many encounters he had with the World Jewish Congress, when he was archbishop of Buenos Aires, where he had many meetings. We aren't just participating in this initiative [of the soccer match], but also we wanted to visit a friend. I believe that the Pope is behaving as a leader, he is someone who moves things, and this is a very valuable initiative. That's why my wife and I came here." ("Athletes Call Interreligious Soccer Match a 'Beautiful' Experience," September 03, 2014, Zenit, Deborah Castellano Lubov, H. Sergio Mora)

Full article:
Pope Francis "is someone who moves things" according to George Soros partner and Chabad Lubavitch oligarch, Eduardo Elsztain. Dear reader, rest assured that this Chabad oligarch would not be speaking so well of Pope Francis if he were not "moving things" the way Chabad wants them to be moved.

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Pope Francis Sent His Priests to Chabad Rabbi Riskin's 'Noahide' Center

Cardinal Timothy Dolan honored Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and fellow Shylocks at UJA dinner

This is from late last year but certainly worth mention as it provides context for Francis' poor church for the poor; poor victims of his brothers in the usury faith.

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Pope Francis Baptizes Bankers, Rabbis' austerity agenda

Goldman Sachs chief: Rabbi, Jewish groups helped me succeed

December 3, 2013 - JTA

NEW YORK (JTA) — Goldman Sachs chief Lloyd Blankfein recalled the role of his rabbi and Jewish organizations in helping him realize he could succeed despite growing up in a working-class neighborhood.

“The only person I knew who put on a suit everyday was our rabbi,” Blankfein told a crowd of 1,700 fellow Wall Street insiders and guests Monday night at a $26 million record-breaking fundraising dinner for UJA-Federation of New York.

“Growing up [in public housing in the East New York section of Brooklyn], every family I knew struggled. I thought every Jewish father either drove a cab or worked in the post office. I didn’t know anyone whose father was a doctor, lawyer or other professional,” the Goldman Sachs chairman and CEO said upon receiving the Gustave L. Levy Award at the event at the Hilton New York.

“That may seem unreal to some of you, but I only knew what I could see. Today many of you may not know a Jewish family that is struggling, you don’t see them, but there are. There are thousands of families not more than three miles away from here.”

Blankfein credited his rabbi and his involvement in federation-funded afterschool programs and summer camp for helping him “to think about the world beyond East New York,” ultimately leading to his decision to attend college.

With a smile, he also credited the local Jewish Y with teaching him to swim and giving him a chance to earn spending money as a lifeguard. 
“Benefactors I would never know, who I could never thank, from an earlier wave of Jewish immigration funded these organizations that were so meaningful to my friends and to me,” Blankfein said.

The evening, which UJA-Federation officials said topped last year’s total funds raised of $23 million, also featured remarks from the Archbishop of New York, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, and New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

Attendees gave two standing ovations for Alan “Ace” Greenberg, vice chairman emeritus of JP Morgan and a former Levy award winner, for his role in building Wall Street support for UJA-Federation.

David Wassong, the co-head of private equity at Soros Fund Management, was honored with The Wall Street Young Leadership Award.

Netanyahu's Synagogue-and-State Authoritarian Orthodox Judaic Hierarchy

Michael Hoffman comments on the Orthodox Judaic heirarchy unveiling itself in Counterfeit Israel:

The Talmud and the Israeli secret police

I commented there: Netanyahu's trademark arrogance and bravado was reduced to fear and trembling when he reported to the Lubavitcher Rebbe in Brooklyn. I suspect that, like so many other figures destroying our world today, Netanyahu received orders from the Rebbe to do the very things he's doing. Whatever the case may be, it is for some obvious reason never mentioned that Netanyahu (formerly Mileikowsky) is a recent descendant of a long line of rabbis.

I will add here that this superstitious Chabad sect and the 'secular' (including many non-Judaic) ignoramuses who  associate with it believe that the dead Rebbe still instructs them. There are fax machines near his grave that receive questions and requests for business advice. Those with better connections can have their questions on slips of paper placed in between pages of the Rebbe's books at 770 Eastern Parkway for allegedly greater efficacy. Whoever is answering these questions is not the dead Rebbe, but is leading us towards the worst in a long line of Judaic false-messiah catastrophes, just as surely as Schneerson did when he was living.

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Talmudic State of Counterfeit Israel dropping its 'secular' 'Western' guise

Netanyahu reports to his Rebbe

Netanyahu: "The Rebbe said to me ..."

Netanyahu Recalls the Rebbe's Advice

The Rabbinic Foundation of Netanyahu's Messianic Lunacy Further Revealed

Rabbi "Bibi"

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pope Francis' 'Modernist' Hasidic attack on Catholic hierarchy and family

I would strongly suggest that anyone trying to understand what's behind the attack on the family in Rome become more familiar with Hasidic Judaism because the traditional Catholic analysis, which has for some reason been constrained and confined to permissible language of critique of 'modernism,' is woefully inadequate.

Last week we looked at the Chabad rabbi who Frankfurt School 'Modernist' 'Jew,' Erich Fromm said he studied the master race Tanya, Talmud and Maimonides of traditional Orthodox Judaism with, who Fromm said was the most influential figure in his life and whose ideas stayed with him throughout his career.


So the 'modernist' Frankfurt School's attack on Western hierarchy and family, titled, Studies on Authority and the Family owes much to Erich Fromm, whose ideology owes much to a Chabad rabbi.

Now, one must view this Orthodox Judaic influence on the 'modernist' Frankfurt School in the proper context of Orthodox Judaism's anti-universalist, two-tiered, 'Jew'-'Noahide' framework. It must be understood that the Frankfurt School's attack on hierarchy and family is not universal; it is not against Judaic hierarchy and family. The Chabad rabbis behind the curtain have been attempting to set up a patriarchal, hierarchical Sanhedrin in Jerusalem and encourage yiddish couples to have 13 children or more as their 'modernist' Frankfurt School golem has simultaneously been attacking Christian hierarchy and family. This is elementary to anyone with even the most basic understanding of tribal, master race, anti-Christ Judaism which has been at war with Christ and His followers ever since the rabbis' spiritual and ideological pharisaic forefathers conspired to execute Him 2000 years ago.

While I disagree with Kevin McDonald's evolutionary theory, his collection of facts on the Frankfurt  School is noteworthy and I recommend it. Particularly worthy of note here is the the 'secular' 'American' 'Jewish' Committee's sponsorship of the Frankfurt School's The Authoritarian Personality. Note that the AJC's ongoing critique of authoritarian personality omits the Judeo-authoritarian Lubavitcher Rebbe and Benjamin Netanyahu for instance.

"No one judges [Counterfeit] Israel," the rabbis say. The critique is for the goyim. The attack on authority is a ruse intended to destroy Western Christian authority and replace it with Judaic authority. If that project is completed, there will be no more anti-authoritarian revolution among the goyim allowed. Liberal revolutionaries should be aware of the bait-and-switch they've bought into.

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Rabbi Rosen of AJC Reassures "World Jewry" on Vatican Compliance

AJC/Papal Rabbi-Knight David Rosen Wants to Change What Christians Believe About the Pharisees

"Proud Pharisee" AJC Rabbi David Rosen to Speak at Middle East Synod of Bishops

AJC Rabbi David Rosen Lies to Synod

Rabbi She'ar-Yashuv Cohen who taught on scriptural exegesis at synod is friend of Chabad

Rabbi who taught on scriptural exegesis at synod is signatory of Vatican-Chief Rabbinate 'Noahide law' document

Chabad launches campaign to convert victims of Gaza massacre to 'Noahide Laws'

Pope Francis' hasidic favorite painting HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE.

'Absolutes, Certainty lead to Darth Vader and Auschwitz, that much is absolutely certain'

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; because you go round about the sea and the land to make one proselyte; and when he is made, you make him the child of hell twofold more than yourselves.


Man cried "Holocaust" as he physically attacked George Galloway

"No ties to Israel"

Carer admits he repeatedly punched MP in street attack

Tuesday 16 September 2014 - The Herald

A JEWISH carer has admitted punching and kicking Respect MP George Galloway but denied that it was religiously aggravated.

Neil Masterson, 39, a former Catholic but who has converted to the Jewish faith, approached Mr Galloway while the MP posed for pictures with two Moroccan men in Golborne Road, Notting Hill, London, on August 29 this year.

He then punched the Bradford West MP repeatedly, and pushed away another man, Mostafa Maroof, who tried to intervene.

Douglas Adams, prosecuting, said: "He (Mr Galloway) was approached by two members of the public who were of Moroccan descent and wanted to have photographs taken standing with Mr Galloway.

"The defendant was seen running towards Mr Galloway. It was obvious that he was running to assault Mr Galloway, who says he heard the Holocaust mentioned.

"Mr Galloway was punched six or seven times before being hauled away. While on the ground he was kicked to the face."

Masterson, who said he was on his way to buy groceries, then walked away and got on a bus as the former Glasgow MP called police.

Mr Adams said: "Mr Masterson is arrested getting off the bus. He said to officers 'I just do not want him to think I am scared. Galloway is anti-semitic and I am Jewish'.

"The policeman who arrested him said Mr Masterson said many things in support of the state of Israel."

Mr Adams said that officers said Masterson had attacked the politician because he is "a serpent and a fascist". He said: "He attacked Mr Galloway because he was an enemy of judaism."

The former Department for Work and Pensions employee and one-time BBC manager pleaded not guilty to religiously-aggravated assault.

In the dock, Masterson pleaded guilty to one count of assault by beating Mr Galloway, and guilty to one count of common assault on Mr Maroof.

Full article:

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Monday, September 29, 2014

'Frankfurt School' 'secular Humanist Jew' Erich Fromm: "Chabad Rabbi influenced my life more than any other man"

So much 'right,' 'nationalist,' 'anti-Zionist,' 'Christian' 'exposé' of the 'Frankfurt School' and so much silence on this fundamental information, that a rabbi of anti-Christ, master-race Chabad Judaism was the most influential figure in Erich Fromm's life. There can be no true understanding of the 'Frankfurt School' war on the West without this information.

'Secular Humanist Jew' of the 'Frankfurt School,' Erich Fromm:

I was [Chabad Rabbi Salman Baruch] Rabinkow's student for about five or six years and, if I remember correctly, I visited him at that time almost daily. The bulk of the time was occupied studying Talmud, the rest with studying certain philosophical writings of Maimonides, the Schneur Salman's Tanya, Weiss's Jewish History and a discussion of sociological problems. He took great interest and was very helpful in my doctoral dissertation. Rabinkow influenced my life more than any other man, perhaps, and although in different forms and concepts, his ideas have remained alive in me. 
Chabad Rabbi Salman Baruch Rabinkow. 


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Judaism Discovered pp.853-877, "Moses Hess and the Secret Relationship between Judaism, Zionism and Communism."

The Dialogical Path Towards Disaster

What Glenn Beck Left Out, and Why

A Warning Regarding 'Post-Zionism'

Time for Camp

Chagall's Chabad background

“If you’re brought up a Jew, you know that all non-Jews are anti-Semitic.”

Rabbinic guidelines for kosher execution of 'Kapparot' voodoo sin chicken ritual

Rabbinic guidelines for the 'humane' transfer of ones sins to a chicken by swinging it overhead and then sacrificing it in a deal with Satan by slitting its throat; a ritual commonly, believed by the dumb goyim to be 'not approved by the rabbis.' The dumb goyim also believe that this chicken, once filled with Judaic sins, is then given to some poor schmuck to eat as an 'act of charity.'


Kol Korei About Kapporos Signed By Gedolim Is Issued By Agudath Israel Of America


Friday, September 19, 2014

ISIS: Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

Thank you to the commenter who forwarded this:

Video: The Original ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service)

Short 1990 video.A C-SPAN analyst discussion on Israeli intelligence from 1990 discusses how other intelligence services refer to the Mossad.

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Michael Ledeen's ISIS

The Hebrew Goddess

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Another mass grave discovered, evidence of 1948 Judaic holocaust by bullets, knives and bludgeons against Palestinians

Report starts at 0:44 seconds:

Former Israeli Chief Rabbi Meir Lau's lying 'Holocaust' tale

Lies from an authoritative representative of a religion of lies:

Among Rabbi Lau's wild lies is the lie that Germany declared war on Judaic children. In fact, 'Judea' loudly declared war on Germany in 1933:

And hundreds of lying claims of 6 million holocausted 'Jews' were being made starting decades before WWII and even WWI.

Judaism is a protection racket sustained by relentless victimhood tales and terrorism.

Sotloff 'beheading' video released by Rita Katz' (SITE) fake intelligence outfit

June 2, 2011, Israeli citizen and journalist, Steven Sotloff (center with black helmet), working with pro-'Israel' terrorists in Lybia following NATO's Purim air invasion. We're now supposed to believe that these same terrorists cut his head off.

Fake intelligencer, Rita Katz is a 'Baghdadi,' a 'Jew' from Iraq, like the Sassoons, the intelligencers and opium wealth financiers of the Judeomasonic Brit-ish Empire; the root relationship that the Skull and Bones/CIA branches from. It's not a 'cosmic coincidence' that the head of Counterfeit Israel's terrorist "ISIS" army calls himself "al-Baghdadi." Note that the word Hamas, the name of the Israeli-founded 'Palestinian resistance movement,' in Hebrew, means violence. They're having a jest at the expense of the ignorant with these name games.



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ADL Board Member's Grandson Transformed as "al Qaeda" Agent Threatens "Islamofascist" Attack on U.S.

ADL Board Member's Grandson Threatens More "Islamofascist" Attacks

ADL Leader's Grandson Attempting to Incite Muslims

Son of B'nai B'rith UK President, Sacha Baron Cohen's 'comedy' bolsters ADL protection racket

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Chabad, London Judaic Bankers and Opium dealers, Freemasonry and Zionism

We're going to start focusing more on the nexus of the "poor" Hasidic 'Jews,' the mega wealth behind them and the Zionist movement that both are, respectively, ideologically and financially responsible for. You're not going to get these essential facts from 'progressive' anti-Zionists.

… Perched above the ancient Roman market street known as the Cardo [in Jerusalem], [Chabad-Lubavitch’s Tzemach-Tzedek Synagogue], also serving now as a kollel, was the only one found intact following the Six-Day-War. It was here that Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Segal, a dynamic and fearless Chasidic personality, led the first minyan in the Old City following the war.

Rabbi Segal led a movement to repopulate the city [with 'Jews'], and moved into Beit Menachem, otherwise referred to as the Tzemach Tzedek's shul …

The beginnings of this structure date back to 1847, when after 15 years of difficulties with their Arab neighbors in Hebron, a number of Chabad families moved to Jerusalem and began building their community. The third Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Lubavitch (1789-1865), also known as the Tzemach Tzedek (after the title of his voluminous responsa), encouraged them to build a synagogue. Lacking funds, they reached out to Jewish philanthropists from abroad.

In an 1849 letter to England’s Sir Moses Montefiore, the group wrote, “We have no proper place for prayer and worship, to study Torah. We lack holy books and a proper place to keep them… We have no where to turn, no one to lean on other than the kindness of Hashem, our Father in heaven.”

With [usury and opium trade] funds from Montefiore, Elias David Sassoon in Bombay, [Sir Albert Sassoon], and others, the group purchased land for the synagogue in 1850. Finished six years later, the shul was named “Beit Menachem,” in honor of the Rebbe who promoted its founding …

“It’s the kollel that the [late] Rebbe took interest in personally” …

The Tzemach-Tzedek shul has thrived since 1967. ("A Jerusalem Landmark: Chabad's Tzemach Tzedek Shul," Joel Haber,May 22, 2009)

Heir of the Montefiore legacy of usury, drug money, Kabbalah, Hasidic ghetto financing, Goy society destruction and modern Zionism, Simon Sebag Montefiore recently wrote a book exalting Jerusalem as the center of the universe: Jerusalem: The Biography

The Sassoon/British Empire self-enriching Opium war on humanity

Past Master "Rising Sun" Royal Arch Masonic lodge, Shanghai, D.E. Sassoon

B'nai B'rith set up shop at the Shanghai nexus of the Sassoon opium racket. Naturally, the "psychosis of anti-semitism" would have reared its head there:

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Schneerson, Brit-ish Empire, NILI notes

Joseph Lieberman 'jokes' about Chabad being a more extensive intelligence network than the CIA

Sunday, August 31, 2014

"No ties to Israel"

George Galloway's assailant, Neil Masterson "stands with 'Israel,' and salutes the IDF"

It's being claimed that Neil Masterson, the Zionist fanatic arrested for beating George Galloway while crying "Holocaust," "Has no ties to Israel."

These are the entities that Neil Masterson has chosen to associate himself with on his Facebook page:

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Man cried "Holocaust" as he physically attacked George Galloway

It is sad and unfortunate that Mr. Galoway was beaten by a 'Holocaust' hate criminal. One would hope that if anything positive is to result from this he might reevaluate this imagined 'debt' the West owes the 'poor Jews' since they clearly got their 'Holocaust' pound of flesh from him.

Note that this assailant wailed out in ('Holocaust') pain as he struck Mr. Galloway. Our 'uneducated' 'dark age' peasant ancestors would have seen this coming.

The wages of Judeocentric Holocaustimania. George Galloway was beaten by disciple of Holocaustianity.
George Galloway has left hospital after being treated for injuries he suffered in a street attack in west London.

"George was posing for pictures with people and this guy just attacked him, leapt on him and started punching him," the spokesman said.

"It appears to be connected with his comments about Israel because the guy was shouting about the Holocaust" ...

The MP suffered severe bruising to his head and appears to have broken some ribs, his spokesman said ...

Mr Galloway was interviewed under caution by police earlier this month over remarks he made about Israel.

After Friday night's attack, the MP made a statement at Notting Hill police station before being taken to hospital for treatment. He left hospital at about 06:00 BST.

He was feared to have suffered a broken jaw but the MP's spokesman said this was not the case.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman confirmed police had been called to Golborne Road at about 19:40 on Friday after a man was assaulted in the street.

Full article:

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Riccardo Pacifici, beloved of recent popes, led violent attack on pro-Palestinian demonstrators in Rome

Video of JDL provocateurs at Paris protest

The parable of the 'humble' man who cried, "Stop fighting!"

Pharisee Tzvee

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Having set Middle East on fire, 'Jews' seeking help to put it out with a hammer

They have the same plans for the West. Will you let them set your land and people on fire and then 'rescue' you by putting it out with a hammer? Your 'dark age,' un-'educated', television and iPhone-deprived peasant ancestors would have seen this coming from miles away.


A call to war?

Ronald S. Lauder's speech 'in defense' of Christians

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Why hasn't Joseph Lieberman been indicted?

Webster Tarpley connects some dots on ISIS* and asks the question, "Why hasn't John McCain been indicted?" I ask Webster Tarpley, why leave out mention of that great follower of master-race 'Messiah' Schneerson, Joseph Lieberman whose tzizis McCain clings to?

I would suggest keeping a closer eye on these two haters of all non-Judeomasonic humanity because they've been campaigning to import the terrorists that they sponsored to overthrow Iran into the U.S. by claiming that they're endangered by ISIS!

Please watch the video at the link below of Joseph Lieberman at home with Chabad speaking at one of their banquets. Note that he 'jokes' about Chabad being a more extensive intelligence network than the CIA. Former CIA Director James Woolsey was also in attendance:

*In 2008 we noted that Zionist psychopath Michael Ledeen and a woman named Valentina Colombo were involved in an 'Islamic' organization called ISIS. Valentina Colombo is the wife of Magdi Allam who readers may recall was the subject of Pope Benedict XVI's 'Muslim convert' psyop.

Barbaric Counterfeit Israel escalating its Gaza barbarity

By highlighting the ample evidence of Counterfeit Israel's most recent campaign of butchery in Gaza this does not in any way imply that this writer believes it to be unprecedented. The butchery has been ongoing since before the state's 1948 counterfeit founding and peaked in 1982 with the Sabra and Shatila massacre and carpet terror bombing of apartment blocs, hospitals and schools in downtown Beirut. 10s of thousands were murdered in that campaign of butchery which is barely ever mentioned.

Counterfeit Israel bombs a 14 floor residential building in Gaza, August 24, 2014