Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mourning Shylock

It's sad that this Hasidic predator, Menachem Stark's life was ended before he was able to repent of his reportedly voluminous crimes. But the real tragedy is that this community is far too entrenched in a religion of megalomania, paranoia and hostility towards outsiders to learn anything from what happened. The community will continue to create predators and send them out to rip off 'the goyim' so that they can 'perform tzedakah' ('charity') which is to say, support their own community with the proceeds of their predation of outsiders. They will still wail that any consequence or reaction to their criminal behavior is based entirely in 'hatred of Jews simply because they're Jews.'

And it is entirely possible that this Hasidic mobster was killed by a Hasid from another sect, or even his own.

Ritual wailing for a dead Hasidic criminal who crossed the wrong criminal:

Witness Governor Cuomo seeking the sponsorship of the godfather of this Satmar mob in 2011:

Hasidic Democracy

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