Thursday, January 2, 2014

Update on 'Justice Equality Defense and Immigration Minister' of Ireland, Israeli Nationalist, Alan Shatter

Shortly after the Israeli Nationalist, Alan Shatter was mysteriously installed to a position created for him as authority over most of Ireland's critical government functions, he opened the immigration floodgates to poor, uneducated Africans, Asians and East Europeans while simultaneously closing garda (police) stations throughout Ireland, however, leaving enough garda in place to harass the native Irish who identify his treason.

Shatter is now recruiting new officers:

New recruits will undertake a new training course and Mr. Shatter expects the recruitment process will “reflect the new Ireland that exists”. ("Shatter confirms restart of Garda recruitment with 300 jobs on offer," Irish Examiner, December 12, 2013)
… all new Shatter-trained garda that "reflects" Shatter's vision of diworseification for Ireland, or rather, Shatterland; a condition which he would fight with every ounce of his Zionist being to prevent for his beloved Counterfeit Israel.

True to his East European Hasidic tradition, Shatter wails in pain as he, in concert with fellow Judaic East European, Moshe Kantor, culturally and ethnically genocides the Irish people that graciously hosted him for his entire miserably duplicitous life.

Dear Irish reader, don't give in to the cultural fascism that the alien entity Alan Shatter is unilaterally waging on your homeland. Don't let him send your children to the 'Holocaust' guilt chambers.


Therapsid said...

There's no winning this battle. And that's the way it's been consciously planned.

Fierce opposition to the immigration policy will make Judaics the leaders of a coalition of minorities and anti-racist and liberal Irish.

Compliance with the immigration policy results in a fragmented society which further entrenches the Talmudic elites.

No country has escaped Judaic power in the modern world, and this is why - they have staked out all positions on the major issues and have structured all policy debates to benefit them, no matter which side wins.

Maurice Pinay said...

I would take issue with this view. If Shatter and tribe wins a battle by fragmenting every European nation into bantustans, what have they won in reality? They're genetic and cultural 'mamzers' themselves. They would have made a mess, but by contrast it would only make their 'pure' 'Jewish' state all the more loathsome.

These golems that they're creating can and do turn on them. Take for instance the product of a failed marriage between a French woman and black man from Cameroon, Dieudonné. He was on track to be as much a golem for the rabbis as that other work of human alchemy, Barack Obama. Dieudonné had a Judaic comedy partner and mocked European nationalists. But he's presently, in my opinion, a more substantial threat to counterfeit Israel than any lily white Frenchman I'm aware of.

Holocaust guilt has little leverage with third world immigrants and their offspring.

People can take control of the debate and they are getting outside the confines of establishment framework. Not the majority, but a small, nevertheless substantial percentage of thinking people.

Shatter should be confronted, peacefully but firmly, in person with the question, why doesn't Ireland have the same immigration policy as his beloved counterfeit Israel? Why doesn't he advocate the same immigration policy for counterfeit Israel as he imposes on Ireland? Once that fact is established it should be the framework for no confidence proceedings, that he is a traitor to the nation, not some wimpy traffic violation inquisition.

Whatever battles they may win, as they attempt to install the capstone on the 'Jewish' kingdom, when all its ugliness comes into full view, that is when it will ultimately fall.

Anonymous said...


Another jew bearing an accurately descriptive name, especially as he does his business on the land of my forefathers.

Shatter's fellow tribesmen squatting in Palestine can't countenance migration of non-tribesman to the hellhole they've created there but are always eager to open the gates of other nations, especially the nations that were once Christian.

Yet the average Catholic and average Protestant still believe these agents of Satan are 'God's Chosen' ... and this chosen state allows the jew to act without compunction and further, shields the eyes of the non-jew resulting in this very ugly 'culture' in which we're all steeped. Further, it grants the possessed an ability to speak and act as Janusean fashion... presenting a facade of 'tolerance' and 'inclusiveness' when exposing the 'faults' of the rest of the world but ruling Palestine with an Iron Fist.

Thanks for your blog, Mr. Pinay. Yourself and Mr. Hoffman (who of course comments often here) are heavyweight champions of truth.