Wednesday, February 5, 2014

'Absolutes, Certainty lead to Darth Vader and Auschwitz, that much is absolutely certain'

"The Holocaust has become the negative absolute in American society. In a world of relativism, we don't know what's bad, and we don't know what's good, but the one thing we can agree upon is that [Auschwitz] is absolute evil, and it has become the standard by which we judge evil and, therefore, the standard by which we begin to establish values." (Rabbi Michael Berenbaum)

The New York Times, which Michael A. Hoffman aptly identifies as The Holocaust Daily News has published an opinion piece by Simon Critchley, Hans Jonas professor of philosophy at the New School for Social Research in New York, which puffs an early 1970's BBC 13 part documentary, The Ascent of Man, written and hosted by Jacob Bronowski, a Judaic immigrant from Poland who worked in mathematics and 'philosophy of history.'

The  New School for Social Research in New York is an institution where future establishment policymakers and opinion shapers learn to form every decision from the basis of 'preventing another Holocaust.' So, it's natural that the Hans Jonas professor of philosophy at the New School for Social Research would dredge up an old BBC Shoah for present consideration, Hans Jonas was a Lurianic Kabbalist, Zionist and pioneer 'Holocaust' fundamentalist dispensationalist operating under the guise of a secular philosophy professor.

A word about the commonality between Simon Critchley, Jacob Bronowski and Hans Jonas, all professors of what is called 'philosophy of history.' From their vantage point, which is clear from their writings, their 'philosophy of history' is something quite foreign to what most people believe history is or should be, that being the accurate recording of facts in relation to past events. No, their 'philosophy of history' is a more pragmatic, functionalist approach, the same as that of the rabbis of Judaism to whom history is an unfolding process of relationship between God, 'Israel,' and ideas, all in a constant evolutionary state of 'becoming.' In short, for such people, history is a story best serving of Counterfeit Israel first and foremost while everything else is a very distant second at best, yet still framed within and evaluated in reference to the story of Counterfeit Israel. This history can be, and often is, summed up in three words, "Esau hates Jacob."

In Simon Critchley's opinion piece, he leads us to learn at the feet of the master Jacob Bronowski as he teaches us "The Dangers of Certainty: A Lesson From Auschwitz." Critchley informs us that the point of the entire 11th episode of the BBC 'documentary,' The Ascent of Man, is that certainty in science, dogma, politics, et al leads to 'Auschwitz.'

Simon Critchley:

The relationship between humans and nature and humans and other humans can take place only within a certain play of tolerance. Insisting on certainty, by contrast, leads ineluctably to arrogance and dogma based on ignorance.

At this point, in the final minutes of the show [episode 11 of The Ascent of Man], the scene suddenly shifts to Auschwitz, where many members of Bronowski’s family were murdered. Then this happened. Please stay with it. This short video from the show lasts only four minutes or so.

It is, I am sure you agree, an extraordinary and moving moment. Bronowski dips his hand into the muddy water of a pond which contained the remains of his family members and the members of countless other families. All victims of the same hatred: the hatred of the other human being. By contrast, he says — just before the camera hauntingly cuts to slow motion — “We have to touch people.”

The play of tolerance opposes the principle of monstrous certainty that is endemic to fascism and, sadly, not just fascism but all the various faces of fundamentalism. When we think we have certainty, when we aspire to the knowledge of the gods, then Auschwitz can happen and can repeat itself. Arguably, it has repeated itself in the genocidal certainties of past decades.

This is the zeitgeist and has been for some time. Consider the pop religion/philosophy of the Star Wars franchise where the good guy/wise man Obi Wan Kenobi states, "only a Sith deals in absolutes." This is in itself an absolutist statement. Nevertheless, according to Star Wars, the "Sith" are the bad guys; Darth Vader, et al. They deal in absolutes. And as as we've learned, absolutes lead to Auschwitz; an absolute truth of which you can be absolutely certain. In fact, you have no choice. To disagree earns you internment at the nearest guilt chamber, or prison; punishment enforced by the commissars of 'tolerance.'

Now, one can surely appreciate the need for humility when flawed human beings approach such matters as truth, certainty and absolutes. But it seems to me that today's preachers of 'tolerance' need to absorb this message most of all.

Let's just cut to the chase. These sophists know that life is impossible without certainties and absolutes (without which there would be no basis to oppose 'Auschwitz'); that it's really a matter of who has the power to impose their absolutes. The establishment in all its power today mandates that Auschwitz is the ultimate, absolute evil of the universe and there is no tolerance for differing opinion. There is no tolerance for the good, honest people who, following the evidence and their conscience, sincerely question the absolutist doctrines of Holocaustianity and suffer loss of employment, ostracism, physical beating and state enforced fines and imprisonment because of it.

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Therapsid said...

It's not just Simon Critchley.

In colleges and universities across the U.S. it's taught in philosophy and ethics courses that adherence to absolute moral and religious principles paved the way to the Holocaust.

Many courses draw from Adorno and Horkheimer - except they don't only critique the Enlightenment, but as you say, all absolutes including Christianity, except for, what Gilad Atzmon calls the "primacy of Jewish suffering".