Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bullying the Ukraine

I would recommend that Ukrainian viewers study the video below closely. These well-dressed 'Western' 'Jews,' Abe Foxman, Victoria Nuland, Bernard Henri Levy, et al, subverting the Ukraine are barely assimilated, recent descendants of the privileged Hasids who did much harm to the Ukrainian people over the centuries. Victoria Nuland, her husband Robert Kagan et al, are of the same savage tribe of Khazars as Lazar Kaganovich of genocidal memory.

Don't be fooled by their modern costumes and duplicitious platitudes of 'democracy' and 'freedom.' They're savages who intend to cover up the crimes of their forebears against your ancestors and send you and your children to the guilt chambers, the better to steal your land and resources and further enslave you with usury in the present and future.

Be wary also of overtures from Vladmir Putin who, in concert with the Hasids of Chabad Lubavitch, is likewise invested in coverups of Judeo-Soviet crimes against the Ukrainian people.

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Ukraine to seek Israeli recognition for 1930s genocide


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Israeli involvement:

annely said...

Thanks Anonymous. I had read a variation of this report elsewhere.
Putin is now making visible responses to the EU and the US particularly. It seems to me that Putin besides all and whatever he's been and is, is a pragmatist. The US is a nation gone wrong. Vying Spheres of influence always become tangled immoral corruptions