Friday, February 21, 2014

Pope Francis asks for AJC prayers for Counterfeit Israel Pilgrimage

My comments and corrections interspersed in brackets:

Meeting Jewish group, pope asks prayers for his Holy Land trip

By Cindy Wooden
Catholic News Service

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Pope Francis asked leaders of the [non-]American [so-called] Jewish Committee [of Zionist fanatics] to pray [to their genocidal god of talmudism] for his May trip to [Judeo-Khazar-occupied] Jerusalem, "so that this pilgrimage may bring forth the [illusion] of communion, hope and peace [in order to buy more time to push the Palestinians off their land so that the 'Jewish' kingdom can be built on it]."

The modern relationship between Jews and Catholics, he said Feb. 13, has a "theological foundation [derived from Babylonian Talmud tractate Sanhedrin]" and is "not simply an expression of our desire for reciprocal respect and esteem [which will never be forthcoming anyway, since Judaism teaches that goyim only have animal souls and that Christian 'idolators' should be executed]."

Pope Francis noted that in 2015, the Catholic Church will mark the 50th anniversary of "Nostra Aetate," the Second Vatican Council [document written by 3 marranos and two rabbis facilitated by the scoundrel Malachi Martin, a spook for the AJC that FRancis wants to pray for him]. The document [the fruit of subversion and espionage], the pope said, is "the sure [and fitting] point of reference for relations with our 'elder brothers [in the lying, scheming talmudic faith].'"

The declaration [falsely] said Christians and [Khazar talmudists, atheists, communists, Zionists, et al who call themselves] Jews share a common heritage and a profound spiritual bond and denounced any form of contempt of the [Khazars who call themselves] Jews. It also explicitly taught that responsibility for Jesus' death "cannot be charged against all the Jews, without distinction, then alive, nor against the [Khazars who call themselves] Jews of today.' [The religion of orthodox Judaism, in fact, without distinction, takes full responsibility for the execution of Jesus Christ, then and today, and many of its followers, then and today, take that teaching very much to heart, HERE and HERE].

Pope Francis told the [non-]American [so-called] Jewish Committee [of Zionist fanatics] that while the Catholic-Jewish exploration of theological themes must continue [if the Gospel is to be fully blotted out, as every Orthodox 'Jew' prays for], the two communities also must find ways to work together to construct [the 'Jewish' kingdom] especially [on the backs of] the poor, the marginalized and the suffering.

In addition, he said, "it is important that we dedicate ourselves to transmitting [undeserved 'Holocaust' guilt] to new generations [under a pretense of] mutual knowledge, esteem and friendship," especially in seminaries and education programs for lay Catholics. "I am similarly hopeful that [increasing hatred] of [true, Gospel] Christianity may grow among young rabbis and the [Khazar] community."

Stanley Bergman, president of the committee, thanked the pope for his commitment to improving [Judeo-Khazar]-Catholic relations and told him, "We come here feeling deeply that you are our true [lackey], and we [hope the goyim will follow you like a Judas goat to the kosher slaughter]."

The [fanatical Zionist Khazar] delegation also met with Cardinal Kurt Koch, president of the Pontifical Commission for [Subversive] Relations With the [fanatical Zionist Khazars], and with Cardinal-designate Pietro Parolin, Vatican secretary of [corruption].

Rabbi [papal Knight] David Rosen, the committee's international director of [subversive] relations, told reporters that the talks with the secretary of [corruption] focused on promoting [the Zionist agenda under the guise of promoting] religious freedom, education and cooperation in charitable activities. When asked, he said that neither the committee members nor the Vatican officials brought up the sainthood cause of Pope Pius XII, a [target] of [Judeo-Soviet contrived] controversy because of what he did or did not do during World War II to help save [Khazars, the sole criteria for sainthood in the 'Noahide' Novus Ordo church].

As for Pope Francis' May trip to the [once] Holy Land, the [Counterfeit]-Israel-based Rabbi Rosen [who makes Jesus Christ's teaching on pharisaism of no effect] said he wished plans called for the pope to be in [Counterfeit] Israel for more than 30 hours, but he was sure Pope Francis would "do everything that has to be done [to serve Counterfeit Israel's antichrist agenda]."

"… no matter how short his visit is, it's a guaranteed [boost to our failing brand]," the rabbi said. "Hopefully it will leave behind it a sense of greater hope for the future. That's what we need in the Middle East [to buy us more time to complete the building of our 'Jewish' kingdom on stolen land]."

Addressing questions about the possibility of a Catholic-Jewish theological dialogue, Rabbi Rosen said [today's] Christians cannot understand Christianity [due to the Judeo-bolshevik purge of traditional teaching material]. He said Cardinal Koch described that situation as being like "a child who does not know his mother [and is therefore very easily misguided into the jaws of wolves in rabbis' clothing]."

While "it's true that Judaism [is a reactionary, hostile movement against Christianity]," he said, "that doesn't mean that we shouldn't [pretend it is friendly, the better to lead the dumb goyim over the cliff]."

Rabbi Rosen said he believes that in the relationship between [fanatical Zionist Khazars] and [nominal] Christians, "[the genocidal god of talmudism] is speaking to us and, therefore, it's our moral obligation to [execute believers in the divinity of Jesus Christ by decapitation]
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Anonymous said...

When is this man going? He should go on May 15th - The Nakba Day.

Anonymous said...

And hope he reads the Kairos Document on Palestine before he takes off:

KairosUSA — The Moment of Grace and Opportunity
After decades of occupation by Israel, Palestinian Christians released the Kairos Palestine document, "A moment of truth: A word of faith, hope and love from the heart of Palestinian suffering" — their word to the world about what is happening in their ancestral land. More from

annely said...

I think it's official: The entire world thinks the Catholic Church is led by a tribe of hypocrites. Included in the whole world are alot x alot of Catholics. I hear a death rattle. Peace.

Anonymous said...

The post Vatican II popes have not hesitated to support this racist, apartheid state. Ideally, the entire Palestinian Christian community, clerics included, should snub Francis. Enough is enough!

Anonymous said...

From the blogosphere

....Alois Irlmaier (8 June 1894 - 26 July 1959) was a Catholic visionary who lived in the Catholic Bavaria in Germany, close to the important Marian pilgrimage site Altötting....

The Irlmaier biographer Stephan Berndt around last year did find some newer sources about what Irlmaier wrote about "Israel" (in quotation marks since already that name is a fake: the Catholic Church is the new and true Israel since Our Lord Jesus Christ full-filled and ended the Old Covenant).

According to Stephan, Alois foresaw that shortly before WW3 something really bad would happen to "Israel" which however he (Stephan) didn't dare to quote literally because of "political correctness" (which isn't correct at all).

I think this is good news, also concerning that Samson-whatever (these deiciders really think they'd follow the Old Covenant). Aside this short note I never read about Alois even mentioning "Israel", so I suppose they're being neutralised in due time.