Saturday, February 22, 2014

U.K. Children transported to the Auschwitz Guilt Chambers


truthseeker said...

The education of children into the lies of the Holocaust is high on the propaganda list for these Khazar's. Here in Georgia the Braselton News (Feb.20,2014) ran a two page full length spread entitled THE LAST GENERATION - Holocaust survivor hopes to impart lesson of tolerance onto area youth(article by Katie Cofer) The HOLOCAUST survivor 77 year old Elane Geller traveled across the continental United States (Los Angeles, Calif.) to share her life story when she was FOUR years old to the local students attending
West Jackson Middle School. The Holocaust survivor has vivid mental clarity (four years old)and detail explaining to the students the horrors she experienced, blah, blah.
This is a concerted effort to brain wash our youth into the religion of the Holocaust!
Please provide an address to send the newspaper article

Anonymous said...

I need some help here guys, I understand how sionism is taking the world slowly (now not sure how fast they go) but i need you helping me to understand whats is happening in Venezuela and U.K. what is the middle term purpose of all of these riots !!!! if you can make it clearer for me i'll be fully grateful