Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cardinal Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, Wins Maimonides Award for Inter-religious Dialogue


Michael Santomauro said...

When a Judge (or the lawyers) loses his or her objectivity, then the truism applies:

Everything is religious, everything is political.

Justice Matthew F. Cooper: Sending me this about "The Fucking Jews"
Mr. Santomauro: No, actually, it was the opposite of that. It was "Fuck the Arabs" in the essay.
Sandra Schpoont (Attorney for my 11 year old son): Oh, that's better.
Steven Mandel (Attorney for my ex-wife): Oh, that's better.
Justice Matthew F. Cooper: Oh, that's better.

Letter from The Mandel Law Firm (Steven J. Mandel) 12-9-13

Justice Matthew F. Cooper: "Is that [Jewish] agenda to dilute the Aryan race?" On page 20:


My essay in question:
+The Myth of the Innocent Civilian

Anonymous said...

Her a german article about this topic.

What a pity, that your blog is not available in german!

With best regards and thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

The Plot Against The Catholic Church has succeeded.
Can anyone defeat the Church of God?