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'Catholic' Herald Acclimates Catholics to 'Preemptive' Massacre Tradition of Rabbinic Judaism

 My comments and corrections interspersed in brackets:

Nun says repair of Hebrew scroll helped deepen Jewish-Catholic ties

By Simon Caldwell - [Rabbinic]-'Catholic' Herald

10 March 2014

A [rabbinic] scribe has restored a [rabbinic] scroll for an order of London-based nuns in a project [that is] an advance in “ever-deepening” [rabbinic]-Catholic relations…

[This] megillah [scroll is claimed to be] written in [usury and Judaism-permeated] Venice, Italy, in the late 18th century and was donated to the nuns by Jordan Cherrick, [a lawyer and adherent to the Soloveitchik strain of Orthodox Judaism, and his wife] who live in St. Louis...

The megillah is one of the most important scrolls in [rabbinic] Judaism. It tells [a story] of how Queen Esther and her uncle, Mordechai, saved the Jews from total extermination at the hands of the wicked Haman, royal adviser to King Ahasuerus of Persia, who cast purim (lots) to decide on which date he would annihilate them all. The fasting, prayer and courageous intervention of Esther saved the Jews, and Haman perished instead on the same gallows he had built for them [followed by an Esther and Mordechai-instigated 'preemptive' massacre of 75,800 Persian 'enemies'].

Today it is a [rabbinic] requirement of the [followers of the rabbis] that they all should hear the megillah read from a kosher scroll before they [get completely intoxicated on alcohol] at Purim [which accounts for much of the subversiveness, paranoia, vengefulness and general insanity plainly evident in the Judaic community]. This year [Purim] begins March 15. [Although "Haman" would have been dead for thousands of years now, rabbinic Judaism, which incorporates the pagan doctrine of reincarnation, is in perpetual search of reincarnated Amaleks and Hamans in every time and place].

[Out of guile or ignorance, God knows,] Mother McMonagle told the audience [the falsehood] that “Esther has remained very powerful in Catholic Christian religion, devotion and spirituality as a symbol, an image and a model of powerful intercession with God to change the course of human events from bad to good. Anybody from the [Khazar tribe of so-called 'Jews'] should be proud of that,” [she said, while, in fact, the book of Esther doesn't mention God at all, is never referenced in the New Testament, was categorized as uncanonical by many Church fathers, was nearly forgotten for centuries at a time and officially declared canonical after it's meaning had been entirely spiritualized, mystified and typified in a way that is utterly alien to the subversive, paranoid, bloody, vengeful rabbinic reading which Mother McMonagle seems to favor].

The story of Esther, she added, is [according to the rabbis] “a reminder of the horror of genocide in our own historical times — the Holocaust, Cambodia, Rwanda and others [excluding those perpetrated against Christians, especially European Christians, in which case it is read as a blueprint for subversion of their governments to perpetrate genocide against them and other populations the rabbis hate]. The need for Esther’s example is ever present in our [Judaism-addled] minds, whether we are ['Noahides'] or [Judaic]. [According to the rabbis] Esther is a memorial, a living point of confidence that [the self-chosen] can change things for [themselves], and [they] can do it by [hijacking Goy governments].”

Mordechai, whose English name is Marc Michaels, told the audience that the restoration was an “interfaith scribal adventure” [a typically disarming euphemism for subversion of Christianity]. He said it “was not a job that I would normally have expected to have done” but that it was a “real honor” to undertake [a mission similar to that of Mordechai of the Megillah, subverting Goy communities for tribal purposes].

“I never thought I would go to a convent quite so much in my life [since rabbinic law prohibits it], but it really was very, very [different than any convent of just 50 years ago. These nuns are true 'Noahides'],” he said.

He added that he first had to offer to buy the scroll from the nuns, because [pharisaic, anti-goyite rabbinic] law dictates that such sacred items should not be in the possession of gentiles …

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Anonymous said...

20 million people in control of the world's 8 billion population!

Maurice Pinay said...

You think so? I don't.

Some of them are trying, with a lot of non-Judaic help.

Too bad the 7.25 billion don't pull themselves together.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Maurice Pinay said...
You think so? I don't.
Some of them are trying, with a lot of non-Judaic help.
Too bad the 7.25 billion don't pull themselves together.
March 11, 2014 at 12:41 AM
In the course of a talk given recently in India, a local environmentalist spoke about the work of a Finnish counterpart on the Finnish owned wood pulp plantations in Brazil. What he did not mention in the report he turned out was that these plantations are "Jewish owned".
Why didnt you mention this fact?
Oh, you cant say such things!

The Indian went on to tell us that talking about Jews and Brahminism are taboo!

Anonymous said...

Check this out some photos from 2005 of Cardinal Bergoglio celebrating Kristallnacht

What year he become infected?