Friday, March 28, 2014

Francis' Counterfeit Israel Pilgrimage Itinerary

I believe there's a mistake in the itinerary below; that Francis will lay a wreath at Yad Vashem (in deference to Holocaustianity, his true religion) rather than Mount Herzl as stated. Whatever the case, his presence at Mount Herzl will signify a stronger endorsement of Zionist fanaticism than any of his predecessors. In context, even the bolshevik radical Paul VI, whose papacy ended only 36 years ago, did not recognize the Zionist state at all.

The Chief Rabbis of Counterfeit Israel, who Francis is scheduled to meet, uphold the letter of the talmudic law of genocidal, anti-goyite, racial supremacist Judaism and continually incite followers to act on Judaism's depraved teachings.

Francis' endorsement and acknowledgement of the Chief Rabbis reveals his carefully cultivated loving, merciful, humanitarian brand as a complete fraud. A true vicar of Christ would address these hate-filled Pharisees as Christ did.

As we know, Francis' 'conservative' predecessor Benedict XVI changed one of the most ancient prayers of the liturgy at the request of the Chief Rabbinate  and sat beside them during his pilgrimage to Counterfeit Israel.

These Popes are not vicars of Christ, they're vicars of the Pharisees.
Monday, 26 May 2014 
09:10 Visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem

09:45 Laying of a wreath at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem

10:00 Visit to the Yad Vashem Memorial in Jerusalem Address of the Holy Father

10:45 Courtesy visit to the two chief rabbis of Israel at Heichal Shlomo Center in Jerusalem, next to the Jerusalem Great Synagogue Address of the Holy Father

11:45 Courtesy visit to the President of the State of Israel [Shimon Peres] in the Presidential Residence in Jerusalem Address of the Holy Father

13:00 Private audience with the Prime Minister of Israel {Benjamin Netanyahu] at Notre Dame Center in Jerusalem
20:00 FAREWELL FROM THE STATE OF ISRAEL at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv


Anonymous said...


Check out Francis hiding his pectoral cross when the talmudic rabbis had their kosher Last Lunch. Even has a picture of him doing this in Argentina.

Call Me Jorge...

Anonymous said...

There is no end in sight to the suffering of the Palestinian people. Even China and Israel have a very cosy armament and trade relationship going between them.

Anonymous said...

This counterfeit pope, who obviously, like his post Vatican II predecessors, who hasn't read the New Testament, is to visit Counterfeit Israel and bow before all it's golden calves.