Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Malachi Martin's Fake 'Jews'-Worshipping 'Papal Prayer' Appears in Ecumenical Journal

Malachi Martin's anti-Christ legacy; see his fake 'Jews'-worshipping 'papal prayer' peddled as authentic once again:

The Holy Journey of Two Popes

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Mgr. Oesterreicher on Malachi Martin and the Fraudulent Prayer for 'The Jews'

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Anonymous said...

John XXIII and JPII are fake popes, just as Fellay's SSPX is proving to be a fake counter-reformation movement.

Annely said...

Maurice Pinay, are you familiar with an "organization" Veterans Today? You probably are. I am not really familiar. I've been to their website once or twice via a link. In recent months I've become a little more familiar through a handful of VT "members" whose article appear at another site. About three weeks ago I discovered that Malachi Martin was co-founder of this group. Gordon Duff of VT published an article about CIA activities in
methods of mind controlling or akin to, the American Public. He cited M.M. and his "revelations" of Satan worshipping Jesuits etc. etc. This having connection to CIA and their plan to destroy religion. I stopped reading Gordon Duff for awhile (before this) as G.D. in nearly every article irritates my sense of truthfulness. I might be wrong about G.D. and who else in the VT crowd? I might not be. Do you have any insight pertaining?

Maurice Pinay said...

Dear Annely, personally, some sources require sifting to such a degree that I find it better to do my own research.

I did a brief search of the site you mention and saw this:

"Fr. Martin was a good friend, part of our original group that became VT along with Col. David Hackworth, Col. Ted Guy and others."

I don't know if this is true or another case of an ambitious alternative media figure hitching their wagon to Martin's star.

Whatever the case, Martin was definitely connected to other known spooks (e.g. Bill Buckley) and claimed to have worked for the CIA himself.

annely said...

Thank you MP. I have never known more about Malachi Martin than I needed to know. It was enough for me to assess him as a man without integrity and probably wicked. I had been a new reader of three VT guys and each time I read them I felt a lack of confidence in much of their claims
and at times felt the reader was being put on though most commenters joined in and praised the author. I felt rather insulted. But the CIA and other government coverts are not my particular field of interest thus categorized as general interest.
Having tired of "deceptions" I didn't read them for awhile. Then one day did and there was Malachi Martin in this instance cited and endorsed as a source of Satan Worshippers in the Church being a fact. Then the claim of he being co-founder with David Hackworth of VT. This reinforced anyway to me that the suspicion I'd had of VT was probably well founded. So today I read elsewhere that G.D. is a "government" agent and agent for globalization and that another VT man J.F. is a liar.
I can't endorse these claims either but I would put a tenner on them. And if I may say a tenner on you who do your own research and are very adept, credible, reliable and singular.
p.s. I'm not claiming that that VT is lies only but it seems to me they lie liberally and must have an agenda.