Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pope Francis gives the Italian Mafia Hell but High Praise to the Judaic Mafia

Pope Francis, why don't you warn your elder brothers of the Judaic mafia that they also, barring conversion, are hellbound? Where is your famous love and mercy for these antichrist elder brothers of yours running their protection racket, and more so the poor souls caught up in it?

You are a Pharisee; a hypocrite; one of them. You're a player in their protection racket. 

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Truthseeker said...

Mr. Frank is not a lawfully ordained priest yet he retains the title of "Pope"! He is also considered the "Pope" of the poor yet he is more committed to the world's acceptance rather than THE WILL OF GOD for HIS CHURCH, that is to preach the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST.
Mr. Frank's concern for the poor brings Judas Iscariot to mind when Judas upbraided JESUS over the spinknard of precious oil being poured over the feet of JESUS by Mary Magdelene. This is more evidence of the complete Judaization of the V2 Sect that proselytizes the religion of Man instead of the True Religion of GOD founded by JESUS CHRIST!