Sunday, March 9, 2014

'Progressive' True Believers

Phil Weiss:

The [National Summit to Reassess the U.S.—Israel "Special Relationship"] conference had its share of lunacy. A Holocaust denier spoke up from the audience.
Imagine the horror, a 'Holocaust' denier speaking!

As it turns out, there was at least one 'progressive' 'Holocaust' true believer in the mostly conservative crowd (by invitation, I believe), what some of us might recognize as a less than fully sane position.

Perhaps Phil Weiss, at some opportune time, will think things through, define his terms and clarify what specifically "the reality of the Holocaust" entails and what degree of belief is necessary to not be censored, excommunicated and/or declared insane by his 'progressive,' 'enlightened,' 'diverse,' 'inclusive' and most of all, 'tolerant' movement.

Does Phil believe that this movement has any chance of real success with chauvanist Shoahmania stomping it down from the inside?

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annely said...

Maurice Pinay, You have enlightened me about this little gathering that from what I saw was not much but a yawn. And it seemed to pass without notice as some who announced it and promoted it seemed to say nothing afterwards.

annely said...

Maybe I shouldn't have judged the "Summit". I didn't see/hear enough to assess. But a couple of places I looked for afterwards comments people I expected didn't show up. I found your comment MP useful.