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Wrapping Up Bergoglio's Love and Promotion For Chagall's Hasidic 'Christ'

"My Christ as I depict him, is always the type of the Jewish martyr, in pogroms and in our other troubles, and not otherwise." (Marc Chagall, quoted in, From Rebel to Rabbi: Reclaiming Jesus and the Making of Modern Jewish Culture, Matthew B. Hoffman, p.225) has provided an English translation of the passage of a Bergoglio interview from El Jesuita: Conversaciones con el cardinal Jorge Bergoglio which informs my commentary on Pope Francis' love of the Hasidic 'Christ' figure depicted in Marc Chagall's White Crucifixion. Readers may recall that I drew attention to this the week of Bergoglio's election to the New Order papacy last year. For some reason, the key phrase from that passage was excised from the English translation which was published after Bergoglio became Pope Francis.

But the main emblem of Catholicism is a Crucified Christ dripping blood...

The exaltation of suffering in the Church depends heavily on the time and culture. The Church represents Christ in the cultural atmosphere of the time that one lived. Looking at the Eastern icons, the Russians, for example, it is found that there are few images of the crucified suffering. Rather it represents the resurrection. But if we look at the Spanish Baroque or Cuzco, we find the patience of Christ ripped away because the Baroque emphasized the passion of Jesus. The White Crucifixion, Chagall, who was a Jewish believer, is not cruel (but) it is hopeful. Pain is shown there calmly. I believe that it is one of the most beautiful things he painted.

At this point, Bergoglio turns smiling, perhaps to ease the talk.

Can I tell a story that comes to mind, he asked?


It is about a Jewish boy who thrown out of all schools for being unruly until another Jew recommends to the father a "good Catholic school." And it encourages him that, surely, there (they) are going to straighten (him out). The father takes the advice. Thus passes the first month and the boy is very well behaved, without warning (surprisingly). Nor has he behavior problems in the coming months. The father, won by curiosity, goes to the rector to know how he managed this transformation. “It was very simple," replied the priest. "On the first day I took him by the ear and said pointing to the crucifix, ‘That was a Jew like you, if you misbehave, you will end up the same.’ "

I stand firmly by the statement I made in answer to a reader's question, "Why Does Pope Francis Promote the Hasidic Painting, White Crucifixion?":

White Crucifixion is a bolshevik ideological representation of Jesus. It has nothing to do with the real Jesus or Gospel. It depicts a Hasidic "Jesus" who was crucified solely 'because he was a Jew,' just as it is alleged that 'Jews' are always persecuted, for no other reason than that 'they are Jews,' in other words, "Esau hates Jacob," the fundamental tenet of the protection racket of rabbinic Judaism. 
Chagall may have physically left the ghetto, but he was still preaching the message of the ghetto in his art. This is Chabad Lubavitch Hasidism par excellence. 
I believe this is why Pope Francis promotes this image, because it empowers the rabbinic racket by instilling fear in 'Jews' and shame in non-'Jews.'
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annely said...

dear MP, Thanks for this interesting follow up and your previous posts pertaining. You were right. You though zeroed in on the 'crux' of the matter, particularly the artists "view": Bolshevik Hasidic Chabad Lubavitch. I had said it was ugly and meant to be ugly. I still believe this. We can believe Chagall's brief explanation and/ or the professional critics and/or other of his kinsmen. Bolshevik, Hasidism, Chabad, was/is anti-Catholic, anti- Christian thus knowing this and and knowing that Chagall was capable of a somewhat more esthetic technique or 'representation' what was his
intention? Well it's beside the point
The point, what is Francis the Pope's intention? What? Whatever it is it is blatant! So blatant it is Scandalous Treachery. to be continued...

Anonymous said...

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