Saturday, April 5, 2014

Second Anti-Catholic 'Price Tag' Attack in Counterfeit Israel This Week

Don't let anyone tell you this is hooliganism. This (and much, much worse) is the method of terror that Khazar fanatics used to drive native Palestinian Christians and Muslims off their land so that Counterfeit Israel could be propped up there. The religious ideology-fueled terrorist savagery has been ongoing since.

Large-Scale Anti-Christian Price Tag Attack In Northen Israel

Shmarya Rosenberg •

The tires of 40 vehicles were slashed and a wall was spray painted with a message reading “only goyim should be evacuated from our land" Wednesday night or early Thursday morning in Jish, a small Arab village with about 3,000 residents located near Sefat in the Upper Galilee, Ynet reported.

Police reportedly believe the incident is another in a long line of price tag attacks believed to be carried out by Jewish West Bank settler youth and their supporters, almost all of whom are Zionist Orthodox or haredi-Zionist Orthodox.

Jish is the only village in Israel with a majority Maronite-Catholic population. Only one third of Jish’s residents are Muslim …

Earlier this week, anti-American and anti-Christian graffiti – including "America is Nazi Germany,” "price tag,” “Jesus is a monkey,” and “Mary is a cow” – was spray-painted on the Deir Rafat Monastery near Beit Shemesh and the tires of three cars and a truck were slashed.

Last week another price tag attack took place in East Jerusalem. The tires of 34 cars and a bus were slashed, and all the vehicles were spray-painted with "goyim in Israel = enemies.”

No arrests in any of these attacks have been made.

But that is not unusual.

In the many price tag attacks that have taken place over the past several years – including quite a few involving arson and attempted arson – almost no arrests have been made and, despite claims to the contrary, police do not appear to consider apprehending the attackers a high priority.

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