Sunday, April 6, 2014

Alan Shatter Opponents, Stay on Point

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A lot can and should be said about the fact that they find a suggestion that protest should be non-violent and point-based too dangerous to publish.

Opponents of Alan Shatter's immigration policy should avoid slurs and pranks and stay on point. Emphasize the fact that he would never advocate the same immigration policy for 'Israel' that he imposes upon Ireland. Emphasize the fact that Shatter will not criticize 'Israel's' racist immigration policy and marriage laws, its sending asylum seekers back to Rwanda, its horrific treatment of all non-Jews, etc. Criticize his unequivocal, hypocritical support for a culturally and ethnically 'pure' 'Jewish' state while acting with complete disregard for the cultural and ethnic makeup of Ireland. Press him with the question, why no multicultural agenda for 'Israel,' Alan Shatter? If this multiculturalism would be such an economic boon for Ireland then why not for 'Israel' also?

Do this without hatred or violence, but firmly with the conviction that the Irish are more entitled to maintain their cultural and ethnic makeup on the land they've inhabited for thousands of years than the Zionists dragging their stolen culture to stolen land in the Middle East who Alan Shatter identifies with and defends more than the country he's supposed to serve.

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Michael Hoffman said...

Ireland is peopled by mere goyim whereas counterfeit-Israel is inhabited by The Holy People, so the double standard is supported by all who desire to be seen as respectable and politically correct.

Let’s face it: Caucasians in general have a death wish and continue to elect leaders who will guarantee their gradual extinction. Money, sports and alcohol are the gods of the white race in the 21st century. Children, beyond having one or two, are seen as “unafforable.”

"The smoky candle end of time..."