Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Swine unto the Nations

Israeli settlers release wild pigs on Palestinian farms

IMEMC 21 Apr by Chris Carlson — Palestinian farmers in the Salfit district appealed all to Palestinian and international bodies to stop the continued destruction of their crops caused by the Israeli pigs [wild boars] in the district. Farmers said, “We have encountered heavy losses in our wheat and barley crops, where the pigs destroyed them completely.” They added, “We tried to get rid of the pigs with all available ways but we have failed,” pointing out that the only way is to shoot them; which is difficult due to the miltary’s monitoring towers and checkpoints in the area. Furthermore, according to Al Ray, Palestinian researcher Khaled Maali explained that the settlers found launching wild pigs toward the Palestinian farmlands was the best effective way to fight the Palestinian farmers without significant cost. Maali pointed out that the occupation prevents the Palestinians from shooting the pigs, whereas it permits settlers to kill the pigs when they reach their colonial settlements.
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Anonymous said...

Makes sense. Would anyone think they'd hesitate to poison a well?

Maurice Pinay said...

If only our peasant ancestors had video cameras, the internet and you tube. In this sense the Palestinian people are blessed, otherwise the Israelis would be telling future generations how they had been pogromed, holocausted, blood libeled and forced into a ghetto by the people of Gaza.

annely said...

Carry on the good fight. I am slain.