Monday, April 28, 2014

What People Should be Learning from the Donald Tokowitz "Sterling" Scandal

I've often commented that the rabbis and machers are perilously close to being trampled by the anti-European-Christian golems they create through culture shaping and population transfer. We're seeing this happen this week with Donald Tokowitz "Sterling's" traditional Judaic bigoted comments being made public. But there's a lot of Judaic establishment framework still in place preventing clear thinking on the matter.

At Mondoweiss, the Judeo-supremacist anti-Zionist outfit, commenters are spinning in circles of pilpul as to whether it's permissible to identify Tokowitz as a Zionist. The more 'progressive' Judeo-supremacists and their goy sidekicks chomp at the bit to claim modern Zionism as the explanation for Tokowitz' bigotry as if he learned it from Theodore Herzl.

But not one will address the obvious fact that is, practically speaking, kicking them in the head; Tokowitz' recent descent from the anti-goyite, anti-black, Judeo-supremacist religious/cultural community (likely Russia, Poland and/or Eastern Germany) governed by the canonized texts of rabbinic Judaism which authoritatively teach that black skin is a curse of servitude and that Ham's progeny was cursed with dark skin because, inter alia, he had sex with a dog. There's the proper context for understanding Tokowitz' statement of black skinned people that "in 'Israel' these people are treated like dogs." It's true, in Counterfeit Israel, one nation under the counterfeit holy texts of the Talmud, which teach that black skin exists because Ham had sex with a dog; in Counterfeit Israel black skinned people are indeed treated like dogs. What else would one expect from a community laboring for centuries under such hateful, bigoted religious delusion with only recent strained pretentions to enlightenment from it.

These people are covering up the truth just as Tokowitz attempted to cover up his anti-goyite Judeo-supremacism and predation with the comically disarming surname, "Sterling"!

One hopes and prays that truth seeking black people will come to understand how the anti-black religion of rabbinic Judaism has been the source of anti-black oppression and hatred from Sephardic Judaic slave traders of the past to Ashkenazic Judaic NBA team owners of today, and how these hate mongers have divided and ruled by creating strife between white and black common people.


Anonymous said...

I noticed that he doesn't care what she does with her friends as long as she does send out harmless pictures.

1) Who is monitoring the inane world of Instagram?

2) Who is calling him and letting him know he should be ashamed of her posing with black friends?

Michael Hoffman said...

National Public Radio on the morning of April 28 read out an exculpatory biography for Mr. Sterling, pointing out how allegedly noble he was in his early life. I don’t recall any similar kind of moderating background information on rancher Cliven Bundy after he made his remarks about Black people.

Jeff Masters- San Francisco said...

"...the rabbis and machers are perilously close to being trampled by the anti-European-Christian golems they create through culture shaping and population transfer."

In this connection, the demented parliament of Spain has passed a law giving dual citizenship to Sephardic "Jews", Arabs who happen to be adherents of the Synagogue and who had ancestors in Spain between 711 AD and 1492 AD, upon their request and if they pass a "Spanish cultural exam". Why only adherents of the Synagogue? Millions of North African Arabs and racial Iberian Spaniards* of the Christian faith or Muslim persuasion had ancestors in Spain between 711 and 1614**, and they should all DEMAND Spanish citizenship, overwhelm Spain, and gut the Satanic European Union.

*According to Professor Dwight Reynolds "perhaps the most shocking thing in the expulsion is they were not actually expelling Arabs nor were they expelling Berbers. The huge majority of the people that were being expelled, by blood, by DNA if you will, were as Iberian as their Christian cousins in the North who were kicking them out of the Peninsula".[18]

**Between 1609 and 1614 Felipe III of Spain expelled the majority of "Moriscos", descendents of Muslims who had ostensibly converted to Christianity.