Thursday, May 22, 2014

"Balance," Pope Francis/Rabbi Skorka/The New York Times style

From The New York Times:

Pope Francis plans to give a strong show of support for a sovereign Palestinian state when he makes his first visit to the Holy Land this weekend, becoming the first pontiff to travel directly into the occupied West Bank rather than passing through Israel …

Francis, who said on Wednesday that his three-day visit was “purely a religious trip,” is striving for balance, and so on Monday he plans to become the first Vatican leader to lay a wreath on the grave of Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism. Paying homage to a man who envisioned the Jewish state has become standard for leaders visiting Israel …

“He will try to balance,” Rabbi Skorka, who will accompany the pope in Israel, told reporters in Jerusalem on Wednesday. “This is going to be his policy in his speeches and in his acts. Total balance, this is what he is.”

The pope’s decision to visit Herzl’s grave, 110 years after Pope Pius X harshly rejected Herzl’s appeal for support, is, for Israelis, a significant signal to offset his embrace of Palestine as a state. (Jodi Rudoren and Isabel Kershner, "Seeking Balance on Mideast Visit, Pope Pleases Few," The New York Times, May 21, 2014)

Did you catch the finger on the scale of this rigged 'balance' act?

On one side of the scale we have Pope Francis traveling directly to the West Bank "rather than passing through 'Israel" first and recognizing Palestine. This seems to me to be pretty unexceptional, that a religious/political figure would go directly where he intends to go and recognize it, and it would be unexceptional, if it were not for the entirely unbalanced expectations of Counterfeit Israel. And the 'Palestine' that Francis is recognizing is a few scraps of the Palestine that 'the Jews' stole to prop up Counterfeit Israel in its place.

That's one side of the Pope's so-called 'balancing' act.

On the other side of the scale we have Pope Francis spitting on the grave of his predecessor, Pope St. Pius X (whose ring Herzl refused to kiss as was 'standard for leaders visiting the Pope') by completely contradicting his answer to Theodore Herzl's request for the Church's recognition of Zionism ("We cannot recognize the Jews [desire to move to Palestine] because the Jews have not recognized our Lord") by honoring Herzl at his grave ("correcting a grave injustice," according to Judaic 'balance').

But Francis is spitting on all Palestinians, Christians and Muslims by laying a wreath on Herzl's grave in Jerusalem, when Herzl traveled the world claiming that 'the Jews' had no intention of claiming Jerusalem ("only the secular land of Palestine"); that Jerusalem would be internationalized. Moreover, Pope St. Pius X's "harsh rejection" (according to Rudoren and Kershner) was him simply upholding the teaching of his religion in response to the outrageous Zionist plan, and demonstrating good sense, as any half-informed person could have foreseen the calamity Zionist fanaticism has resulted in. Like his brothers in the talmudic faith, Pope Francis is spitting on Catholicism itself.

This is what passes for 'balance' in the madhouse of Judaic culture imposed on us by the Pope and The New York Times who represent one and the same force.

This is the 'balance' of a Church that mauls its own theology, liturgy, prayers and teaching materials while on the other side of the scale 'the Jews' continue praying and working for our destruction and their canonized teachings of hatred, racial supremacy and genocide remain entirely intact and in force.

This is the 'balance' of a 'peace process' where 'Jews' take all of the land while pretending to negotiate over it.

This is the 'balance' of Palestinian "rocket" attacks that make a black mark in the desert or at worst a hole in a building being returned by Israeli arial bombings and missile attacks flattening entire neighborhoods.

This is the 'balance' of Rabbi Eliyahu proclaiming the talmudic 'wisdom,' "One yeshiva boy is worth more than the lives of 1,000 Arabs"

This is the 'balance' of the codifier of Judaism, Maimonides teaching that an entire non-Judaic city should be massacred because of the wrongdoing of only one of its citizens.

And this, ultimately is the source of the wildly disproportionate 'balance' of Judaic culture; the completely unbalanced rabbis who created it. The time to recognize this reality is long past due.


Geremia said...

Wow, placing a wreath on Herzl's grave‽ And St. Thomas says one would apostatize by worshiping at Mohammad's grave!

Geremia said...

Also, Herzl refused to kiss Pope St. Pius X's ring.

annely said...

Maurice Pinay, I didn't think there was anything worse than what was stated re. Overthrown. M.P. . But you were right re. Worse or much Worse and very soon. Pope honors Herzl's grave makes Overthrown, now Overturned. Slain.

Maurice Pinay said...

Alan Aversa writes: Also, Herzl refused to kiss Pope St. Pius X's ring.


Thank you for pointing this out Alan Aversa. Rudoren and Kershner have attempted to regularize leaders bowing and scraping before Herzl's grave by writing:

"Paying homage to a man who envisioned the Jewish state has become standard for leaders visiting Israel…"

Well, it was standard for leaders visiting the Pope to kiss his ring at the time Herzl began his audience with the Pope by refusing to kiss his ring.

There is no balance in any of this. And most people would view kissing the Pope's ring as 'degrading' due to Judaeo-masonic cultural shaping which the modern popes have certainly played along with. But who sees degradation in non-Judaic people bowing, kneeling and professing faith in the sacred six million alleged to have been 'exterminated,' mostly in homocidal gas chambers, based upon less evidence than exists for the resurrection of Christ?

There is no balance here.

Michael Hoffman said...

This reminds me of the old joke about the President of the U.S. receiving visits from both the pope and the Israeli prime minister. The President’s secretary asks him which one he would like to see first.

“The pope,” the President replies. “I’ll only have to kiss his ring."

truthseeker said...

Good one Mr. Hoffman ha ha !
My belief is we are witnessing the Anti-Christ bow & worship before GOG-Magog. The Khazars invaded the land of unwalled villages - Palestine, prophesied by(Ezekiel 38&39)in 1948.This exhibition by Mr. Frank is to seduce the deluded followers of the V2 Sect into also worshipping
the Khazars as GOD's Chosen People! The quillotines have already been purchased and being readied for True Catholics. The Good News JESUS is also readied!

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Skorka is accompanying Bergoglio. Why?

annely said...

Anonymous,"Can't we just all get along"? This is the supposed message for all. But the Jew's leaders always use these displays which until Francis they were always Jew's leader's creations/instigations, anyway as endorsements. The Vatican endorses the Jews, Jewish Israel, Jewish Choseness and perhaps all things Jewish.

annely said...

As Mauric Pinay says, it's damage control. On the program ewtn news nightly Israeli ambss. to the US Dermer without mention of price tag assaults says opportunity for the Pope to see the only growing and thriving Christian community in the ME, to see how welcome Christians are in Israel and how Christians and especially Catholic Christians should follow the Pope's footsteps and visit "Israel", how "Israel" has always protected freedom of religion. The Catholic host neither mentioned price taggers or anything contrary.