Thursday, May 15, 2014

Children of 'peace' Rabbi Riskin's Efrat 'settlement' learn to hate and kill

A toddler holds a grenade launcher at "Peace" Rabbi Riskin's stolen land 'settlement' of Efrat

A child is instructed in the use of a machine gun at "Peace" Rabbi Riskin's stolen land 'settlement' of Efrat

Children learn to throw grenades at "Peace" Rabbi Riskin's stolen land 'settlement' of Efrat has offered a piece on Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, sending his priests to "learn about their Jewish [see: Talmudic] roots" at, inter alia, Chabad Rabbi Riskin's "Center for Jewish- Christian Understanding and Cooperation" in the stolen land "settlement" of Efrat in the Palestinian West Bank territory.

For years we've been tracking Rabbi Riskin's self-proclaimed efforts to proselytize non-Judaic people to become 'Noahides,' that is, members of a lower-tier sect subservient to the "Jews" of Counterfeit Israel. We documented that Rabbi Riskin candidly admitted to learning from the dead Chabad 'Messiah' Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson that Chabad evangelism should be carried out by deception ("be modern on the outside and Chabad on the inside"). We've documented Riskin's fraudulent 'religion of peace' agenda.

Recently, The Forward has run a limited hangout on the military indoctrination of the youngest children of Efrat. Rabbi Riskin is the founding Chief Rabbi of Efrat and therefore largely responsible for the predominate ideology of the town.

‘Forward’ runs shocking images of Israeli children glorifying violence

The Forward has not connected the rest of the dots completing the far more sinister picture as we have here however:

Rabbi Riskin: "We certainly must proselytize every human being to keep the Noahide Laws"

A Grave Mistake in Need of Correction: A Response to the Meeting Between Rabbi Shlomo Riskin and Pope Benedict XVI

Pope: "We Need to Work Together" with Scheming, 'Noahide Law' Coercing, Land-Grabber Rabbi Shlomo Riskin

'Noahide Law' Proselytizing Chabad Rabbi Shlomo Riskin Congratulates Pope Francis

Jerusalem Bishop "Dialogues" with "Religion of Peace" Swindler Riskin

'Noahide Law' Proselytizing Rabbi Riskin Trains South American Priests in Counterfeit Israel

Pope Francis Sent His Priests to Chabad Rabbi Riskin's 'Noahide' Center

Riskin to Launch Noahide Center

'Noahide' Proselytizing Rabbi Riskin: "The Lubavitcher Rebbe said to me ..."

Rabbi Riskin: "Without the 'Noahide Laws' humanity would dissolve in a blast of nuclear explosions"

Maimonides and Rabbi Riskin's 'Morality' of Cruel, Wildly Disproportionate Vengeance

The Tyranny of 'Jewish Universalism' According to the Codifier of Judaism, Moses Maimonides

Rabbi Riskin: I Stand with Pastor John Hagee

Fatima Rabbi Mayer Schiller's Skver Sect Teaches its Children to Hate 'Evil' Non-'Jews': "The entire essence of the gentile is evil and impure"


Martina Katholik said...

Some days ago I commented this over at “callmejorge”:
BTW, do you know that the Jews are preparing priests for their third temple?

Israeli institute prepares priests for Jerusalem's third temple

As I understand it, a certain „Maimonides” who lived long ago is very important for the rebuilding of the temple.
“At the same time, we also understand that in the event Israel has not yet built the Temple by the time the messiah arrives, one of his duties will be to instruct them to do so. It is to this scenario that Maimonides refers when he states in his "Laws of Kings:"

When I read this it reminded me instantly of your post about Cardinal Bergoglio who received in 2008 the “Maimonides award for inter-religious dialogue”.

I have the strange feeling that we are being prepared for the arrival of a "messiah" who shall be accepted by all "world-religions".

Martina Katholik said...

St. Paul says that Antichrist should “sit in the Temple of God;” that is, according to the earlier Fathers, in the Jewish Temple.

Since I know that the Jews are seriously preparing to rebuild the temple my new hobby is googling “who is who in the temple rebuilding”
They even have prepared many devices they need for the temple as menorah made from 95 pounds of pure gold (you can find pictures in the internet).

I found this after googling “Rabbi Riskin third temple”
He is also involved in building the third temple:

Future Temple Jewish Priests Get Fitted For Holy Garments

and Op-Ed: The Third Temple
Published: Sunday, August 31, 2008 11:36 PM
Prepare for that inevitable day.

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin appeared so elated it seemed as if he would jump from his stationary standing position and sing praise to the Almighty right then and there. And all for the seemingly simple act of being fitted by a... tailor.
The Third Temple may seem distant, but it still appears a lot closer than it was a hundred years ago.

Yet, the "tailor" wasn't just any tailor, but Rabbi Yisrael Ariel of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem.Rabbi Ariel and his colleagues carefully took the measurements of Rabbi Riskin and several other rabbis, all kohanim, to eventually outfit them with the priestly garments according to the exact specifications in the Torah.

Yehuda Glick, the Temple Institute's Director, beamed, "Today, in this room, kohanim are being measured for the first time in 2,000 years for the type of garments they will be wearing in a rebuilt Temple."

Read it all:

Maurice Pinay said...

Thank you Martina Katholik.

We showed Rabbi Riskin being fitted for animal sacrifice vestments here:

Novus Ordo Churchians and even many 'traditionalists' don't seem to mind being mocked. God will not be mocked, however.

Hans said...

lets call it child abuse

Anonymous said...

WOW, someone should tell Sen. Schumer and Sen. Feinstein about those youth being indoctrinated with "gun culture". Maybe they could fly over there and educate those fine young children on the dangers of owning firearms /sarc