Friday, May 16, 2014

Pope Francis' Favorite Painting Contains the Rabbinic Acronym, YESHU, "May his [Jesus'] name be blotted out"


update on the White Crucifixion

There is very little chance that Marc Chagall was unaware of the meaning of the acronym 'YESHU' ("may his memory be blotted out"). Chagall grew up at the center of Chabad Lubavitch Hasidic Judaism, married a Lubavitcher and sought out the Lubavitcher Rebbe for advice. It's doubtful that Pope Francis is unaware of the meaning of the acronym YESHU either.

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annely said...

Maurice Pinay, Michael Hoffman said "according to Israel Shellac, Heschel was caballing MLK to shape the Civil Rights Movement in accordance with Kabbalah". The Jews created the hippies so did they also create the Jesus Movement which led some Christian and Jew hippies to the Jews for Jesus Movement? Do you think so? Or was it the CIA? I think Malachi Martin and some of his Intelligence pals claim that in the 60's and plus the CIA created the Mega Church Movement. Or maybe these pals claim it and claim Malachi claimed it too.

Maurice Pinay said...

Dear Annely, It seems to me that the Pharisees and bankers have the most to fear from the real Jesus and Gospel. They're still attempting to make Him and His Word of no effect.

I believe it's fair to say that all the movements you mention are at least influenced, if not controlled by the money power and rabbis.

Bill Buckley was a Skull and Bonesman and CIA agent, a very transparent shill for Zionism and the money power by his own written record. Malachi Martin was an errand boy for rabbi Heschel and the 'American' 'Jewish' Committee and reportedly worked for the CIA also.