Monday, May 19, 2014

What we can glean from Cardinal Koch's preview of Pope Francis' pilgrimage to Counterfeit Israel

The following is an extract from a Vatican Radio interview with Cardinal Kurt Koch previewing Pope Francis' pilgrimage to Counterfeit Israel.

Vatican Radio: Another important focus is the Jewish- Catholics dimension as the Pope visits Yad Vashem and the Western Wall….what are your expectations for these meetings?

Cardinal Kurt Koch: This meeting with the Jewish people has two levels, first of all the meeting with the authorities of the State of Israel, the president, prime minister and other authorities and I think it’s a very beautiful opportunity to deepen the diplomatic and political relations between the Vatican and the State of Israel. The second level is the meeting with the Chief Rabbinate of Jerusalem and our commission for the religious relations with the Jews has a long time dialogue with the two chief rabbinates in Jerusalem and I think this is also a good opportunity to deepen this dialogue with a religious dimension and to prepare new steps for the future.,_interfaith_hopes_for_holy_land_trip/en1-799771

We have documented that the Chief Rabbinate of Counterfeit Israel, representatives of anti-Christ Orthodox Judaism, required the most ancient prayer of the Catholic liturgy to be changed and that Pope Benedict made that change for them. We documented the rabbis' reasons for requiring that change here:

The Rabbis' Hatred for the Good Friday Liturgy is Based in their Hatred for Moses and Isaiah

We documented Pope Benedict's explanation for his new Good Friday prayer that he dropped like a Cuckoo egg into the Good Friday liturgy HERE.

We have documented that the Vatican Commission for Religious Relations with 'the Jews,' which Cardinal Koch refers to above, has:

1. Formally recognized the anti-biblical, rabbi-concoted 'Noahide Laws' and fraudulently suggested that they're 'reflected' in the New Testament HERE.

2. Invited Meir Tamari, the chief economist of the Bank of Counterfeit Israel to speak on the topic "Religious perspectives on the current financial crisis: vision for a just economic order." We documented that Meir Tamari has written extensively upholding the teaching of Orthodox Judaism that 'Jews' should receive interest free loans while non-'Jews' should pay usury HERE.

Also, we documented that Pope Benedict invited a member of the Chief Rabbinate and Commission for Religious Relations with the 'Jews' joint committee, Rabbi Shear-Yashuv 'Cohen,' to teach interpretation of Scripture at a synod of bishops HERE.

No concession even remotely approaching any of these and many many others has been made by the rabbis for their anti-Christ, anti-goyite, tyrannical, genocidal hate religion.

The acts of treachery listed above alone constitute a complete overthrow of the Mission of Christ and His Gospel. But we're being told that 'religious relations' with 'the Jews' are to become 'deeper' and that 'new steps are being prepared' for the future. Dear reader, your willful blindness and muteness are not making this problem go away.

There has been very little attention drawn to these very real attacks on the Catholic religion, and indeed all non-Judaic people, by the 'traditional Catholics'. In fact, one of the leaders of this traditional Catholic 'resistance' which is no resistance is a promoter of a book of nonsense which makes Jesus defer to the Pharisee Hillel. If I'm the only one taking these things seriously enough to even say something about it there's no good reason to believe that it won't get much worse and very soon. 


a***ly said...

dear Maurice Pinay, "The acts of treachery listed above, alone constitute a complete overthrow of the Mission of Christ and His Gospel. If I... there's no good reason to believe that it won't get much worse and very soon". dear Maurice, When the Mission of Christ has been completely overthrown by Christ's Church and the Vicar of Christ on earth, how can it get worse? I defend the Church that does not defend itself. II Timothy 4: 6,7. ?? (I) am not.

annely said...

Maurice Pinay, The Vatican radio post has been removed it seems. The Pope Francis is not going to lay a wreath at Theodor Herzl's grave is he? Even though he may as well. Is it a tactic that someone (Cardinal Koch) used to test the water and found the water toxic?

Maurice Pinay said...,_interfaith_hopes_for_holy_land_trip/en1-799771