Monday, May 19, 2014

You cannot exaggerate the importance of Pope Francis' damage control mission to Counterfeit Israel

"Israel" has been struggling with damage control following a wave of anti-Christ so-called "price tag" hate crimes by Israelis

"You cannot exaggerate the importance of this visit on both a national and an international level," [Israeli Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino] told reporters, saying an extra 8,000 police officers would be deployed throughout Jerusalem for the duration of the visit.

"This is a historic visit from his point of view, it is the first official visit outside the Vatican and he chose it to be here in Israel, and we will do everything to make it a success," he said. ("Israel warns extremists ahead of papal visit," Al Jazeera, 18 May 2014)

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Cahokia said...

What's significant to me is that the media has tried to portray the Pope's visit in terms of Vatican politics and geopolitics, in the familiar vocabulary of left vs. right. That is, Francis is supposed to be the left to Benedict's right.

But you've shown that, in fact, Benedict, Francis, John Paul II, and the modern Catholic Church have all agreed upon how to be subservient to Counterfeit Israel.