Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cardinal O'Connor's sister's Yiddish Yarn


"It was a surprise I never expected … The late Mayor Ed Koch said, “I loved John Cardinal O’Connor as I did my own flesh and blood brother… [Cardinal O'Connor] revered the Jewish people for their sublime dignity as God’s chosen race … He would have considered it the greatest honor to be united with ties of blood to the race that bore our Savior Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother. I see now that my brother’s entire life was shaped by the faith of Jewish people."

I strongly suspect that in the future, evidence will be aired showing that Cardinal O'Connor was very aware that his maternal grandfather was a rabbi and kashrut butcher and that his lifetime of bolshevik Judaizing and Zionism was was done under the guise of an Irish Catholic (also see: Malachi Martin, Bill Buckley) because the wicked 'Goyim' would have killed all the perfectly innocent 'Jews' otherwise; the bolshevik thesis of John Connelly's ridiculous From Enemy to Brother --that Christians were so hopelessly mired in ossified traditions of "Jew hate" that it was only by the "heroic" efforts of Judaic "converts" that Catholics could be converted to the 'truth' of Novus Ordo subservient Judaism enabling--which was commented on HERE.

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Therapsid said...

Note that John Kerry also played the pretend-Irish act.

Madeleine Albright maintained the fiction that she was of Catholic Czech extraction until she supposedly discovered, late in life, her Jewish ancestry.

Michael Hoffman frequently speaks of the "revelation of the method". Stories like this seem to be clear instances of this phenomenon.

Mike said...

A bridge between these belief systems..seriously? The Talmudic one asserts that Jesus is in hell forever burning in defecated excrement and the other that He is God, in whom the 'fullness of the Godhead is pleased to dwell bodily'...

LeonG said...

After The SWWar the world needed conversion to Roman Catholicism because the Nazi leadership and many SS members were sodomites and occultists. Hitler was a homosexual and practiced the black religion of satanism. there was also an emphatic paedophile tendency. Of course, there was and the objective was to infest the Roman Catholic Church with this too. It is, therefore the Novus Ordo that is a dangerously deviant and twisted protestant form of rebellion against the truth Faith and thus controlled by occult forces. The NO liturgy was designed to infect every part of the sacramental life of The Church and reduce it to ecumenistic and interconfessional ashes.

How we can jump, quantum leap fashion from a disgustingly bloody and evil regime that was dedicated to Satan and the culture of nihilism to the mistaken idea that it was the fault of Christianity, demonstrates what an incredibly ignorant and disorientated world we live in.

Michael Hoffman said...

A couple of comments.

1. Cardinal O’Connor gave a well-received, toadying speech in the Israeli state denouncing the Gospel of St. John for its anti-Judaism and advocating censoring it. He remained in good standing as a prince of the Church of course, in spite of his Judas turn.

2. To LeonG: “Many SS members" were not sodomites; a few at the very top, surely, but not in the rank and file. Nor were the rank and file occultists. Germany was an overwhelmingly Lutheran nation and those who were not were mostly Catholic. A small minority bought into the Nazi paganism.

I have seen no credible evidence that Hitler was a homosexual. He was certainly an occultist along with Himmler, although Himmler was more of a Nordic pagan, while Hitler was influenced by Renaissance occultism. Hitler was certainly not a worshipper of Satan. Hitler was a very wicked mass murderer and there is no need to invent tales about him to compound his evil.

One of the most charismatic of SS officers was Leon Degrelle, the leader of the Roman Catholic Rexist party, a traditional Catholic to the end of his life (he died in Spain age 85 or 90 I believe), who was repeatedly wounded on the Eastern Front fighting Bolshevism. I knew him personally as well as another SS veteran, Hans von der Heide, also a devout Catholic.

I have known several German war vets, including a general. The general was never a Nazi. He played a major part in stopping the coup against Hitler after Hitler’s headquarters was bombed in 1944. I asked him why he did this when he was not committed to Nazism. He looked at me with pity. “Herr Hoffman,” he said. “Upon becoming an officer I took an oath of loyalty to the leader of the nation. Our generation did not break their oaths.”

Please do not dishonor these men by spouting disinformation about them.