Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Francis and Netanyahu's Counterfeit Jesus Pilpul

It's reported that during Pope Francis' recent damage control mission to Counterfeit Israel that he "sparred" (engaged in pilpul) with Israeli Prime Pharisee Benjamin Netanyahu over the language that Jesus spoke. This event is a fine example of how pilpul functions.

Netanyahu says that "Jesus spoke Hebrew," making no distinction between the Yiddish 'Hebrew' slang that Netanyau speaks (which owes more to the European language and culture and post-Temple rabbinic depravity that it developed within than ancient biblical Hebrew that it is remote from in time and place) and the biblical Hebrew and Greek that Jesus spoke in relation to biblical themes (which is most definitely not the 'Hebrew' that Netanyahu and his fellow Khazar 'Jews' of Counterfeit Israel speak). Most observers know of no such distinction and Netanyahu, as is typical of Pharisees, is wont to exploit such ignorance for his benefit.

Netanyahu's self-serving false thesis is that Jesus is a lot like him; 'Jesus spoke the same language as him' after all.

Then comes Francis' antithesis, "Jesus spoke Aramaic," making no distinction between the language Jesus would speak in common affairs and the ancient biblical Hebrew and Greek that Jesus read and spoke when dealing in scriptural matters. The response of post-postmodernist liberals was rapturous, the Pope was speaking to them and contrary to the true Jesus; 'Jesus, a peasant humanitarian revolutionary spoke the language of the common man.' Moreover, contrary to Judaic objections, it pleases the rabbis immensely to have Jesus robbed of His true Israelite patrimony and heritage, and transmuted into some kind of 'Noahide' leader for 'the Goyim,' and Pope Francis is their helper in this endeavor. At a further level of this palimpsest, Aramaic is, even more so than mishnaic Hebrew, the language of rabbinic Judaism, which the Novus Ordo Church clearly, falsely, attempts to associate Jesus with.

Spinning off from this is further debate and controversy leading observers even further from the true Jesus who definitely spoke Aramaic in common matters to common people, biblical Hebrew and Greek in scriptural matters, and certainly never Yiddish modern 'Hebrew,' mishnaic Hebrew, rabbinic Aramaic, neo-Aramaic or Arabic, and all that this implicates which is a great deal for those paying attention.

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annely said...

My dear Maurice Pinay, Are you a Jew?

Maurice Pinay said...


annely said...

M.P., Thanks for replying. One more personal question, then I'll try to ask no(personal) others. dsdablroadAre you a Jesuit?

Anonymous said...

Somebody should remind Bergoglio that Jesus being God could speak every language under the sun. He also knew what language to speak when.

LeonG said...

In any case, this pope such as he is does not speak or understand the language of Roman Catholicism: neither spiritually nor linguistically. The lex supplicandi of the NO liturgy has taken its toll in making the lex provendi of neo-catholics functionally illiterate. It is for us, as a lesson in discernment and judgement about others bequeathed by Our Blessed Lord Himself in The Gospel: good tree - good fruit; rotten tree - rotten fruit. Who can deny that we ought not judge? Our Blessed Lord has given us the metre-rule for so doing.

Maurice Pinay said...

"Are you a Jesuit?"



annely said...

Maurice Pinay, Okay. "Jesus was a Jew" "Jesus was a Jew" "Jesus was a Jew" is a din in (my) ears. Do the land and earthly heritage of God Incarnate, Jesus Christ matter? Is God a tribal God? Was God a tribal God but became universal in Jesus? Will anyone here comment?

Maurice Pinay said...

Dear annely, God is a universal God. As regards Jesus' Israelite patrimony (which has nothing to do with today's 'Jews') it is a matter of identification. He was prophesied, among other things, to be born of a particular family so that we would know who He is when He arrived. As He said, "the Scriptures testify of me."