Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fooled Again: Rand Paul

'Conservative' hero Ron Paul was so smitten by the yiddish pseudo-philosophy of Ayn 'Rand' Rosenbaum that he named his son after her:

Rand Paul's Libertarian isolationist policy for Palestine; Globalist Communist welfare policy for Counterfeit Israel:

“The first thing I do is say absolutely no money goes to Hamas, no foreign aid gets in the hands of Hamas,” [Rand] Paul responded. He added that he’d make sure Israel’s defense was well-supplied and funded

Very 'Rand.' This is the 'Conservative' great white hope. If they manage to elect this man of depraved moral and financial ideology they'll find out how bad it can really get.

Rand Paul prays with John Hagee's Megachurchgoers United for Counterfeit Israel:


annely said...

I was fooled till just a little past Chuck Hagel's SOD hearing. Compared to Cruz and Rubio, Paul looked credible as a human Being. Nothing I've seen of him since has been anything but nauseating so now I see nothing of him. Ayn Rand three tries, wasn't charmed.

Anonymous said...

What about Ed Milliband the Judaic Leader of Britain's Labour Party?
According to British MP George Galloway, last year Milliband publicly proclaimed that he was a Zionist. Now, he has not uttered a SINGLE WORD on the Gaza genocide!

annely said...

The pro-life factions are cognitive dissonant or hypocritic. Rand Paul?
I haven't seen Priests Marching against Israel's child killing machine.

annely said...

Glenn effing Beck is sending aid to effing IDF... Nothing for Gaza's dire medical need. Supreme Evil ensnared in Satan's Synagogue.

Jean said...

Jew Ayn Rand was "kind" enough NOT to mention the Jews started the conflict when they used WW1 & WW2 to grab Palestine from it's inhabitants.

Their goal is to kill all the Gentiles and rule the brown races.