Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hasidic 'Jews' aggressively, illegally colonizing NY, NJ suburbs

I would strongly suggest that readers from suburban NY and NJ become familiar with the history of the "poor" Hasidic 'Jews' of Europe, their relationship with the governing class, and the plight of the native common people unfortunate to live under that arrangement HERE and HERE. A good starting point for study of the wealthy backers of the 'poor' Hasidic 'Jews' can be found HERE.

Please give careful consideration to the following reports which barely scratch the surface. What is happening in these expanding Hasidic ghettos in NY and NJ is essentially how parasitic Hasidic sects of 'poor Jews' bled native populations in Europe dry for centuries.

An Orthodox Final Solution

Governor Cuomo's Hasidic 'Democracy'

In Satmar's Pocket? Activists Say Governor Andrew Cuomo Is A Root Cause Of The Problems Of Rockland, Sullivan and Orange Counties In New York

When A Gubernatorial Candidate Goes Slumming In Pursuit Of Haredi Sponsorship

Satmar sect colonizes Bloomingburg, NY

New Hasidic Community Forming In Waterbury, CT

NY Governor Gives Extreme Hasidic Village $195,000 For After School Programs

Land Used For Controversial Satmar Hasidic “Shtetl” Illegally Annexed But Construction Can Continue Anyway, Court Rules

Town Of Monroe Wants To Split From Satmar Hasidic Village Of Kiryas Joel

Scandal-Plagued Haredi-Controlled School Board To Sell Unnecessarily Vacated School To Hasidim At $1 Million Below Market Value

New Jersey State Comptroller’s Medicaid Fraud Division Issues Subpoena To Haredi-Controlled Lakewood Public Schools

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Great info, Maurice. Many thanks. Nice to see the maggot Cuomo in situ.