Thursday, July 17, 2014

IDF/Bratslav Hasid Pre-Gaza invasion men-only dance party

The Bratslav Hasids originally hail from the Ukraine (although the ones below are likely from Brooklyn). Read about their tyrannical, antigoyite history HERE.

Hasids expect the common am ha'aretz 'Jews' to kill the 'Goyim' for them:

Thousands of Orthodox Hasidic Jews in NYC Foley Square To Protest Israeli Draft


truthseeker said...

Looks FAGGY to me! Real soldiers don't dance around with men before battle.

Maurice Pinay said...

Yes, and real soldiers don't kill entrapped women and children with the most advanced weapons available and call it "battle" but they're doing what their religion tells them to do, dance with men and kill women and children.

Anyone who doubts this can find many videos of immense hasid banquets and weddings with much mirth and close dancing, and not a single woman to be found among them.

We share no common values whatever with these backwards savages.

Anonymous said...

...We share no common values whatever with these backwards savages.....

And yet the Western and much of the Arab world pimps for them!

Hans said...

Satanic Heathens doing a tribal war dance before "heroically" go on to murder defensless and caged civilians.
Lord Christ, come soon.

Maurice Pinay said...

Video: Mixed Dancing Causes Cancer And Deaths Of Children, Sefardi Haredi Kiruv Rabbi Says: