Monday, July 28, 2014

Israelis celebrate slaughter of children

Consider the extraordinary lengths which the Novus Ordo has gone to inculcate warm feelings of brotherhood towards these savages.


truthseeker said...

Where is "Pope" Francis on this slaughter of children? Francis is strangely silent! He does not want to offend "Our Elder Brothers". Many Palestinians are Christians where is the Bishops, Cardinals, Priests OUTRAGE over this slaughter of the Innocents? "Pope" Francis or Rabbi Francis must be a good Noahide, he has to promote Holocaust of the "JEWS" and not a peep from him about the Jews Holocaust of Palestinians

Anonymous said...

And the US media - most of it - celebrates Israel:

Anonymous said...

Clash of Civilisations

By Gilad Atzmon on August 4, 2014

The Israeli army confirmed today that up to 130 Palestinian civilians were slaughtered in Rafah last Friday following the triggering of the Hannibal protocol – an IDF directive that is designed to thwart the capture of Israeli combatants. Israel unleashed its full firepower and flattened an entire neighbourhood using tanks, artillery and gunships murdering130 Palestinians just to make sure that one Israeli soldier, Lt. Hadar Goldin didn’t fall into Hamas’ hands alive.
The only interpretation of this massacre is that Israel is a homicidal state completely immune to international conventions and without any respect for civilian lives.
In the light of the actions taken by the Jewish State in the last few days and the overwhelming support for Israel from Jews around the world, it is evident that we are witnessing a clash of civilizations. Humanity is faced with a savage tribe that shows a complete absence of empathy yet for some peculiar reason believes itself to be chosen.
For the sake of world peace, humanity has to use whatever resources it has to dismantle the Jewish State and its lobby.
Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Suggestion from Catholic commentator E.Michael Jones

Anonymous said...

And so does Hollywood. Its self defence - not genocide, you see!