Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Opium Traders and their Worlds

I would like to recommend the two volume work, Opium Traders and their Worlds by Mary Kienholz as key to a reality-based view of history and geopolitics.

For a current example, readers of this work might have some context for understanding why U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry who (reportedly) descends from the family of the 'Maharal' Rabbi Judah Lowe on his father's side and the Forbes opium dynasty (which intermarried with the Russell Skull and Bones founding family) on his mother's side, was chosen to oversee the destruction of Palestinian sovereignty, the fragmentation of Ukraine, Syria, etc.

Volume One lays the groundwork for the growth of the opium trade and, perhaps more relevantly here, Volume Two focuses on how the massive wealth of the opium trade in the hands of Judaic religious fanatics (Sassoons, Rothchilds, etc), combined with, among other sources, the wealth of the usury trade, financed, among other things, the founding of Counterfeit Israel.

Both volumes are available as very affordable Kindle downloads.



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Anonymous said...

Some years ago a British TV channel did a program that featured a synagogue in Mumbai, India which I believe was funded by the Sassoons. The lady caretaker was extremely friendly and hospitable to the white presenter.
I am an Indian and virtually a week or so I was in that very area and thought I'd go and and look the place up.... famous last thought.