Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Video of JDL Provocateur/Cowards at Paris "Synagogue Attack"


Evidently, a JDL member has admitted at a JDL forum to provoking a reaction
from Palestine supporters to exploit as 'victimhood' as a distraction from the victims of Israeli bombs in Gaza. Below is a screen shot of the posting which has since been erased from the form and Google's cache:

“Lili, that’s precisely the point, we go there, there will obviously be someone to come and insult us. We manipulate that, and present ourselves as the victims like we did at the synagogue last week. 
If we let them protest peacefully, public opinion will only look at the number of dead on their side and will not understand we are merely defending ourselves.”

Let this be a lesson to those who would protest hatefully or violently. Let the protection racket of Judaism self-immolate. Don't feed it the hateful, violent reaction that it so desperately needs to perpetuate itself. Stay the course. Document; educate. Expect and demand that your representatives and public servants represent you, not Counterfeit Israel, and relentlessly hold them accountable if they don't.


Did you believe the false worldwide reports that a pro-Palestinian march in Paris ended in an attack on a synagogue of pure, innocent 'Jews' who were doing nothing but being 'Jews' and praying to their 'G-d'?

As always, sift away the anti-Christian European framework and blather for the facts in this representative instance of 'anti-semitic violence':

Violence outside Paris synagogue falsely attributed to anti-Semitism

I see the video at the link above of the foul-mouthed Judaic provocateurs dropping their weapons and running away from a few unarmed people as the proper context for the Judaic defamation of the French people for their opposition to the disastrous Judeo-provocateured Iraq 'war' as "cowards who drop their weapons and run."


Maurice Pinay said...

BTW, does anyone know if Alex Jones has reported on the Palestine supporters who were attacked by pro-Israeli thugs and then fired at by a Department of 'Homeland Security' agent in LA recently? I've read that one of the Palestine supporters was a U.S. military veteran.


They also were horribly defamed by the Judaic press.

Anonymous said...

Maurice - check this RT headline.


"Pro-Palestinian march turns violent in Paris, synagogue attacked"
The Palestinians are such a conveniently unloved people!

Maurice Pinay said...

Unlike traditional Christians, the Palestinians have the support of a significant portion of 'leftists.'

While RT offers a glimpse that the U.S. media doesn't allow, it's a Putin propaganda network and should be viewed with discernment.

Maurice Pinay said...

I see that Alex Jones' info wars website copied an establishment report on the LA incident.

Cahokia said...

"Unlike traditional Christians, the Palestinians have the support of a significant portion of 'leftists."

Not really Maurice.

I spent years on the far left, and the truth is, the radical and progressive left is much more vigilant about guarding against supposed anti-semitism than it is about racism and oppression of Palestinians.

Consider - while anti-apartheid blacks were not supposed to prove their anti-racist bonafides, Palestinian activists are required to prove they're not anti-semitic.

To put it another way, the left has always turned a blind eye to Judaic racism even when its criticized Israeli policy.

If it confronted it head on, they'd be forced to confront Talmudic anti-Christian vitriol.

Maurice Pinay said...

Dear Cahokia, thank you for your comments. I agree that what you say has been and continues to be the the status quo in large part but as the truth of Judaism emerges the gatekeepers and commissars of the Judeo-supremacist 'pro-Palestinian' movement have been backpedaling a bit. They will have to do this to maintain any relevance. I imagine there are a range of motives for this ranging from shades of benevolence to complete self-interest.

However, I know of no leftist movement in support of traditional Christianity. While the left is largely devoid of any absolute guiding principles, I think it's safe to say that it is a fixed principle for them that traditional Christianity paved the road to 'The Holocaust' and must be blotted out for the safety of 'Jews' and whatever other minorities are expedient to exploit in the given time and place; certainly homosexuals in the U.S. at present.

Coincidentally, witness the recent self-immolation of a talmudic vitriol spewer: