Sunday, August 24, 2014

Barbaric Counterfeit Israel escalating its Gaza barbarity

By highlighting the ample evidence of Counterfeit Israel's most recent campaign of butchery in Gaza this does not in any way imply that this writer believes it to be unprecedented. The butchery has been ongoing since before the state's 1948 counterfeit founding and peaked in 1982 with the Sabra and Shatila massacre and carpet terror bombing of apartment blocs, hospitals and schools in downtown Beirut. 10s of thousands were murdered in that campaign of butchery which is barely ever mentioned.

Counterfeit Israel bombs a 14 floor residential building in Gaza, August 24, 2014


Anonymous said...

They can carry out acts of barbarism with impunity because they have the Western governments in their pockets. These savages have destroyed Western civilization.

annely said...

They not only slaughtering gentiles but every sowing and increasing distrust and hatreds among them ,us. They are using every means to kill Palestine's
efforts to bring war crimes charges against them as they have corralled per the blockade into the Concentration Camp and bomb them mercilessly to near oblivion.
What they did to the Christians and Muslims in Beirut went unpunished. What they are doing is not unprecedented indeed. These little evil people what they do not do themselves powerful people over the world do for them. Children of Evil.

Anonymous said...

And even Catholic cardinals go and take tuitions on the Book of Savages.

Anonymous said...

Interesting 2012 video: